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  1. This. This so much. Gaming on such a low-end PC is so not worth it unless you have a very particular title you're willing to make sacrifices for. Personally, if I only had $450, I would just buy a Nintendo Switch and a couple games. You could also just wait until you find a prebuilt for extraordinarily cheap.
  2. It has already been stated that there are no plans to complete the National Dex in Sw&Sh, and future titles are very likely to also have an incomplete National Dex. Essentially, if you move over your Pokemon from Bank to Home, your Pokemon are held hostage until Game Freak decides to create a title that features them, which is my only gripe with the lack of a national dex and refusal to ever expand it in an era of downloadable content.
  3. I mean... Apple was aware of what Corellium has been doing and has actively encouraged their product. I would interpret that encouragement as Apple not finding it a violation of their copyrights, and are now only suing to try and take control.
  4. (link to story) How do you innovate in a market completely dominated by yourself? By stealing from someone and then crushing them with a lawsuit, of course. Everybody's favorite iPhone maker, Apple, is making some serious moves in the security research field by asserting that they can and will steal from you. This has been in the news for a couple months now but is really starting to get juicy with information as Corellium starts to plead their case. So in short, Corellium has managed to create a virtual iOS to make it significantly easier for security researchers to poke and prod at iOS without fear of breaking a physical device. Not only is this virtual iOS useful for researchers, it's useful for Apple themselves. Actually, it was so useful to Apple themselves, Corellium alleges that Apple actively encouraged their product, had intimate knowledge of the product, and told Corellium that it could have a big impact. Apple appeared to be quite excited by the product and wanted to buy the whole company, even. Well, about a year and a half after considering an acquisition, Apple decided to sue Corellium for infringing their IPs. Oh, and, not only did Apple decide to sue Corellium, Apple currently owes Corellium $300,000 for bugs that they had submitted through Apple's bug bounty program. The story so far seems to be that Corellium had submitted those bugs some time back, but figured everything was fine when they didn't get paid right away due to how friendly talks with Apple had been. It seems that Apple didn't get their way, so they just decided to sue Corellium into non-existence instead. Here's a good tweet to summarize the situation. (For those who can't view tweets) Well, if you wanted a legitimate reason to dislike Apple, here you go. This is a really abusive move from Apple to try and take absolute control of an industry and all their lawsuit has done has made them look incredibly bad.
  5. As much as I don't like Twitch, I think YouTube is the last entity I want trying to compete with them given how flawed the platform is at any given moment. The fact that this happened gives me absolutely no confidence in the platform's ability to compete in the live streaming market.
  6. My vote is this. I've personally had the most success just undervolting everything in my GS63VR and having the rear sit off a ledge so it has more breathing space. The difference is pretty drastic, to the point that underclocking/volting the GPU nets me more performance than leaving it at stock just because it stops thermal throttling.
  7. v1tech does a lot of RGB backplates with some stock designs of their own, or custom designs you upload. They've done some backplates for LTT and some of the stuff I've seen them post on twitter looks pretty fire. https://www.v1tech.com/product-category/backplates/ I just checked and they do support the 1080 Ti FTW3.
  8. It'd probably be best to look at GPU and CPU utilization during offline gameplay. I can't imagine a 4930k at 4.5GHz holding back a 2080 by that much, especially if you're playing at a high resolution, but I have no way of confirming that personally.
  9. Can I choose to resurrect somebody for when they die at a later point? Because the world needs to experience Danny DeVito twice.
  10. At the very least, I would think a manufacturer should focus on making sure their $1,000 USD flagship devices get swift software updates for more than a year. The Galaxy Note 8 not getting Android 10 and the Note 9 not getting it until next year is incredibly pathetic and does not give me even the slightest amount of confidence in Samsung devices, regardless of how many devices they produce and provide software support for. It's one of those things, if I know somebody is going to hold onto their phone for 3+ years, which is getting to be a lot more people than years past, there's not an Android phone I would ever comfortably recommend.
  11. It's made all the more funny when all of their arguments are the generic "this particular Android phone has a feature that the iPhone doesn't" or "the MacBook is too expensive" types. Please, there are far better reasons to dislike Apple. I hold those reasons and even I'm still willing to admit the iPhone 11 Pro is arguably the best rounded phone on the market.
  12. So I have a 1080 Ti, which is a bit ahead of an RTX 2070 Super but not by a huge margin, and very few titles drop below 60 FPS. The only recent examples I have is Minecraft with a really intense shader and keeping literally hundreds of mobs on a farm, but I believe I was more CPU bound at that point anyway, and Borderlands 3, which is so miserably optimized that even with a 2080 Ti, you'll probably drop below 60 FPS way more often than you should for a game as visually unimpressive as BL3. As far as targeting 144Hz, you should have reasonable expectations. In triple-A titles, you're probably not going to hit that unless you tweak settings. I personally have no problem with that, especially as some settings are a bit more superfluous than others, but keep expectations in check is all. If you aren't willing to put up with that (which is a bit silly in my opinion), then 1440p may not be the way to go. There are advantages to it that not a lot of users believe in. I believe it's still a fantastic option for the high end or for somebody concerned about the potential latency and response time benefits, not to mention the better QA from having an NVIDIA certified display, but it's not something I personally would concern myself with since I've dropped out of competitive esports titles. I don't think a 2080 Ti is going to do 1440p 144Hz high/ultra in every title either, so... I don't think you'll have a problem there.
  13. You can play at a high level in competitive esport titles at 1440p pretty easily. I did it. I think what you mean to infer is that if you're a professional gamer playing under an org, the best option is to stick with 1080p. Side note, everybody needs to stop pretending they'll benefit from an option just as much as a pro gamer would. Not that many people are actually pro gamers.
  14. And now we'll see a price hike to their cloud suite in order to improve user security. You would think that in this day and age, we would see less companies leaving databases open to the public like this. What absolute hooligans.
  15. I don't think it'd be a huge upgrade in terms of camera quality, but it would have the advantage of being far more versatile than the Galaxy S8.