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    behringer uca 202 or xonar dgx

    as the title says i've been limited to this two coz of my budget.......... behringer provides much clear and less interference but xonar have much more outputs and better audio tweaks utility like eq,dsp,surround etc. and also begringer is usually used for recording purpose and want it for music listening.... which one i should look for(if we exclude audio interference issue) !!
  2. I'm not an audiophile i had used budget phones and motherboard audio listens to all of my audio recently my onboard audio(alc887) had fried (i can get fixed as it is in warranty). But i'm thinking to upgrade to any better audio solutions as i like to experience more.... so i'm thinking to get a cheap external DAC or PCI sound card. but i can't go beyond 40$ price mark, so after searching for cheap dac's i came to know that dac's under 200$ wouldn't create much difference unless i'm using any high-end headphones. so i'm confused should i get one or just try to fix my onboard audio and hook a budget amp(fiio a1) in it power any mid-range headphones if i have to buy any dac then these are my only options. PCI: Asus xonar DGX or DX EX dac: Behringer uca 202 or Fiio K1 or if it really makes difference then fiio e10k would they just provide clear sound compared to my onboard audio or the difference would be night and day. PS: i will not be using any headphones above m50x or m40x. i just want better music no recording, gaming. if they can provide any additional tweaks to audio.