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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z370 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    G.Skill RipJaws V 16gb (2x8gb)
  • GPU
    MSI Twinfrost GTX 970
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define S
  • Storage
    1tb Samsung 850 EVO
  • PSU
    Corsair Rmx 650
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i V2
  1. Se7enEle7en

    High Idle temp 1080 ti EVGA SC2

    Thanks so those temps are normal ? Is 70/75C high for Pascal chip ?
  2. Se7enEle7en

    High Idle temp 1080 ti EVGA SC2

    So basically this is it ... my gpu (had it for 3 weeks) ildes around 56C connected to 2 monitors.First one is a 1080p@60hz monitor used for monitoring and the other is a 1440p@144hz that i use to game. Didn't overclock the gpu only put the power to 120% in MSI afterburner. When under heavy load goes to around 70C or a little bit more, 74C was the max i saw during monitoring. My case is a Fractal Design Refine S. I saw in a couple of other post that the settings in the nvidia control panel might be the issue. I set the gpu to prefer maximum performance and same in Windows for the power options. So i was wondering what can i do to lower the temp or if this is juste normal for a 1080 ti Thanks y'all
  3. So the title says it all i was searching online but can't find a answer about this. My water in the H100i V2 starts around 28C at ilde and goes up to 35/37C while under heavy load (BF1/R6) CPU is about 32C for the package IDLE and 60/65 under heavy load, my room temperature during summertime is 23/24C. So i was just wondering if the temps are normal and what is considered hot for water temperature on water cooling kit ? Thanks y'all
  4. Se7enEle7en

    EVGA 1080 ti SC2 Coil Whine

    Yeah i mean i do mind the coil whine but i mostly game with headset so no big deal i was more worried if the psu was the issue
  5. Se7enEle7en

    EVGA 1080 ti SC2 Coil Whine

    First i'll start with my rig so there's no confusion Mobo : Prime z370-a Asus Gpu : EVGA SC2 1080 ti RAM : Gskillz 2x8gb DDR4 3200 mhz CPU : i7-8700k Psu : Corsair rm650x Cooling : Corsair H100i v2 So i bought a 1080 ti 3 weeks ago, didn't notice any coil whine coming from it but i mostly use headset when on my pc. Yesterday i was loading R6 and the moment the GPU went to 99% (i'm running on a 1440p 144hz monitor) i heard coil whine coming from the casing. I test in several games and it does it the moment the gpu goes to 80% usage or above like for exemple : Elder Scrolls Online dosen't cause any coil whine but R6/BF1 will cause to coil whine. I red a lot online and often the PSU can be the cause but i think i'm good here specially with my stock CPU and only 1 SSD has storage. My question is more what can i do about it ? I red that running ATI Tool for extended period of time might burn the coil and remove the whine or RMA it but i don't want to RMA since it dosen't affect performance.
  6. So yeah i maybe failed on the Mobo buy i tried to go budget and the board had good reviews. I will probably refund since i also got a audio problem with the board. Do you have any suggestion on wich z370 board i need to buy ?
  7. No i didnt change anything on that end we OC with the EZ mode MSI provides on the board i didnt change the ratio in the Bios its still shows 100 and the core ratio 50 for exemple but in Windows on RealTemp i will get 52 because its set at 50 x 103.89
  8. Forgot to link the actual rig here it is CPU i7-8700k Mobo : MSI Z370 Gaming plus Ram : G.Skill RipJaws V 2x8gb GPU : MSI Twinfrost GTX 970 Case : Fractal design Define S Cooling : Corsair H100i V2 Storage : 1tb SSD PSU : Corsair Rmx 650
  9. Hi all, I recently build a new rig and everything is fine except a couple of things. When i first tried to OC the CPU i noticed something weird. Me and my friend set the CPU ratio to 50 and the ratio to be fixed. I will post the result from Cinebench later on today but at first when we OC then benchmark i had the same score so 1432 stock and 1432 OC. We also notice that even if we put the ratio to 50 the CPU was actually running at 5.2 because the ration was showing 50 x 103.88 instead of 50 x 100. Im no expert on OCing since this is my first build with a OC CPU but a friend of mine was with me he has more experience then i do and he was not too sure either. After we tried OCCT for a short period of time with no issue and good temp on each core. We also notice that even on fixed the ratio was changing during the benchmarking and stability test. When at 50 the ratio would go down to 46 or 47 but it was not fixed. Here is the test ive made so far : CPU ratio 50 Voltage : 1.35 CIneBench : same score stock or OC Then we tried this : CPU ratio : 52 Voltage : 1.35 CineBench : same score stock or OC we notice during this test that the actual ratio was now 5.4ghz since its was 52 x 103.89 So this was friday, last night coming back from work i had to this again CPU ratio : 50 Voltage 1.29 CineBench : 1432 score Stock 1622 OC I still notice that the ratio was actually at 5.2ghz since it was again 50 x 103.89 This time the ratio seems to be fixed and not moving but i didnt test above 15 min All the temps are good since i dont get a temp above 72°c even at 5.4ghz even if i didnt want to reach that high of a ratio i tried 5.2 but it was showing 5.4 since the ratio was x 103.89. Im triyng to know if this is normal behaviour or possibly whats causing the issue. I also had audio problem with the Mobo and i dont know if its related or not but when i was first testing the OCing i was using the HD audio port on the Bios but i turn it off last night and went for a other testing session. Thank you all for your wisdom ! Sorry for bad english its not my first language !
  10. Se7enEle7en

    Low Mic volume on new PC

    Im the one with the new pc here is the full spec of the new rig CPU : 8700k Mobo : MSI Z370 Gaming plus RAM : GSkills 3200 2x8gb ddr4 Cooling : Corsair H100 V2 PSU : Corsair 650rx Case : Fractal Design Define S GPU : MSI Twinfrost gtx 970 I bought a new headset and its still the same problem, on my end the sounds is crystal clear, i tried usb sound card same result Front panel audio seems to not work properly since i can hear a lot of noise/distortion when plugged in the front panel audio jack I just remove the connection on the mobo. I tried driver from MSI driver from Realtek and Windows Driver all the same issue Dont know if its related or not but when i OC the cpu i set the ratio to 50 and the ratio to be fixed, when in benchmarking i can see the ratio switching from 50 to 44 but the test will not fail and OCCT will not see an error. I tried pushing the limit to see if i can BSOD the damn thing nope, but the ratio to 52 and in RealTemp i can see the ratio at 54 wich is kinda weird Then i ran OCCT with those setting and still the same problem but this time OCCT saw an error and shut down the process.