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  1. Yeah ok, that's what I thought. Thx for the answer. They just put it in his pocket.
  2. Hi, I see a film series on Netflix called "Better Call Saul". There is a guy called Chuck (Charles). He is allergic to electricity so he can sense if there is electricity. His brother had a guy put a fully charged battery from his phone inside Chuck's pocket without him noticing it and he didn't sense the electricity. Therefore his brother though he was mentally ill. I wonder, is there a current if the battery is not in use? Should he even have sensed it or is his brother mistaken?
  3. Hi, I have a Garmin Instinct watch. When I press one of the buttons I come to a place where I can choose to set alarm, timer, stop watch etc. It will remember what I did last and show that when I get to the that place again. For example, if I use the alarm, the alarm will be displayed first. How does the watch save this even when it's turned off? It can't stay in RAM if the watch is turned off right?
  4. Ok. Just want longer hair.
  5. Yes I do mean human finger nails.
  6. Because it's off topic. I also asked this on Science Forum, but this forums often answers my questions faster.
  7. Thanks for the information. Is this true with colored tattoos as well? What is the best ink called?
  8. Okay, thx for the info. You said that you have some that look fresh that are 17 years old and some that needs to be retouched that are 5 years old. Which of these are tebori and machine?
  9. Hi, Tattoos made by machine will fade over time. I have heard that tebori tattoos (hand poked tattoos like they do in Japan) instead will look better as time goes. Is this true and if so why?
  10. Yeah you are right, I didn't think about that. I should have said "I guess that's why".
  11. Hi, I think that you get tired when it's hot because there is less oxygen in hot air than in cool air. Is this why you get tired or are there other factors?