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    i3 6100
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    Asrock b150m Pro4
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    2x4GB Corsair Vengeance
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    GTX 970 (Referrence) Blowaaaaaaa...!! Blooowwyyy..!!
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    Fractal Design Define C
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    Samsung 840 Evo 120GB & 4TB WD Blue
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    Be Quiet Pure Power 10 500W
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    AOC - I2379VHE & Random 5:4 Monitor
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    Be Quiet Pure Rock
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    Mionix Castor & Logitech G402 With G240 Mousepad
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    Fiio Q1,HyperX Cloud & Marshall mode
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    My Name is Etna i am a college student.
    I love cosplay sometimes i also crossdress but not too often.
    I like to attend to a cosplay event like comic con and whatnot just for fun.
    And i am a sucker for soul games, Yes i am a masochist hehe
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  1. If u want a light mouse then neither Rival 700 or G502 will suit you because both mouse is a brick. I already explained in this thread that mouse is all about personal preferences so if you ask my opinion then i will give mine but don't take it for granted because it might not suit you. I personally didn't like heavy mice with tons of features that i won't be using it and most of all i really hate stupid gimmick. From those Three (if there are no other option) i'll choose the lancehead TE, Its still heavy 105 Grams but i love the ambidextrous design because mice with those design are usually more balance and it has a good sensor + button as well. But if there are other option (for me) i'd choose the Dream Machine DM1 Pro S or the DM3 Mini or Zowie ZA13, Because i have a petite hand size which is pretty common for a women. If u have a large hand, I'd suggest the Razer Deathadder, Zowie EC1B, Logitech G403, Cooler Master Mastermouse Pro L, Rival 310, Rival 600, Roccat Kone Pure Owl Eye/EMP and the Razer Basilisk which is a bit heavy 109 Grams but has 2 awesome features (just read the mouse description in this thread).
  2. Well i can't see any risk on getting the final mouse, Except if its doesnt live up to your expectation of course. Deathadder has the lightest click among other mice that i have tried Lance Head TE also has a light click but i havent try it myself so i dont know how light it is. If you can, Find a store that let u to try the mouse. Unfortunately i dont.
  3. Ultralight is between the deathadder and G303, So its light but not too light and has a nice tactile feedback. It uses Omron switches compared to huano switches on zowie mice,
  4. On top? where? in the BEST LARGE WIRED OPTICAL MICE under the 8.The Best Mouse You Can Buy (in it's own way) ? Well if u read it again,Those large mice under that section are ranked by the overall features and performance not by the weight that is why i put G502 on top because it has more features than any other mice on the market. If you're looking for a light mouse then u should look at the BEST SIMPLE LIGHT MICE WITH GREAT SENSOR section under the 8.The Best Mouse You Can Buy (in it's own way) . Or are u referring to the Mice Suggestion section? Those mice under that section are not ranked, They are sorted by the brands.
  5. Mice added: -Corsair Harpoon (Corsair budget friendly mouse) -Corsair Sabre ( A good MOBA mouse from corsair with top optical sensor) -CM Mastermouse Pro L ( Very Simple and high quality mouse from CM with ambidextrous design) -Dream Machine DM3 Mini (Smaller version of the DM 1 PRO S with no side button)
  6. YES the price, But for us competitive player we want a simple mouse and liked it to be under 100Grams and that thing is just heavy as a brick. As for the mouse it depends on your hand sizes and the preferences. Lancehead TE, G502 and Rival 700 is for people with large hand. Each mouse has their own pros and cons which you can learn by reading the description in the MOUSE SUGGESTION section in this Thread. G PRO is for a small-medium hand but if you want to go with the G PRO buy the G102/203 instead, Its basically the same mouse with half the price and the sensor perform very similar.
  7. Okay so the board will do its magic so that they don't share and made the Pcie slot still be available to use? Thank you very much, Its all clear now. But it is confusing i got to admit.
  8. Updated my answer please respond
  9. Can't be used i know.. But according to the picture if i use USB #7 will it reduce my Chipset Pcie lanes to 23? i mean 20? even though i only use one HSIO lanes?
  10. Owh ok so i forgot that the CPU has 16 Lanes for the GPU. Ok so Z270 has like total 24 chipset pcie lanes right? and 30 HSIO lanes. But how are they related? Does that picture telling me that i have 30HSIO lanes and 24 Pcie lanes (in one picture) just like what u described. So if i use USB #7 will it reduce my Chipset Pcie lanes to 23? I mean 20?
  11. Hi. I suppose to deal with my college assignment but someone asked me this question. What is HSIO lanes and how are they related to PCIe Lanes? So i explained to him everything i know about it but it wasn't clear enough for him to fully understand it because i ended up getting confused as well. Of course i already read everything from google but i still didn't fully understand it. So for example, Z270 has total of 24 Pcie Lanes and 30 Hsio lanes (Six of which is already consumed by permanently enabled 6 USB 3.0 *See picture below) Ok so from what i understand, If i already use 16 of total available 24 lanes for the Graphic card i ended up with only 8 available Pcie lanes right? So what if i decided to use only one USB (e.g USB 3.0 #7) from HSIO lanes 7-10 will it cut the number of my Pcie lanes into 7? Even though i only use One HSIO lanes? If so, What if i only use 1 Lan card in the HSIO lanes number 10? will it also cut my lanes into 7 or what? I am really confuse here help
  12. $110 For a kit of 2x4 8GB RAM

    $430 For Referrence 1060 6GB and $470 for AIB
    $170 For GTX 1050 2GB

    $580 For AIB RX 580

    $550 For AIB RX 570

    $700 For 1070 Ti

    $190 For RX 560 4GB


    That's it for me.
    These are dark times to build a PC, Dark times indeed.


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    2. Hiya!


      Thats good news, Because i am already saving my money to upgrade my RIG.

      I am going to need more ram and upgrade my Blowy 970 cause i can't stand the noise and the gpu temperature.


      I am also looking to upgrade my Cpu and case into something more..modern..i got my eyes on the meshify C.

      @Cinnabar Sonar So how are you? hows your status update disorder? :P

    3. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @Hiya! Judge for yourself.

    4. Hiya!


      Yep checked it.
      Glad you didn't change.

  13. Its a matter of adjusting your finger and get used to it. But some mice has an awful button placement like the original razer naga or the hex v2. Mice like Corsair Scimitar allow you to move the buttons placement by sliding it and lock it in places and other mice such as roccat nyth has removable rather big side buttons. While other mice such as Roccat tyon/leadr/rival 500 has buttons that scattered around the mouse rather than just crammed together on the side. I think Rival 500 or roccat leadr would be better for you..or if u want to have both 6-7 and 12 side buttons option take a look at the razer naga trinity.
  14. eBay 1$ Mouse scam review

    What the frag?? For real? I can't buffer the thing cause i am using data. I mean why in the world would people willing to work their butt for $2? for 12 freakin hour?
  15. Your welcome lol.. As u say so here's my respond under a spoiler.