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  1. so if i spend 700$ on a new config it will likely play my 4K HDR 10bits content on my tv? i want to be sure, but look like nobody on the whole internet know this spec.
  2. so belonging to intel kaby lake cpu's are now capable to decode H.265 (HEVC) 4K@60fps. but i really doubt 60$ Intel Celeron G3930 Kaby Lake Dual-Core 2.9 GHz can do it (with is intel graphics 610 iGPU). Any feedback?
  3. false. 4K/60 10bits 4:4:4 = 22.28 Gb/s > 21.6 Gb/s source : https://www.extron.com/product/videotools.aspx
  4. Hello, I'm interested into Ryzen 2200G and Ryzen 2400G. Theses are APU that can do 4K@60fps for sure. But what about more. On amazon some people says they stream 4K HDR10 content flawlessly to their tv with this APU. So is it compatible? As Real 4K/10bits (hdr or not)/60fps is not possible on DP 1.2 port, I wonder which motherboard support display port 1.4. Because ryzen 2200G is an apu, all need to be on the mobo. Also it kind of look like DP 1.4 is just an firmware/software from DP1.2, or this is the case for HDMI 1.4-->HDMI 2.0 ? My goal is to make the cheapest (and smallest if possible only) pc to playback buttery smooth 4K 10Bits content .. and why not 4K10bits 60fps (to have a little margin for very heavy bitrates/4K freaks content). And of course future proof if 4K/40+fps/10bits slowly become a norm.
  5. It will be mainly through "other", I use streaming services like amazon, iTunes, etc.. but I always download the movies before watching them. So it would be basically watching mkv files with VLC or other HDR capable / 10 bits capable video software. Mostly H265 4K codec. Also some friends makes videos through a camera that output 4K 10bits videos (i don't remember which color space, but that doesn't matter), I would to be able to see theses video on my TV with the GPU/iGPU without any issues. Theses (many) questions are still unanswered for me, i'm currently looking on Ryzens APU like 2200G/2400G but i'm 100% sure i can do better with second hand products and that's actually the only real thing I will eventually do. So I really need to know which are the cheapest iGPU/GPU on the market (and I kind of need severals, I know it's a lot to ask, but this is because i'll look on second hand availabilities and won't be able to choose a specific model but will have to check can it do it / it can't). Edit 1 : As far as i'm searching it said "Kaby Lake CPU Can decode H.265 10bits 4K videos". But again this say nothing. the i3 3865U, with 1.8ghz and 2MB cache is a kaby lake CPU. On intel datasheet it says 4K video "yes, but at 60hz", meaning 60fps 10bits ok? I really doubt. But maybe? that's why i'm asking for your help. I can find cheap barebone / mini pc for 150/200$ all included with this CPU. But i doubt when i'll open my hdr 10 bits 4K 60fps vid, it will run smooth..
  6. Hello so in my research i saw this post here that pretty much explain what i want (especially the comment on the 4K 60FPS HDR 10Bits sony video). I'm looking to build a "cheap" Micro Atx, Mini ITX, Thin mini atx whatever as mini as possible build, with a dedicated gpu preferably, but maybe an integrated iGPU if it can do the job (i.e. playback buttery smooth 4K HDR 10BITS 60fps content on my huge HDR TV). So far, theses are the possible options (but not cheap enough, I think I can find better) I found : > Ryzen APU. Like 2200G. Pros : recent, happy to give money to AMD. Cons : kind of stupid if I want to upgrade to a new GPU later than having already a good iGPU, not compatible with thin itx board, have to buy expensive high bandwith memory in order to fully enjoy the amazing integrated vega gpu, (also may have to buy also a liquid cooler for small cases, add money, but also i could start with a basic cooler and upgrade later). > Aliexpress / Alibaba barebone PC with intel 7th generation CPU Pros : I guess the price is very correct. External power brick to save even more space. Cons : doesn't even know if the intel iGPU support 4K+HDR+ 10Bits+60fps buttery smooth. Info seems difficult to find, may be difficile to upgrade later, may have to DIY fix problems later on a machine that was designed in China (notice in chineese, bios in chineese, i don't really know if it worth it to buy theses chineeses things, but I will definitly consider it). That's why I really would love to know : Which is the "cheapest" Nvidia GPU that properly support buttery smooth 4K/HDR/10BITS/60FPS playback (As I plan to see what second hand product i can put my hand on)? Which is the "cheapest" AMD GPU that properly support buttery smooth 4K/HDR/10BITS/60FPS playback (As I plan to see what second hand product i can put my hand on)? Which is the "cheapest" intel iGPU that properly support buttery smooth 4K/HDR/10BITS/60FPS playback (As I plan to see what second hand product i can put my hand on)? I'm very worrying about the possibility to buy a product that "is supposed to support it" but doesn't. My Macbook Pro retina 13" early 15 is supposed to support 4K at 30hz, but in reality it doesn't AT ALL. That's why i'm looking for people that can help me on that. Keep in mind the idea is really to do the cheapest build possible, as basically it just because my macbook can't do that that i want to buy a new computer. What would be really perfect is that the build i make is small, and completely possible to upgrade. What would be the must is that I can find the cheapest amd/nvidia gpu that do the job, and build something REALLY cheap from second hand parts. It was an ultra good deal, but my last pc was less than 400$ (second hand, last year, i re sold it already), and had i5 6500, gtx 1060 6GB, SSD, 16GB of ddr4.. so like it's this kind of money i'm used to. Would feel weird to spend 600$ on something really less good, even if small. I would like to add that if you guys also have experience with tiny cases, with for example external power brick, i would enjoy to know your feedbacks on it, why you made it, etc.. Thanks !
  7. hello german fellow then it's more silent and also more savy. as i said, if i run my 24/7 i will easily save the extra money on elictricity bill in like 2 years. so worth the investment if you run you'r pc a lot.
  8. ok that explain it. thanks! i was really astonished it could be real 7°C, on a consumer-type youtube video. Even 7°C delta sounds risky, if you get close to delta 0
  9. yeah true it just pure speculation. i just want to learn more about it, and know if ever i put money on an high end psu (like seasonic platinium) what can i expect from it. i just made a stupid calcul, but if i use my pc 24/7 during 100days of the years, for 10 years, then with a 100watt saving (like with a titanium psu at perfect load), i will end up saving US$400. so maybe it's smart to think about that. + you have a super good psu that give perfect load to your pc.
  10. i'm new to overclock and just see results in that vid : the guy have some 7°C temperature at idle, but i wonder if some water is in the air, could it condensate and for long usage attack the metal plate protecting the cpu? thanks
  11. good to know, any experience about quality PSU's? can they last like, 20/30years? the one i'm looking into is guaranteed 12 years already.. !! i don't know if it's a bit stupid to buy one like that, that will probably still work for every build i'll have in my life, or if the odds something wrong happen in a timeframe of like 20years make buying several "cheap-correct" psu more efficient and price savy. In an other way, even if the motherboard + CPU/GPU is i guess well protected against any "not perfection" in the psu, I feel like it's always better to have a super quality PSU for all my pc components. but really i don't know.
  12. I don't know if it's worth playing lottery... but yes.. if it's $300 and you don't pay any tax.. why not.. if it would be 250€... that would be really cheap for europe, where the asus one is like 800€!!
  13. I have kind of the pc of my dream in mind, but can't build it straight because of the price. Now my config use 300/400w max of power and I don't need a 1200W PSU. But if i buy a quality one, will it drain more watt for the same config? Or will it adapt to drain "just what is needed"? thanks