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  1. 0&1

    Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor

    Yeah now I remember, thx for reminding me.
  2. 0&1

    Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor

    Yeah I forgot, thx for reminding me xD.
  3. 0&1

    Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor

    Yeah I forgot, thx for reminding me. Now I wonder how these holes can be attracted to one of the sides when they consists of nothing. How can they be forced to the side of the semiconductor?
  4. 0&1

    Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor

    Oh ok, how can these holes be attracted to one of the sides when they are nothing? Yeah, I remember now thx for reminding me.
  5. passing a continuous current through itself. When the device is placed within a magnetic field, the magnetic flux lines exert a force on the semiconductor material which deflects the charge carriers, electrons and holes, to either side of the semiconductor slab. I wonder why the semiconductor needs to send a current through itself in order for the protons and electrons (positive and negative charges) to get effected by the magnet and get to either side of the semiconductor. There are only negative charge in the current of course (cause it's all electrons, which should result in the electrons getting to one of the sides of the semiconductor, but how does it works with the protons (the positive charges)?
  6. Thx for the answer. Can you plz explain what the ADC does to calculate the voltage and what it contains of in the Vh in the picture I inserted.
  7. Thx for the source, but can you try to explain from the image I inserted from my source?
  8. Hi, I know that voltage is the potential energy, but I wonder how it's measured. For example, how do they measure the hall voltage in magnetic sensors (image attached), or how do smartphones measure the voltage in the battery to show the battery life?
  9. 0&1

    How Speedometer in Cars Works

    I don't understand why eddy currents makes the speed-cup rotate.
  10. 0&1

    How Speedometer in Cars Works

    Yeah, but I wonder why this speed-cup rotates in the case I quoted.
  11. Hi, I wonder why the speed.-cup in this case will follow the magnet: Since they're electric currents, and they're moving in an electrical conductor inside a magnetic field, another law of electromagnetism says they will create motion. How? The currents actually make the speed-cup rotate in such a way that it tries to catch up with the spinning magnet. Source: https://www.explainthatstuff.com/how-speedometer-works.html
  12. 0&1

    How Turbos Compresses Air

    Thx for the answer
  13. Hi, I wonder how turbos in cars can compress the air it gets. I've heard that the air compresses because the compressor wheel spins very fast. Why is the air compressed because of that?