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    Cosmic cat from OUTER SPAAAAAAAAAACE!

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    Straya mate!


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    i7 7700K @4.8
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3
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    2X8GB Corsair Vengance 3200 DDR4
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    Gainward GTX 1060 GS
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    Coolermaster HAF X
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    Samsung EVO 250 120GB for OS
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    ANTEC 650W
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    Windows 10

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  1. killcomic

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    Yeah, they are soooooo out of touch. They response was simply priceless too!
  2. killcomic

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    The same people who have made the decisions that lead them to believe they need to fire 800 people still have their jobs and their piles of money. This is not about the survival of the business, it’s about making even more obscene amounts of money. What amazes me is how some people believe that making money is a perfectly legitimate excuse for any shitty thing that gets done by large corporations. I have no intention of giving Activision a single cent of my money ever again.
  3. killcomic

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    I see the corporate defenders are still running strong in the LTT forums.
  4. Sure, they can run everything at 1080P but with compromises. They are hardly much better than a 1060 And they cost more (not sure about the 1160). It’s been two years and we still don’t even have 1070 performance at 1060 prices. Performance is stuck while prices shoot up.
  5. I do wish people would see beyond the marketing and buy AMD. Not because I care about AMD but for competition. Had the 480 been cheaper than the 1060, I would've bought it in a heartbeat.
  6. You know, I've always bought exclusively AMD because they gave me better value. The 1060 was the first Nvidia card I had bought in over a decade as it was way cheaper than the 480 at the time. I frankly couldn't care less who makes the card as long as I get value out of it. If you think this is about brand loyalty, I'm afraid you don't understand where I'm coming from. Also, I've had dealings with you before and you are always aggressive and accusative. Please, try to keep your arguments balanced and non-aggressive.
  7. May I point you to this official AMD tweet? AMD is trying to pass this as a gaming card. It mentions content creation in passing. Sure, we all know that Vega is purely workstation DNA, but it's also telling that they are now trying to dress it as a gaming card. This tells me that Navi will not be able to fulfil high end gaming duties.
  8. We can only hope. Although I'm not expecting it to be spectacular.
  9. The Radeon pricing is a direct result of their lacklustre R&D. They are forced use HBM2, which is more power efficient than GDDR, in order to keep their power draw under control as they simply cannot create chips that are both high performing and power efficient. They might have put more money into R&D, but it is clear they simply cannot compete tech-wise with Nvidia, which is a real shame as that's what keeping Nvidia as a monopoly.
  10. It's 2019 and both AMD and Nvidia have release utterly disappointing, overpriced products that lower the value proposition of PC gaming significantly. Nvidia is driven by both greed and hubris, thinking that their position as a monopoly allows them to release anything at any price without any financial consequences (they were wrong, of course). AMD, on the other hand, is harder to read. It is clear they don't have the research budget to compete with Nvidia in the high end. Despite this, they released the Radeon VII, an utterly underwhelming card that's both unaffordable and cannot compete with Nvidia's features at the same price. It appears that this is the new normal. Why would AMD release a cheap card when they can get away with charging as much as Nvidia? Navi will release later this year. It will be a medium tier card, that would put it on par with the 1070/1070ti if we're lucky. The biggest question is, what's the price point? And even so, what's the production yield? AMD seems incapable of meeting demand, with or without Bitcoin mining craze.. Nvidia's upcoming mid tier card, the 1660ti, appears to be a joke. A 20% increase in performance over the 1060 for a higher price. I can get a 20% performance boost by playing games on my 900P monitor. It's not that great. So it appears that PC is starting to become a hobby for the wealthy with the mid tier no longer being affordable or compelling enough. This is where I put on my conspiracy theorist hat. What if AMD does not want to compete? What is using this opportunity to drive gamers to consoles? They don't have to worry about drivers or the likes and their product cycle is both long and profitable. Price your gamers out of their hobby, turn them to the thing that makes you money and at the same time deal a massive blow to your competitor by removing the PC gaming space. Sure, it's unlikely and far fetched, but it does make me wonder...
  11. killcomic

    RTX 2060 megathread

    I've been hankering for an upgrade and both Nvidia's and AMD's announcements have left me cold. I very much doubt Navi will be any good. Probably 1060-1070 performance at 1070 prices. I'm going to spend my money on headphones instead. I lost all interest in upgrading. Hell, even consoles are looking good now!
  12. killcomic

    Anybody from Chile here? I'd like to make a question...

    I'm confused. Do you want to import or export a car?
  13. killcomic

    Legal Stuff...!

    You know, it might help if you state what country you're in. There are these crazy things call countries and some of these 'countries' have different laws.
  14. killcomic


    You need to learn how to build the structure. right now you're simply drawing outlines. You need to build her body and face. Where does her neck go? Where does her arm bend? Where are the shoulders? Here is a video that gives you an idea of what I'm talking about...
  15. killcomic


    No. Just get a pencil. Don't worry about equipment, at this point in time it's irrelevant. Seriously, you need to start by learning to sketch. Don't start running without learning how to walk. Don't worry about shading and such. Focus on anatomy and how to construct bodies and faces using basic geometrical shapes. Learn how limbs move and bend, and for the love of god, learn poses. And yes, copy. Copy and copy till you learn it all. Once you know what you're doing, you can start developing your own style.