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  1. blitzilla

    Do I wait?

    Im currently running r3 1200 @ 3500 msi b350m pro vhd 2x 4 gb gskils ripjaws V @ 2966 Rx 580 8gb 500gb 860 Evo 250Gb Sdd 1tb Hdd im trying to achieve 144 fps at low at games like Apex legend ( I havnt tested the game on my rig so far) I want to build a 2nd pc for wife and kids with the spare parts Ill be left with when I upgrade my Current ( see above) rig What I have Laying around is an xtra gpu ( 650 ti boost 2gb which would be enough for them since wife only watch streams and my kids are 4&5) Im probably also recycling the r3 1200 / mobo / ram /case /ssd /case So I would My tought is going r5 2600 / random mobo / 16gb ram / rx 580gb /new psu/case Worth it to pursue right now? or wait for something new?
  2. blitzilla

    how to install windows on new ssd?

    Im currently running a 400/500 gb evo 860 ssd as my main drive I bought a 240gb teamlite ssd to put in a different laptop. but right now both are hooked onto my main pc to instal windows on it... When I use EaseUS to try to ''Migrate OS'' the ssd isnt big enough ( but I dont want all the files just a working fresh windows on a separate drive. ( the teamlite one) its a 240gb
  3. blitzilla

    Which OS for bad laptop

    I mean in 2009 browsing the internet wasnt slow... why would it be now....
  4. blitzilla

    Which OS for bad laptop

    Its fior my wife she might be able to operate anythig than windows
  5. blitzilla

    Which OS for bad laptop

    Its a core2 duo
  6. blitzilla

    Which OS for bad laptop

    Windows 7 currently
  7. blitzilla

    Which OS for bad laptop

    I own an old dell laptop inspirion 1525 but its so freakin slow. Im thinkin of replacing the 5400hdd in it with a SSd to help with the whole internet browsing and stuff which is 100% undoable atm What windows version would be good for it? Xp? Vista? It has 2gb of ram
  8. I was going to buy a r5 2600 but i5 8400 is same price as we speak where I live ? also what kinda of Mobo should be attached to i5 8400? ( im only gaming)
  9. blitzilla

    Upgrading build

    R5 2600 B450 16gb of ram Decent psu Cheap case Used 970 1060 or 1070 or new mid range gpu like rx 580
  10. blitzilla

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    -3500$ for my first ibm p1 300mhz -1450$ for my p3 733mhz + 2 video card upgrade which was around 75$each - 1200$ for my amd 64 3000+ -700$ for amd b55 + 2 gpu upgrades - 500$ to upgrade de b55 to r3 1200 -300$for new gpu rx 580 8gb + all peripheral thoughout the years
  11. blitzilla

    Recycle & New

    Heres the deal. I got a budget gaming pc right now heres the spec ( lets call it PC #1) PC#1 R3 1200 Msi b350m pro vdh 2x4 gb ddr4 gskill ripjaws V 3000mhz Thernaltake smart series 600w bronze RX 580 8gb Ssd 500gb evo 850 60hz 23" 1080p monitor I want to upgrade my cpu on pc#1 and go to 16gb ram and buy a 144hz freesync monitor so i can play at 144fps in blackout or similar games 1080p on low ( i get 40-130fps right now) While im upgrading PC #1 i want to recycle parts for a 2nd pc ( PC #2) for a family pc which wont need much horse power as itll act as a streamin device and lowend/emulated games like nes/snes) Heres what I would technically left over after upgrading pc#1 R3 1200 Evga 650 ti boost 2gb 60hz monitor 1tb hdd 2x4 gb ddr 4 . I want to stay as low budget as possible to reach my goals. Im in canada so canada parpicker please. I dont need any mouse/keyboardheadset/os
  12. blitzilla

    1600X vs 2600X

    Its a number . Nothing ull ever experience
  13. blitzilla

    what kind of fps in Blackout?

    so my only issue is cpu? if I were to get a r5 2600 could I push it to constrant 100fps+ and a chance at 144? with a freesync monitor?
  14. blitzilla

    what kind of fps in Blackout?

    Was wondering what kind of fps should I be looking for in Blackout ( blops4) I have r3 1200 @ 3500 rx 580 8gb (2x4) 8gb ddr4 ram 3000mhz 860 evo 500gb b350 msi provdh mobo currently on everything off or low with fov at 114 and 100% render resolution I get anywhere from 40-120 fps
  15. blitzilla

    is that good?