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    z390 taichi ult
  • RAM
    gskill 4266 1.4v bdie
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080 ti xc slim
  • Case
    corsair graphite 780t (wanted a TT level 10 but tariffs rip)
  • Storage
    4x 970 evo 256gb raid 0 asus hyper 2x 860 evo 512gb raid 0. wd black 4tb
  • PSU
    evga g2 1300w
  • Display(s)
    predator x27 (gaming) pa272w (netflix)
  • Cooling
    noctua d15
  • Keyboard
    g710 brown
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    z5500 5.1 (falling apart)
  • Operating System
    10 pro
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  1. gonna try and keep this simple, 1080p, there will be a small bottleneck in some titles, other than that it's nothing to worry about, that's assuming you get cl16 3600 ram and further optimize your timings, u'd be within 5% of a 9900k on most games. highly recommend this over the other stuff for the small price diff https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232859
  2. it's not too bad if you can sell the Ti GPUs at the right time, the 980 ti really only lost its value after the 5700 came out, so the retention is there for say a 1080ti/2080ti, i think to maximize the value you have to sell the gpu back before you upgrade, or use it for a REALLY long time. I'd say it's not as bad as most people think. I think the 6 most recent builds i've done for myself/friends/others were 1080 ti x3/2080 ti x1/2060S (900 budget)/1660S (750 budget), all 3 of the 1080 ti owners have said that the 2080 ti isn't good enough of an upgrade, I still think it's one of the best buys in recent years. However it could fall off a cliff in resale value in 2020 for reasons mentioned in the last post. As for the reasons not to get a 2080 ti atm: it's over a year old There was a post on reddit estimating the cost of a 2080 ti to nvidia, and it was close to 500usd, mostly due to the tensor cores and ridiculous die size, the yields aren't really getting better. The 2xxx->3xxx jump could end up being like fermi->kapler, huge, they will shrink that die. RTX isn't really getting off the ground, the current form of RTX is just so inefficient, like first gen AA, physics, god rays all over again, there's bound to be a more efficient solution that's tailored for future gens, The tensor cores could end up obsolete. Consoles in november 2020 It's logical that next gen will come out before the consoles. Waiting is normally a bad idea imho, but for the above reasons, if you have a decent gpu atm, i'd wait for the 3080 ti. Fun thoughts
  3. the consoles are rumored to be 4k/60 capable, probably around dedicated 5700xt with a oower efficient zen 2 cpu, if you get a 2060S right now, there's a pretty good chance that it'd be equal than a $500 console in 10-11 months. That's why the rumored next gen gpus are likely gonna launch b4 the consoles, they got some distance to cover. Nobody's gonna pay 400 for the 2060S or 500 for the 2070S after those consoles come out.
  4. if u can sell the ti for a good price and pay for the super, it's not a bad idea, though if u can save up til after the console launch next year, even better.
  5. we've gained about 25% of performance over a span of almost 3 years, it's slowing down. With new consoles coming in 2020, i think waiting til after the console release is a great idea, but normally just grab something in ur price range when they come out.
  6. it makes financial sense if it's inside the budget of the build and/or if you just want the fastest card, but in terms of fps/$ it'll always cost more at the top end, that's just business. You won't actually end up spending less by buying a 2080 ti, cause chances are you'll just buy a 3080 ti when it comes out, even if you sell the 2080 ti back at the right time you'll at least end up spending a bit more than going with mid-range. Honestly, if you are asking these questions, just go with a the fastest single card if you can afford it, for the peace of mind. I refrain to call it better value though. Still, wait for 2080 ti super. the vanilla Ti is over a year old. I expect next gen/3080 ti to be about 1500usd though, so just be prepared before you go down the rabbit hole, it could also lead to similar purchases in monitors and audio equipment 2019/2020 is a bit different, as the rumors are scarlett and ps5 will be 4k/60 capable, so i'd either not build anything at all, go with a 3400G budget build, or go all out, anything mid range doesn't make sense to me if it's gonna be equal to a console in 2020, if you are going for a 500usd gpu, wait til after the ps5 comes out and how it shakes out. On a side note, i'm starting to see RTX cards having an array of minor problems after year+ on reddit and these forums. It's still just mass produced consumer grade electronics. Think twice, but if you can afford it....take the plunge.
  7. having more than 1 gpu in there is bound to run into some bugs, and the 27uq will run 144hz (there's an oc option in the menus, turn that on first) if u lower it to 4:2:2 from 4:4:4 or RGB, but expect slight ghosting. I don't know if this applies to you but i've found that leaving gsync on lowers the gpu idle power usage for whatever reason, and if it stutters just make sure gsync is only for full screen apps. The 2080 ti alone will be fine, probably better than 2080ti+1080
  8. DRP4 or NH-D15 are probably the only 2 that fits the bill at around the same performance, 360mm AIOs will cost more than 100usd, some benchmarks have the DRP4 being slightly better
  9. here's my personal bang4buck list atm rx570, 1660s, 5700, xt, rtx 2080S/ti. expecting a bottleneck with the 2400g, so i'd actually go with a 570 used from high feedback seller on ebay, unless u can find a 580 for cheap too
  10. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232861 gotta wait for it to come back in stock...or overpay a bit I wouldn't bet on 4x16 at CL16 3600though, might wanna check the x570 taichi's QVL for 4 sticks.
  11. just get a 5700 xt for 400 or a 1660 super for 220usd, that used discount of the vega 64 isn't enough.
  12. adding to what @Plutosaurus is saying, don't worry about "upgrade path", especially for intel, you basically won't upgrade without swapping motherboards. The only efficient upgrades i see right now are people that go from 2600/2700->3900/3950x or ones that are sitting on a x570+3600 waiting for 16cores to get cheaper, or ryzen 4000 (if the 3950x just drops 200usd in 2020, which is very likely, then they'll have a 3600 AND a 3950x for 750usd, maybe even save a few bucks over getting a 3950x today) If you are going intel, don't worry about it, their 10nm is likely gonna suck and 7nm isn't until 2021. If you are concerned about upgrading, just get a x570 elite and a r5 3600, and sit on it til you see something you like in ~2years, but by then intel might have something better. I'd still just build around what CURRENTLY fits ur needs and not worry about upgrading, it's overrated.
  13. these days i just reinstall windows tbh.
  14. 16gb will probably be enough depending on your use case, though i've left chrome on overnight and it actually used about 9gb by the time i woke up There are also games that actually pumps out more frames when ur using less than 50% of your ram (i know of bfv and modern warfare), though if u really tighten the timings on the cl14 kit you can probably make up for that diff. I think if ur gonna use it for more than 3 years, 32gb isn't a bad choice, and there are also 32gb kits that are cl14 (which is what i'd go with for a build right now)
  15. the DXR capabilities of a 2060 super isn't gonna last that long, so you are better off just buying a 5700 or 5700 XT, 5 years is a long time, so no guarantees. the gtx 970, which was a 1080p card when released 5 years ago, doesn't hold up in new titles, and that was a 350usd card on launch.