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  1. Okay, that's what I was thinking but I've been away from PC building for almost a decade now, so had to make sure lol. Finally got tired of console gaming. Right now I'm using my 1st Gen surface pro tablet to run age of empires 2 and other old games on my TV so that card should maybe even run that lol. (That's why I have to go with the 30 dollar card, cheapest with HDMI).
  2. So I've been saving up money and can afford everything but the 1080ti I want to get. It will take maybe 2 or 3 months to be about to afford one. I was wondering if I should get a cheap 30 or 40 dollar GPU in the meantime to get everything built together and make sure nothing is Doa and working properly. Which in my mind would be good to get taken care of while saving up for the 1080ti depending on the exchange process. I was thinking of getting the Nvidia gt 710. My concern is if this is harmful in any way? Is it plausible? Or compatible with a new x370 AMD board? (The 710 being PCI Express 2.0 x 8) Or should I just be patient?
  3. That's what I was thinking. The list on their site was pretty small considering the board has been out for almost a year now.
  4. So I'm planning on getting the Asus X370 Crosshair Hero 6 and I've been looking at the QVL for memory and noticed that there were no rgb memory sticks on the list. Is this because the models on the QVL are simply the same hardware as the rgb models, just with lights and slightly different model numbers? I'm wanting to go with either the 3200mhz Corsair vengeance rgb or the g.skill TridentZ rgb, so if any one can verify these work on the board or can recommend one over the other would be awesome. Thanks in advance
  5. Where would you plug it into the power supply? (Sorry if I'm missing something obvious)
  6. Awesome, thanks everyone. I was thinking that was the case. I won't be doing anything super extreme with over clocking, maybe just a bit. Mainly memory at 3200mhz or 3000mhz. Now if I were to get that extra 4+4 connector, how would I exactly go about doing that?
  7. I'm looking into getting the Asus X370 Crosshair 6 Hero motherboard and upon looking at the manual I noticed that there is a 4 pin and a 8 pin EATX 12V connection, along with the 24 pin connection. When I look at power supplies, take the Corsair RM750x for example, all I can see is the eight pin connector. (4x4 PC) Would I only plug the eight pin connector into the motherboard and leave the 4 pin EATX 12V alone? Might be a silly question but it's been forever since I've built a system so I'm catching up and relearning alot of things, and making sure I don't overlook something. Thanks in advance
  8. Sounds perfect. Did not realize it comes with an extra fan mount so I'll definitely look into that for sure. Plus I read a test article and it showed it beating the R1 slightly until it came to the highest stress test but it still performed awesome. I do like the hive fin layout they got going so I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
  9. Pretty much for the ram clearance. Though the r1 universal has push pull configuration so that may be better even if it's so close to the side panel. It's tempered glass, that won't get hot in a bad way will it? I did think that being a big cooler like that it might sag over a bit and the panel would hold the r1 up
  10. I chose the 1600x to get that extra little push plus I like the cryorig coolers performance and looks. I'd go with the 7 series but not needed just yet as games don't utilize that many cores yet. The sound card was a last minute choice in case the onboard audio wasn't to my liking but it sounds like (no pun intended lol) the audio on motherboards are really good now. It's been 10 years since I built a PC. Yeah, the over kill in the power supply is future proofing for a sli setup. Might go lower to hit the effiency curve at it's peak and just upgrade at a later time. Is passive cooling a good thing? The 1080 ti is going all in and getting the best of the best, essentially prolonging needing an upgrade for years. Plus I'm going to do vr and either, a good 4k tv, triple display, or a 1440p display like you said.
  11. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XZXzBP Here is what I got so far planned into my new build. It's been a decade since I've built a rig so any suggestions or tips are awesome. This machine will be for gaming and I will slightly overclock. No water cooling as I'm uncomfortable with that idea for now lol
  12. Thanks y'all. Yeah I think I'll give the h5 a go. Would be nice to have a little bit of room lol
  13. So I'm building a new PC soon and planning on using the ryzen 1600x, and the Corsair 570x for a case. I'm torn between getting the cryorig h5 or the r1. The r1 is a tad bit bigger for the case and would leave only a couple of millimeters of room for the side panel. Would that be bad to be that close? The h5 has 10mm of extra room but I'm not sure how good it is. I do plan on maybe overclock a tiny bit. Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks in advance.
  14. I had the same dilemma but with the asRock taichi board lol. I'm leaning heavily toward the gigabyte k5 now, it seems to be more safeguarded. Plus RGB
  15. I'm interested in this as well as I've been looking at the Aurous motherboard by gigabyte and also the g.skill rgb ram. Is there a conflict there?