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  1. If you don't have any idea what you're talking about, then you probably shouldn't speak. If you knew a single thing about Lachlan you'd know that he only buys iphones, and his computer is a mac. He loves all apple products besides the earpods. He has consistently claimed that the iPhone and iPod has top level playback, even testing it against sony walkman's etc. claiming that he prefers the sound to most mobile dap's and that it makes no sense to carry one along with the phone. If anyone is being sensationalist here, it's you, for not only doing 0 research and acting like you're speaking in absolute facts, but also for going so far out of your way to make this against a company that he openly endorses. If you even watched any of the videos he made about this you'd know that he said he tested multiple phones in the apple store and they all had the problem. He STILL said he wasn't confirming it was wrong on EVERY device, but JUST the ones he tested. Keep your ridiculous agenda going though.
  2. I have a local windows admin account. Every time I try to sign in to my microsoft account for cortana, the windows store, etc. a dialogue box flashes for a split second then goes away. If I try to click "sign in with a microsoft account instead" under user account settings it does the same thing. Even when I try to add a family or a new account it does this also. I was able to add a new microsoft account through the command prompt, and I can sign in and everything works perfectly there. When I use that account, the store works, cortana works, and everything syncs properly. The only problem is that none of my settings or anything are right as it's a completely fresh account. When I go back to my local account, the dialogue box keeps going away immediately after it pops up. Is there a way I can simply merge the new account with my old one or link it together somehow? I want everything set up exactly like it is on my local admin account, except just being able to sign in with my microsoft account also for things like cortana and the app store.
  3. Randomly fixed itself after restarting my computer 3 times. Also, there aren't any drivers for windows 10 by dell for this monitor. Problem seems to be fixed so you can lock this thread.
  4. After updating from 8.1 to 10, I can't set my screen to 4k. The highest resolution I have available to select is 1600x1200.
  5. I'm under the impression that it may have been hotspot shield, but don't take that to heart.
  6. Do you mean the 27th? It's easy for me to remember because it's on my birthday and Windows 10 is on my dad's (29th).
  7. This actually isn't true. She submitted a link to a PM in the wrong tab is literally all that happened. There is a special subreddit created for the sole purpose of sharing inbox messages among admins etc., and she meant to submit there but clicked the wrong link. Believe it or not, the CEO of Reddit has more features than the average user, and you shouldn't listen to people that know nothing about the site when they insult others for "not knowing about the site."
  8. I think this is a little different. Everybody I know always called it "Domino's" anyway, so instead of rebranding as something new they were just connecting with how their brand was seen and referred to as.
  9. 100,100,101. We hit the cap a little over an hour ago.
  10. Well this would be awesome since you need the pro version to postpone updates in Windows 10, count me in please.
  11. I get what you're saying. I didn't realize they were actually using higher res textures, but if the meshes and texture quality is half assed like always it won't really matter. I haven't seen anything to make me believe they're going to put any effort into the pc version.
  12. That's why the settings exist in the first place? Game devs putting in a low or medium graphics setting in no way gimps the ultra setting.
  13. Because people expect games to cost exactly what they cost 30 years ago, and for them to cost that price forever. They don't care about the increase in inflation or the fact the games cost a hell of a lot more to produce these days. Sorry, but the next Battlefield won't release for free, and you shouldn't expect the DLC to either.
  14. It's also going to be used for content creation, not just gaming. Intel stock coolers are miserable. I would rather wait a few more seconds than have my cpu as hot as an oven. SSD can always be added later.
  15. I would personally go cooling and then SSD
  16. Oh, I won't disagree there. I think $600 would be a more realistic price but even that it still more than most people would be willing to spend.
  17. If I was going to get a high refresh rate monitor it would be that one. The panel is really good for being tn, and if you only care about speed then its the only 144hz 1440p monitor anyway.
  18. Go to a local best buy and they will order it for you with the option of picking it up at the store with no shipping cost, or delivered to you directly.
  19. I had like 1800 hours in Dota from January to July (at least half was afk or watching tournaments in game) but I got really burnt out and haven't really used steam since. I've actually used origin more recently...
  20. Some people know how to control themselves though, plus it would have to be a negative state anyway. If your team just won a championship then you'd be extremely excited and not necessarily say anything bad or offensive.
  21. You're trying to play yourself as the victim like almost everyone in here. That doesn't make it okay that you've been called those things, and being brash and saying that it happened to you isn't an excuse to not defend anyone else.
  22. If being the "lowest common denominator" means supporting equal rights then sign me the hell up. It blows my mind how some of you think you're being more violated by seeing an occasional clickbait than by the girls getting death threats and sexually harassed for standing up for themselves.
  23. Precision x16 is what I use too. Get unigine heaven or valley and run the benchmark. Raise the core by 25 and keep benchmarking until you see artifacts and then back it back down until they go away again.