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    Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.

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    Computers and Technology, Sports and Animation.
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    Always had an interest in Technology and IT as well as helping people. Always trying to learn more and help others. Right now most of the time I'm programming and learning in Python.
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    Grocery Worker and Window Cleaner. Aspiring Cyber-Security Analyst.


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    i7 4790k
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    Asus Z97-A
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    12GB Kingston/Corsair DDR3 RAM
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    GIGABYTE Radeon R9 280
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    NZXT Phantom 530 White
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    Samsung 120GB SSD | WD BLUE 1TB HDD | WD BLUE 500GB HDD
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    Aerocool VX-650W
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    2x Generic Lenovo Monitors | 1x LG LCD
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    Cooler Master Hyper 612 PWM
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    Generic Lenovo Keyboard
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    Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse
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    Logitech G430 Gaming Headset (Blue)
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    Windows 10 | Ubuntu/Lubuntu | Kali/Kali Light

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  1. It's embedded in WeChat which must be a very popular app in China, also iOS has a relatively small marketshare in China because of how expensive they are and the wide array of local Chinese phones available. But you're correct, Apple would never allow this type of monitoring on their devices, unless the US Government wanted them to implement a similar feature.
  2. Always enjoy the informative posts @rcmaehl , DNS tampering seems to be a very common method of attackers stealing information. It seems like such a simple tactic with huge rewards for the attackers. Essentially replace your 'digital phone-book' with a misleading one and then I guess make a similar looking yet fake website, the users thinks it's genuine and you recieve whatever data they enter. I really need to read more into the Domain Name System and why this type of attack is so prevalent and what cyber-security professionals can do to stop this.
  3. ZacoAttaco

    Chrome may soon break Ad-Blockers

    I'd be down for an AdBlocker that by default whitelists popular and reputable websites, I don't run ads on YouTube or Twitch but for shadier websites that I don't go too often, defintely want an AdBlocker running.
  4. ZacoAttaco

    S10 accidental price reveal.

    That's been gone for a while on Samsung devices. There were probably concerns regarding potentially nefarious use cases. I enjoyed it on the Galaxy S5 while I was using that but I understand why they would no longer include the feature on newer models.
  5. ZacoAttaco

    S10 accidental price reveal.

    Another reason why I try and hold onto phones for as long as possible, when your phone costs as much as a high-end gaming desktop, questions have to be asked.
  6. Didn't the Snowden leaks already confirm all of this anyway? PRISM and all that? Obviously that was some time ago now but it's not like they weren't going to progress their monitoring efforts.
  7. On other versions of Windows 10 a consistent Cortana related icon is this: You can edit by right clicking the taskbar to just show the circle icon or nothing at all but Cortana will still be active through the Start Menu. Personally, I've never seen the magnifying glass so there you go.
  8. I think this is less about Microsoft and Cortana itself, but just that simple fact that digital assistant's are not as useful as they were sold to be. Never felt the need to use Cortana, rarely use Siri and the only way they get people to use the Assistant and Alexa is do have devices dedicated to that from of input. That's it. Good decision from Microsoft, give users more control on how they want to experience Windows 10.
  9. I think for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities they were discovered by some white-hats who then let the Project Zero team at Google know, I guess they continued their research and then released their findings.
  10. I heard Blizzard wants to use mobile devices for a new Diablo experience, maybe that will? \s Personally, I wouldn't be concerned about games running at 120fps, just the fluidity of the device will make it a worthy inclusion.
  11. The 120Hz rumour could be a big deal. iOS is already regarded as a fairly responsive operating system, at 120Hz it could potentially feel far more responsive than any of it's main competition, provided Google, Samsung and LG don't release products with a similar screen refresh rate. Reviewers would speak positively of the responsiveness, I know Linus would enjoy it as he wanted Apple to take that same display from the iPad Pro and put it in a mobile device. That good press would lead to improved sales and it could be a big success for Apple. All this has to be taken with a grain of salt of course, that's just my two cents on what a 120Hz display on an iPhone could mean. Also, was searching for some S10 rumours, apparently it's likely to have in-screen fingerprint scanner, a feature I wish would return to the iPhone. Although the fingerprint scanner won't work if you have a screen protector, makes sense. https://www.techradar.com/au/news/samsung-galaxy-s10-in-display-fingerprint-scanner-reportedly-blocked-by-screen-cover
  12. ZacoAttaco

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    This. This is an excellent analogy and summary of the enthusiasts view of Windows 10. When they decided to make Windows 10 a live service we knew forced updates would be inevitable, because in the end, if there's a vulnerability or major issue that's exposed in a certain build of Windows 10, fingers will be pointed at Microsoft for not aggressively pushing the update to their users. Developers of any live service aim to have as many of their users as possible on the same or similar public release. To contrast, in their effort to keep all their users running the same build of Windows, they ignore the fact that not everyone wants to be forced upgrades, they prefer the older slower style Service Pack releases. To be fair, there are benefits to that style of update, more QA, more to time to optimise, plus as a bonus security updates were still released frequently IIRC. My main reason to update Windows regularly is for security reasons, I haven't found much value in the feature updates yet. I understand why people are upset at updates like the October updates and other 'broken updates' from Microsoft. Personally I haven't had many issues with Windows 10 but I'm constantly aware of the issues many others are having and it is scary to say the least.
  13. ZacoAttaco

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    Yeah, Marques Brownlee has pointed this out as well, I think Apple's plan is to make a completely port-less device. Using Bluetooth for earphones and wireless charging for charging. It's an ambitious idea, I'll give them that but in terms of function and practicality, it leaves a lot to be desired. It's definitely the future, just too soon at the moment.