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    i love computer, gaming and tech


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    Intel core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz
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    Dell optiplex 960
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    Chipset vram 64 MB
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    Dell optiplex 960 sff
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    Main: Dell S2409W (HDMI) Seconded: Samsung SyncMaster Magic CX943BW
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    Dell USB Smartcard Keyboard
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    BlackWeb Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. This looks amazing we need to see a video on this
  2. but it would be a interesting video
  3. http://www.modbook.com/modbookpro So I was on Amazon and decided to go to tablets and sort price high to low and I found a modbook pro, it looks very Interesting because they say it can run Mac OS and windows. Can Linus do a video on this
  4. Alright cool but honestly if you read the post I wasn't asking how they are made at all, I already know how they are made
  5. To me It's just a bad way to make a ad
  6. No not links I'm talking about showing the product in the video
  7. The ads in now seeing are just awful and is spam and mostly misleading. The picture shows that YouTube is advertising a logo puzzle all but the video itseft is advertising a x-ray camera app which is BS and I can't even report that ad
  8. Yes but it made no sense if it's not showing the actual product that they are advertising
  9. On the recent video on the channel ltt to me on the square space ad all I really notice is just animation not really square space which is a website maker not a animation program
  10. Why is this game on the app store, it's copying Pokemon and it's not even crediting the makers of pokemon at all. Google gets your stuff together you don't like when people using music that they didn't make so you take down their videos on YouTube but you let anyone copy a billion dollars company on the app store.
  11. I looked on my other drive and nothing is on their relating to iTunes, and idk how to see if iTunes services are on
  12. Actually I tried the windows store and it won't run, it's says iTunes already exists after I uninstalled everything
  13. Nope, it won't open or run I right click and run as admin and that doesn't work and i tried troubleshooting compatibility and still got the same results
  14. first, my iTunes wasn't updating so I uninstall it and uninstall anything that was apple so I did that and now the new updated iTunes installer program won't open and run at all and it getting annoying