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  1. Touch Display Question

    Hi, I know that the way touch screens in smartphones and stuff like that now that you have touch by feeling the electric charge in the display changing because of the positive and negative charge in our fingers. What I don't understand is how a chip can read when the electric field have changed. Plz help.
  2. [HELP] Liquids

    Hi, I wonder if liquids are as there are just because there are so weak forces (intermolecular forces) in the molecules?
  3. [HELP] Microphone Question

    I thought an electric field is created when the magnet changes north pole to south pole and south pole to north pole. They say that an electric field is created just by moving the magnet back and fourth. How does it work?
  4. HI, I wonder what the power chip does and what IC is in the motherboard.
  5. General Computer Question

    Yeah I know that but I wonder how you can make a computer able to take these number and add them for example when you create the computer. How can you make it know?
  6. Hi, I understand how you could make an lock unlock if the user inserted a specific number, let's say 2 for example. Then the computer would unlock the lock if the it gets 10 (10 is 2 in binary) but how can you make a computer know to unlock if the input is that?
  7. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    Cool, I've seen that movie
  8. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    I have another question: I read this online: Since salt water is a good conductor, radio waves are strongly absorbed by it; very long wavelengths are needed to reach a submarine under the surface. Does conductors affect radio waves? I thought conductors could just feel the radio waves and not affect them. If the conductor affects them, how can antennas transfer radio waves to a series of other radio waves without the radio waves gets out of sync?
  9. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    Ok cool, now I know thx! So the more watt = the more power = the more amplitude. Is it the watt that controll the amplitude? And what controll the phase of the signal?
  10. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    Thx for all the answers! Another question I have is that you are able to set recievers to operate on a specific frequency. But I wonder how can you do this? Wouldn't the antennas feel all the frequencys more or less?
  11. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    Thx for the answer! I don't really understand AM waves. Linus said that the frequency is the same but the amplitudes changes. Well, the amplitude and the frequency is like the same? The lower frequency the lower waves and the higher frequency the higher waves? So ho does this works?
  12. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    I wonder how you are able to encode radio waves so that other people can't intercept it if they doesn't have the key
  13. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    Thx for the explenation. Is there a common name for something to search on for turning radio waves into 0 and 1?
  14. [HELP] Electromagnetic Waves

    Another question I have is: wouldn't ac current generate electro magnetic waves becuse it switches the voltage all the time?