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    Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.

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    Computers and Technology, Sports and Animation.
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    Always had an interest in Technology and IT as well as helping people. Always trying to learn more and help others. Right now most of the time I'm programming and learning in Python.
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    Grocery Worker and Window Cleaner. Aspiring Cyber-Security Analyst.


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    i7 4790k
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    Asus Z97-A
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    8GB Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3
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    NZXT Phantom 530 White
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    Samsung 120GB SSD | WD BLUE 1TB HDD | WD BLUE 500GB HDD
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    Aerocool VX-650W
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    2x Generic Lenovo Monitors | 1x LG LCD
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    Cooler Master Hyper 612 PWM
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    Generic Lenovo Keyboard
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    Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse
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    Logitech G430 Gaming Headset (Blue)
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    Windows 10 | Ubuntu

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  1. I don't know about that but that. Sure it's hit and miss but I have saved money on it before.
  2. This is what always happens nowadays. Businesses aren't given the time to develop on their own, they're bought out too quickly and their original vision changes. We'll see what happens.
  3. I agree that it's likely making the product worse, no doubt about it. Which sucks, but I doubt it's a 'tiny bit more money'. One firm estimates it at $135 million each month with about 13.7 million 'freeloaders'. That's about 1.62 billion annually. These companies are all about profit in the end.
  4. I echo a lot of sentiments here. Left-handed but always used right hand for mouse. I kind of had no choice when at schools and colleges where they all designed to be used right handed. Each to their own.
  5. I think there's some misconception here. After reading the article it doesn't say a Microsoft PC was hacked. His Microsoft account was compromised. If the actor has access to the victims hardware or was using a RAT he could have controlled his machine but that simply isn't the case here.
  6. After reading the article I don't think this is neccesarily a related issue though. The intimate videos were stored on his OneDrive so it didn't really matter how we logged into his personal devices. He hypothetically could have used Ubuntu and used OneDrive through the Firefox Browser. Anyway, I don't know why anyone would store those kind of videos on a public cloud service in the first place. Guy kind of had it coming. The article mentions this: I'm surprised there isn't another verification in place for this kind of drastic changes to account security. I suppose the verification could have occured via SMS which obviously was compromised but still surprising that there wouldn't be a secondary form of verification. In this case it was single point of failure and had entire access to the account. Right on the money.
  7. Laymen Gaming also pointed out that 1,650 atoms offered with this subscription is a few hundred atoms less what some of the high tier cosmetics are worth, encouraging players to spend more to get these items.
  8. Agreed, I've completed a presentation on the basic concepts of 5G and I still only understand small parts. It is a very complicated technology. I remember the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau mentioned how complicated it was from an engineering standpoint.
  9. At least Google are trying to do something positive. A lot of people seem to have a negative relationship with their phone these days and these apps could be a step in the right direction.
  10. 5G seems to be a really conflicted and contradicting technology. Some love it and others loathe it and the tech is still far away from being deployed. EDIT: I think mmwave offers higher speed and bandwidth but reduced range and penetration. The actual technology 5G NR or 5G New Radio is the major upgrade, and the lines between the two are blurred.
  11. I agree with this, the 3rd party developers need to enable these certain features, (seems like Microsoft Teams' got their stuff together) but I think Linus' arguement is that Apple as the manufacturer and developer of the products should also put more rigid policies in place so that all apps follow similar behaviour, this seems to be the case with iOS for the most part. Android has issues with this too obviously, in some cases each app is a mixed bag and you aren't sure what functionality to expect from the notification bar or lock screen etc. In the end, both parties have some blame.
  12. I've had a look at the quoted ThreatVector article. It's an interesting read although most of it went over my head. According to Techopedia: In these attacks they were using 3 different loaders. The first category of loaders employs steganography to extract executable content from a WAV file. The WAV file loader has version information relating to Microsoft MediaPlayer The second category of loader uses a rand()-based decoding algorithm to hide PE files. This loader has information relating to Host Process for Windows Tasks File path: d:\source\mining\wavdllplayer\x64\release\wavdllplayer.pdb The third category of loader uses a rand()-based decoding algorithm to hide PE files This loader also contained information relating to Host Process for Windows Task. File path: D:\source\mining\wavPayloadPlayer\x64\Release\wavPayloadPlayer.pdb This also contained Metasploit code for a reverse shell to a specific IP address. So the exploit was running a Monero miner and then set up a reverse connection for Command and Control; otherwise known as a backdoor? Scary stuff. I hope this helps someone, we're all here to discuss and learn.
  13. You know, I had heard about this but wasn't sure on the specific details. You make a good point, the media likes to take a story and run with it because it has mass appeal. Even if there are far more ergegious examples out there.
  14. Yeah...that's not really a solution Google. That's just disabling the feature for 'security'. Agreed. I think MKBHD summarised it best; fingerprint biometrics are the perfect combination of security and convience. I understand your point of view, that passcodes are already more secure but I also do feel that biometrics have their place. Especially when implemented correctly. Maybe for a smartphone they're perhaps less secure and more 'beatable' but I think in some commercial applications biometrics have their place.
  15. In Australia, Apple Pay/Android Pay is common and 'Chip and Pin' is very common. Hardly see anyone using the magstripe these days. I use Apple products, but this seems to be a pretty typica Apple story. 'This new feature is so secure, it can't be broken'. Two weeks later, said feature is bypassed.