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  1. from some place called skytech on amazon. I just liked the fans and AIO and wanted to know who really made them. I new you guys would know! Thanks.
  2. Can anyone tell me what brand AIO and fans this case is using? They have been re branded.
  3. Am i the only one that keeps a laptop long enough that the battery dies?
  4. Looking for a laptop that is thin and light with easy access to the battery, RAM, Hard drive backlit keyboard would be nice along with battery life. Srceen size anywhere from 13-15 inch. Windows 10, i don't think it needs a touch screen. Only will be used for general stuff word, excel web surf on line class youtube etc. No gaming have a budget of $1,500 but of course i would like to spend way less It is for the wife she wants a Apple of course but i dislike there stuff for as far as i know the battery can not be replaced very easily. She is getting a business degree so it's nothing CPU/GPU intense. Would be a bonus if it where silver in color. Does this laptop exist with windows? Thanks in advanced.
  5. Is there any real reason not to go AMD for a gaming/photo/video PC over intel anymore? I plan to buy a 3900X or 3800x once the price is where it should be. I am undecided on what chip set board i should get X570 or X470. The X570 boards sure do cost a lot but they have gen 4 pci, 2.5 Gps lan on them which would be great for large file transfer but i could probably get a NIC card cheaper and i would have to buy a new switch. I have never owned a AMD CPU. I have had there video cards but always ran into driver issues on release day so i have bought nvidia ever since at the moment i have a RTX 2080 Super. My 6700k is so slow doing x265!
  6. I understand numerical ordering. I want the yrs and months to be in order. If i change the files names to YY-MM-DD will that work? To me that data format seems wrong since everything around me is MM/DD/YY even windows. Thanks for the help.
  7. Files names are not in order.
  8. Does not work that is the first thing i tried.
  9. How can i get win 10 to sort files by there name? I scanned a bunch of paper work to pdf. Using dates like 09-14-2019....04-12-2010 and so on... I would like win to sort them in order by month and year. I will rename them if i have to. Thanks
  10. I have two laptops that need batteries are there any good places to buy them or is it just hit or miss? There are a lot of them out there but most are junk! have already tired amazon and you can't buy the OEM one anymore. Thanks for the help!
  11. It's just not for games as i am into video/photography/web site design as i don't see any reason to go intel anymore. My PC is hooked up to Two displays one is shared by another PC via a KVM and i have a LG 34" 2560 x 1080 that get's all the video/photography edit since the color accuracy is best. And i use my 55" 4k TV when playing games/movies. The last GPU i had was a 1070 that i sold during the bitcoin rush. I don't know if i could game on the LG since it seems small compared to the 55" i have mounted right above it but a 2060 super could probably power it, i play games like GTA5 and Tomb Raider no fortnite type stuff.
  12. I've been away from PC gaming for a few years and i'm in the process of building a new PC since my current build is 5 years old and has no dedicated GPU. The problem is the cost of video cards as i want to game in 4k so i am looking at a RTX 2080 or super as i have a One X, PS4 Pro and a Switch that btw the games on it look bad when hooked up to a TV. I mostly have consoles for the exclusives and for 4k media player on the One X. I'm trying to decide what gpu to buy sure i would love a RTX 2080 ti but that is to much money. My plan on the next PC is a Ryzen 9 3900x. Suggestions?
  13. It gives me a error of kernel security check fail or memory management, page fault etc it changes every time I try to reinstall windows. it does this when win says getting files ready for installation.
  14. CPU temps are 100f -115f its water cooled. RAM is Corsair rgb 16GB im at work so do not have the specs. I can’t recall the error it gives when trying to copy the install files.
  15. So I woke up to the blue screen of death rebooted my pc it would not load rebooted again made it to the desktop then blue screen. i am getting many errors. memory errors, kernel, ntfs.sys these are what the blue screen list different one on each reboot. i just built this pc a few months ago as a general pc no over clocking. i formated my evo ssd tryed to install windows and it errors out on the copying windows files screen. I tried a few times same errors. the drive is readable I copied the files I wanted to keep beforehand. but I tryed a different ssd drive and windows gave the same errors on copying the install files over. i also tryed new usb install media it did not help. any advice? I can move around in the bios just fine.