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  1. Jebolgray

    GigaByte RTX 2070 DP to DVI Issues

    yep, luckily I did manage to find you. Will be a bit of a pain when it comes to using my VR now but oh well until I find a fix.
  2. Jebolgray

    GigaByte RTX 2070 DP to DVI Issues

    Cheers for the answer. Sadly, all of the ports only say DP on them, no inidaction of DP++
  3. So, peculiar issue this that I haven't found a fix to. I had a similar problem with my HDMI to DP cable, where it wouldn't work if I plugged the DP in the monitor and the HDMI in the GPU, but not the opposite way round. This was just solved by buying an actual DP cable. However: my second monitor is more tricky. It only has a DVI and VGA connection, it is just a regular 1080p 60Hz I am happy with. When I plug in the DP to the GPU, and the DVI to the monitor, 0 luck what so ever. No detection of it on the pc or monitor at all. Can you guys provide any help at all?