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  1. Hi, If you have a smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 and a smartwatch at 4.1, will the watch be able to take advantage of the 5.0 Bluetooth, like the imporved range and data speed for example?
  2. Hi, All the optical heart rate monitors lasers that I have seen (including my watch ticwstch s) have green laser to measure heart rate. I wonder why only green laser is used and not another color.
  3. Google Fit Walk Map

    I don't think it is, thx for the information.
  4. Google Fit Walk Map

    Yeah, I know that thx, but I'm to lazy for that...
  5. Google Fit Walk Map

    Ok thanks for the info.
  6. Hi, I have noticed that Google Fit show where you have run on Google Map when you have started a run-workout, but when Google Fit recognise that you have walked for a while without you having to start a workout, it doesn't show on Google Maps where you have walked. I want this, plz help.
  7. Ok, but how could it determine my speed without the GPS?
  8. Hi, I have noticed that my smartwatch (ticwatch s) counts the distance I have walked even though the GPS on my watch and my phone is turned off. Does it count the distance from the steps I have taken then? I don't want that, I want it to count the real distance I have walked, not some fake distance depending on the steps I have taken, so how does this work?
  9. Smart Band Battery Problem

    Tried to charge it, but I'm giving up. And I don't know how to remove the post.
  10. Hi, I have tried a lot of things to disable all reminders on my watch. I have gone to the wear app and deleted the calendar to be synced, I have tried to remove the whole calendar and I still get reminders which is extremely annoying. Plz help me!
  11. Wear OS Background Services

    Hi, I am using the ticwatch s and there are a lot of background services that run in the background that you can see if you look at the apps on the watch. I understand that background services is needed, but I don't know what all of them do and that is enjoying. Can someone plz list all background services and what they do?