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    Intel Core I5 7500
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    MSI Z270 Gaming M5
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    RX 580 8GB
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    NZXT S340
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    Intergrator 700w
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    SAMSUNG C24F396
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    Element Gaming Mechanical
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    Beats solo HD
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    windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hi there , i have received a Toshiba Satellite C850-1GL and would like to upgrade the CPU from a Celeron 1000m to an i5-2450m. When i looked at the cpu on the motherboard it is in a socket but i have heard that the laptop turns off exactly after 30minuets with another cpu placed inside. How would i fix it, and would the cpu upgrade work?
  2. Hi there, i am thinking of buying a Canon EOS 750D or a Canon EOS 760D. I would mainly be using these for car photography and maybe start doing youtube with these camera, even through they are both 30fps. I am a beginner photographer so which one of these would you recommend?
  3. I didn't buy it with a lens as I just bought just the body and thanks for your reply, I will try and find a lens like that. Also would a lens like this work, although it is EF not EF-S? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canon-EF-75-300mm-F4-5-6-Autofocus-Zoom-Lens-III-Sold-With-Both-Lens-Caps/303140815100?epid=21003304532&hash=item469499c0fc:g:xNYAAOSwh99cybHO
  4. Hi guys, I have bought a canon EOS 750D and I am not sure which lens to buy for it, I know that I should be looking for a EF-s lens . I mostly shoot picture of still cars and products like phones etc..... What lens would you recommend to me as I am on a budget and need to get a lens for the camera to work?
  5. Thanks for your reply, I will purchase the lowest one soon.
  6. Hi guys, im thinking of buying a Canon EOS 750D on ebay and there is 2 that I am looking for. One is for £303 and the shutter count is at 5417 The other one is at 35584 for £264. Both of them are in good condition and don't come with a lens. Is it work spending the extra £40 for the one with the lower shutter count or not?
  7. Beasue it's a macbook from that time where apple actually let you upgrade everythink execpt the cpu, i will try using it with the german keyboard in english and see if all the keys are correct, if so than i will get a cover for it as it is a lot easier than replacing the keyboard, otherwise i will look at another one. Thanks for your answers.
  8. if i put the language on to english, wont it just type in english and make it think that it is a english keyboard where as it is actually just a german keyboard with a cover over it
  9. I'm thining of buying a 17" macbook pro of ebay but the keyboard is in german, would i be able to set the keyboard to english in Macos and the then change the keycaps around on the keyboard with out buying a new one or just put a key cover on the keyboard with the english layout?
  10. At the moment im using the terrable EE Bright box that came with the ISP which has a DSL port on the back that goes to the filter on my wall. I'm thinking of getting the netgear nighrthawk x4, but it only has an ethernet port for internet,if i pluged a rj11 in to the wall and then an addapter to an RJ45 conector, will it still work?
  11. malwarebytes isn't even opening it just shows that something is open on the task bar but has no icon
  12. i also tried to open cmd, but it instantly closes and when i end the processes this comes up
  13. I Have just finished the Scan and they are still there, Should i reinstall windows?
  14. Hi guys, i opened up task manager and saw there there were 3 processes with no name and one suspended, i tried to open malware bytes and Bitdefender and they wont open either. What could this be or mean?