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About Hiya!

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    i ♥ mice
  • Birthday 1999-11-11

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    Sylvia Of Astora#4319

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    Anor Londo
  • Interests
    Cosplay,Mice,Soul Series,Video Games,Using blue switch at midnight,Chiptune Edm,Technology,Milk Tea
  • Biography
    My Name is Etna i am a college student.
    I love cosplay sometimes i also crossdress but not too often.
    I like to attend to a cosplay event like comic con and whatnot just for fun.
    And i am a sucker for soul games, Yes i am a masochist hehe
  • Occupation
    Firekeeper & Student


  • CPU
    i3 6100
  • Motherboard
    Asrock b150m Pro4
  • RAM
    2x4GB Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    GTX 970 (Referrence) Blowaaaaaaa...!! Blooowwyyy..!!
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define C
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 Evo 120GB & 4TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    Be Quiet Pure Power 10 500W
  • Display(s)
    AOC - I2379VHE & Random 5:4 Monitor
  • Cooling
    Be Quiet Pure Rock
  • Keyboard
    CM Quickfire TK Blue
  • Mouse
    Mionix Castor & Logitech G402 With G240 Mousepad
  • Sound
    Fiio Q1,HyperX Cloud & Marshall mode
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Pro x64

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    1. Hiya!


      You are the 2nd person to doubt me in this forum.

      PM Me

    2. Ya_Mi
  2. Hiya!

    Which name is prettier Riley or Emma?

    Riley is a boys name imo..Emma just sounds better for a girl..although i would prefer Avery cause it suit for both boys and girl.
  3. I think, I never pay too much attention to tech nowadays because i am busy doing college stuff in fact i have been inactive for a while..NH-D15 is an amazing air cooler even on par with the best aio on the market. But its gigantic and if looks is what u are concerned about i think its just going to make your PC look worse...but i could be wrong on that..so just decide it for yourself..
  4. Air cooling is the way to go if you dont want to worry about the issues of AIO except RAM Clearance of course..Quoted from noctua So you might ended up with a single fan mode and it would probably look awful..so i'd suggest on getting an air cooler such as Be Quier Dark Rock 3 non pro or Cryorig H5 which only has a single fan but u can add another fan on the other side and its enough to cool your 4790K
  5. Great then your hand is large. Go to my guide and get straight to the mouse suggestion section under LARGE categories, There are lot of options there and Mice are sorted by brands.
  6. You are not providing us enough info such as how big is your hand..The size of your hand is the most important. I recommend you to check my guide pinned in the peripherals section or just click the link on my signature. But for $55 i'd say the G403, G102/203, Dream Machine DM1 PRO S, Roccat Kone pure owld eye/EMP, Nixeus Revel, Steelseries 310 and riival 110 will suits you if your hand is between medium-large..Deathadder is good but its a very big mouse..So i'd still recommend you to check my guide first there are also a mic suggestion section there..
  7. Evolution of Gaming Mice.

    I am so bored so i decided to make this..


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    4. Ya_Mi


      999999999 dpi, one flick and the cursor would travel around every computer on the planet lol

  8. Its okay but last time i watched the review from RJN he said it has a body balance issues because cooler master put some kinda weight inside the mouse so he had to remove it by dissassembling the mouse..not sure if CM already fixed that issue though. But u can always try the mouse first right?
  9. Well maybe, I usually didn't mind a 1 year warranty for a $40 Mouse although yes some mouse has 2 year arranty. Its $30 on amazon and i think $30 is a good price even if its last just for 1 year..but we never know i still had my G402 and its still working perfectly and it just had 2 years warranty
  10. Get the Rival 110 then. If you don't mind the diamond shape because a lot of people seems dislike it and its an old mice that use the AM010 just like G402 only without Fusion engine because it aimed for MOBA. Get the G303 with the upgraded PWM3366 Sensor and RGB
  11. Well there you go, So its between Rival 110, Mastermouse S and Abyssus V2. Although i would prefer the Dream Machine DM3 Mini if its available in your country because its not in mine. Don't forget you also have to consider your grip style. Mastermouse S and Abyssus is lean toward claw/palm grip while Rival 110 is suited for any grip style. But that doesnt mean you can't use all grip style in those 2 mouse, Its just more suitable for claw/palm that's all Maybe just defective product because i have couple of friends who use that mouse and had no issues so far. But i don't know its a dirt cheap mouse after all only with Amazing sensor. And i think they didn't use the same omron switches on the G PRO/G402/502 for their G102/203 because they didn't have the same snap and clickyness in my opinion.
  12. It comes down to personal preferences and your hand size. So tell me about the size of your hand using the measurement method i posted in this thread. A good FPS mouse is a good MOBA mouse and a good RTS mouse as well. As far as the performance goes PWM3360 is still the best sensor among those mice you mentioned. But you probably wont be able to tell the differences between PWM3330/Truemove1 and (PMW3325/3329) vs PMW3360 Except the PWM3320. While harpoon is a great mouse for someone who is on a budget but its a bad mouse for competitive player because of the sensor, It jitter and can spin out at high speed and from so many review that i have read/watched the sensor is not responsive..its just bad for competitive fast paced games. Avoid it if you can and get something like G102/203 if you are really on a tight budget. Measure your hand first because the size of those mice is different, Harpoon is good for Medium hand, Rival 110,Mastermouse S and Abyssus V2 is good for small-medium, and CM MasterMouse MM520/530 is for medium-large hand. Keep in mind that each mice has their own unique shape and feature for example the MM520 has wing on the right side for finger rest and not all people like finger rest because it kinda force their finger position especially competitive gamer and Abyssus V2 has no side button whatsoever.
  13. If u want a light mouse then neither Rival 700 or G502 will suit you because both mouse is a brick. I already explained in this thread that mouse is all about personal preferences so if you ask my opinion then i will give mine but don't take it for granted because it might not suit you. I personally didn't like heavy mice with tons of features that i won't be using it and most of all i really hate stupid gimmick. From those Three (if there are no other option) i'll choose the lancehead TE, Its still heavy 105 Grams but i love the ambidextrous design because mice with those design are usually more balance and it has a good sensor + button as well. But if there are other option (for me) i'd choose the Dream Machine DM1 Pro S or the DM3 Mini or Zowie ZA13, Because i have a petite hand size which is pretty common for a women. If u have a large hand, I'd suggest the Razer Deathadder, Zowie EC1B, Logitech G403, Cooler Master Mastermouse Pro L, Rival 310, Rival 600, Roccat Kone Pure Owl Eye/EMP and the Razer Basilisk which is a bit heavy 109 Grams but has 2 awesome features (just read the mouse description in this thread).
  14. Well i can't see any risk on getting the final mouse, Except if its doesnt live up to your expectation of course. Deathadder has the lightest click among other mice that i have tried Lance Head TE also has a light click but i havent try it myself so i dont know how light it is. If you can, Find a store that let u to try the mouse. Unfortunately i dont.