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  1. cassa36

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    If this is good enough proof for you; again, thanks for your pointless input.
  2. cassa36

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    Logged in just to say, you've clearly never played fortnite. There's no daily rewards, no 'loot boxes' and no pay2win mechanics (everything you pay for is cosmetic). Thanks for your absolutely pointless input mate. I personally think Prince Harry also hasn't played fortnite, and is suffering from the same misinformation as the guy above me.
  3. cassa36

    Is this legit?

    Hi, looking at christmas gifts and came across this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Xbox-Live-25-Marketplace-Credit-/123514174629 Im not good enough with ebay to know legit from bogus but seller looks ok. Why so low??
  4. cassa36

    Kudos to LTT's views on censorship

    This is the answer i needed, rather than "To delete your post, just do this thing that isn't deleting your post!". Thanks a lot.
  5. cassa36

    Kudos to LTT's views on censorship

    We a have reason for this. If you don't like the comment you made or want to change that comment/reply you do have the ability to edit said comment. The pencil icon below you comment is the edit option. Makes no sense. edit: as in, you didnt mention deleting posts at all in your answer, or anything to do with deleting posts.
  6. cassa36

    How Do I Get My New Second HDD to work?

    Yes, make sure you're powering down properly before you unplug anything
  7. cassa36

    Constant Freezing

    Got a different PSU to try?
  8. cassa36

    Apology owed to people

    i can agree with that
  9. cassa36

    Apology owed to people

    thought your original post was more than justified. You were charged double and got silly responses, so you got pissed.
  10. cassa36

    Too much RED?

    password can never be too much