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  1. No...I...was..making a Chrome joke? Also, the original file is around 800MB and didn't think it'd take up over 10x that. I know, I used the Production Max preset, understanding that it wouldn't be easy to run, just because everything else said they were below 4K, except Production Standard and Production Max, so I just went with Max to be safe and make sure the test worked and that HandBrake could actually do 8K footage, as the "Adjusting Quality" page in the documentation only said up to 4K
  2. I'm trying Handbrake now, helpfully, it's following Chrome's footsteps of taking 12GB of RAM, if it doesn't work for whatever reason, I'll try MeGUI
  3. (I think this is the right category) Does anyone know how to convert an 8k .webm video into an .mp4? All of the online converters I've tried have a max file limit of 100-200MB, while my file is around 800MB, offline solutions like uniconverter seem to only go to 4k, no matter the encoder I choose. Any ideas?
  4. Hello, I was just wondering how I would offset an array by some amount of positions and have it wrap around, so for example, if an array had the values: "ABCDEF" then if it was offset by 3, it would be "FEDABC". Thanks
  5. I think it's either something weird in the BIOS, motherboard or CPU because the RAM itself runs perfectly alone or in single channel, it's just dual channel where it freaks out a bit
  6. Nope, I ran memtest and it's only detecting 8GB in dual channel, but 16GB in single channel. Both of the sticks work fine both alone and in single-channel, just not in dual channel.
  7. I tried that and it is 0. I also tried 16GB and to no avail. Also, nice name
  8. Hello, I have a very interesting issue. I bought a Ryzen 7 1700 and B350-Plus motherboard about a year ago, along with 16GB DDR4 RAM. Everything was working fine until a few days ago, in which both of my 8GB of RAM would detect and would show up, but only have 8GB, as 8GB was "System Reserved" RAM. Every slot works, but only when I put RAM in A1 and A2 or B1 and B2, only running in single channel. In A2/B2 (as the manual suggests) or A1/B1 doesn't work, just comes up as System Reserved and cannot be allocated Thanks EDIT: I have tried updating the BIOS, but that did nothing
  9. Solved. I managed to get it to work, by just plugging in the computer with the server VM to the computer with the Client VM, for some reason, my TalkTalk router blocks access attempts, probably to get you to buy their enterprise gear.
  10. "CiscoSystems" Nice name lol but, it's free and wydm turn off ipv6? On the Server or Client?
  11. XD True, just can't find anyone else that has this kind of issue
  12. For some reason, all 3D Mark benchmarks only use around 80% of the CPU on all cores. I have a Ryzen 7 1700 OC to 3.45GHz. All other Benchmarks, like Cinebench work perfectly. I have tried new drivers and re-installing, but to absolutely no change.
  13. Through a router and I can't find what the IP for the server is, I tried the normal public ip, 192.168... but that didn't work
  14. Ok, so I'm using Windows Server 2016 to make an Active Directory Server, but whenever I try to connect with a Windows 10 Education VM, it always just says "Can't join this domain. Contact your IT admin for more info". It does acknowledge that the domain exits, but just fails after asking for credentials (They're definately right)
  15. I know, but paying £25 for a gigabit switch + £10 for 2 gigabit NICs = £35. A lot for just a random backup server to have faster connectivity, so yeah. It's alright, but thank you for the reply