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    Ghost From a Distant Past.
  1. kungfury7

    r9 290x or gtx 970

    Personally would go with the gtx 970.
  2. As per title, please share if u guys have any info on when both companies are going to release their next batch of cards. Presumably this time they will be releasing cards based on the 20nm for certain right?
  3. kungfury7

    Please correct my grammar

    Okay thanks buds.
  4. kungfury7

    Please correct my grammar

    Sometimes, the best way to know a person is not at a dinner table, nor a theatre, a coffee shop, a beautiful park, but in bed. Please kindry correct moi.
  5. Man game just keeps autosaving OVER my previous saves, and it's all messed up. Any body has this saving issue? For example, right when I was about to attack three clickers, and made a save. After dat, i went all gung ho on the MF and wasted many ammo, but when I tried to load the save i just made, it loaded to the point AFTER the attack. SO CONFUSING.
  6. kungfury7

    First ever build, Corsair 750D

    Very nice man, honestly. I've always wanted to know for the longest time, does the grills in the front choke the intake fans?
  7. kungfury7

    980 performance from a 970?

    Buy the 980 if u want a melty big stick of butter.
  8. kungfury7

    Corsair 450D and Noctua NH-D15

    Can you fit the NH-D15 into this case?
  9. kungfury7

    EVGA GTX 980 SC Unstable at stock speeds

    Your CPU sucks, get in tel
  10. kungfury7

    Why are you not pissed at Nvidia?

    Hear hear, I completely agree with you. The performance is less than impressive.
  11. because engrish is my second ranguage.
  12. I've been browsing through a number of reviews for a while now, and it seemed dat, sure the performance is unquestionably great, but in some games like Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, Crysis 3, it falls a tad bit behind the GTX 780. However, dats not the point. My question is, how much performance can we expect from newer drivers? This card just came out, so is it normal dat it's not showing full potential yet?
  13. kungfury7

    AMD is really falling behind NVIDIA

    How the fuck is dat??? I'm an Nvidia Fan Bitch but really, this motherfucker hasn't released anything in almost two years! If anything Nvidia is like a major porn star who banged a bitch hard all the time, but lately his wang is always flaccid. But hey, dat's about to change soon tho... hopefully, at least in my wettest of GPU dreams anyways.
  14. OKAY.. case is pretty much closed. Time to go pretend I'm a potato in the corner.
  15. Really? I kinda agree with you too... they present the GAME 24 to be like a really big thing, kinda of a waste of publicity if they don't channel it into their products... oh wait, is Nvidia still selling GPU cards? Not if Jen-tsung Hung permits it. I think i read some where GIGABYTE showed the heatsink of the next gen's card already...