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  1. Hi, I wonder how much faster RISC CPU's like ARM CPU's found in smartphones are compared to CISC CPU's found in desktop computers are. I know that ARM CPU's reduce power consumption. Is there a big difference in speed?
  2. Cool, could you plz show this in an image or drawing?
  3. Ok cool thx for the answer, can you explain in more detail plz like why the f number and the depth of field make infinity focus.
  4. Hi, I wonder how action cameras like GoPro's for instance are able to focus at everything at the same time. They're not like regular cameras that are manual focus or autofocus.
  5. Hi, I wonder how Computers can check if a transistor is holding a 0 or a 1 and for example unlock an lock depending on the combination.
  6. How LED Works

    Oh ok cool thx for the explanation, but why did some Japan guys got Nobel prize for inventing the blue led then? Can you give an example of what the color filters are made of and how they work more advanced plz?
  7. How LED Works

    Ok cool, can you explain how you could set up a semiconductor to get the different colors, name some materials for example.
  8. How LED Works

    Yeah, that I know, what I wonder is how the blu, green and red can be done.
  9. How LED Works

    Hi, I know that a display get's all different colors with red green and blue. What I wonder is how you get red led, Blu led and green led. Are there different voltages in the semiconductor that makes these different wavelenghts of light?
  10. Color Laser Printer

    Thx for helping me understand.
  11. Color Laser Printer

    Thx for helping me understand.
  12. Color Laser Printer

    So after it has been exposed to one color, the charge is neutralized and therefore each color can stick to different places?
  13. Color Laser Printer

    Oh ok cool, but how does each color know which part of the paper it should stick on why doesn't all colors stick to the same when the paper can only be positive or negative?
  14. Hi, By looking at this video: I learned how laser printers can write a word on a paper. What I wonder now is how the coloring works if the printer is printing an image for example.