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  1. i have used ddu and im still getting the same issue so it must be bottlenecking but thamks for your help guys
  2. ok thanks for the responses guys no i forgot about ddu will use ddu and report back
  3. Hi guys, as the the title says i got a new gpu a 1660ti and i expected to get a really good performance along with my 14gb ddr3 (1333) ram which i know is slow and fx 8350 and the cpu isnt the best but i upgraded the gpu from a 960 4gb version and when it had a good performance at 1080@60 but since putting a 1660ti i cant seem to get rid of this random stutter that happens even on lowest resolution with lowest graphics setting and locked to 30 fps if someone can help figure this out i'd really appreciate it thanks.
  4. Listen been having this heated discussion over on facebook about is 1080p at 60fps entry level for gaming am i wrong because i dont think it is entry level been as a search i found which i quoted in this discussion is that a rig playing battlefield 1 a AAA game was running a i5 7600k cpu and gtx 1060 in order to achieve 60fps could i be so wrong on please let me know guys