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  1. If you had the option to wait, I personally would not recommend building a budget (or any other computer) right now. The market prices are absurd for everything from ram to graphics cards and SSDs. If you had to, I would recommend that you go with the AMD chip with integrated Vega as the way things look those will have the most bang for your limited buck, but only once we have some solid benchmark numbers for them.
  2. My understanding of most contracts like this is that there is a way for the person who gave the license to fork over tons of money and essentially buy their way out of the contract. If this is how their contract is set up then it would probably take a few million dollars, but Disney can afford that.
  3. If rumors are to be believed Disney and Lucasfilm have reached out to Activision and Ubisoft about producing future Star Wars games. Personally, I am not surprised by this change as it is safe to say that EA's Battlefront 2 was a PR nightmare for both companies, and they would rather not repeat the experience. International Business Times article: http://www.ibtimes.com/disney-lucasfilm-rumored-replace-ea-future-star-wars-games-2653343
  4. Researchers at Malwarebytes have discovered that android devices have been being tricked into mining Monero by advertisements since November 2017. As of time of posting, the scope of the operation is unknown. So far, this exploit has not been used to steal information off of the phone as it relies upon opening a new tab which contains code to mine Monero, and once that tab is closed the mining ends. International Business Times article: http://www.ibtimes.com/millions-android-devices-compromised-mining-monero-2653185
  5. Bulletin, a new product from Google, allows users to post and view news stories from their community. Currently it is only available in Nashville Tennessee and Oakland California. TNW article: https://thenextweb.com/google/2018/01/26/google-is-building-bulletin-a-hyperlocal-community-news-service/ Google's Announcement: https://posts.google.com/bulletin/share
  6. It would appear that Epic Games has decided that they no longer have a large enough community to continue to support Paragon. They are however, offering refunds to people who have linked their Epic account with their Paragon account. Epic Games post on Paragon website: https://www.epicgames.com/paragon/en-US/news/paragon-to-close-on-april-26
  7. In the video, Linus talks about things being a much lower price than they are shown as below the video, or on Newegg, for example, but in the video Linus said it would be on sale for $85. I had assumed that the deals would only be active on Black Friday, but then I checked Newegg, and they say that this $109.99 price is already a "sale" price when compared with their "normal" $129.99 (for the record, most cites have had the price at 109.99 for weeks now). What's going on?