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  1. overplayed it alredy beat it,. eh ive played a littel its okay maybe and nah dont like FF
  2. anything but not anime and top down pixel graphics stuff
  3. ive been getting bored of games and i need new ones to play, ive been playing likfe csgo and r6, farcry4, hatred. should i give skyrim another go? i always seem to get in a rut and quit skyrim soon after playing it
  4. are the cables plugged in all the way? maybe look in your screen settings and see if anything looks weird
  5. like the color is black and white? but you can see the icons and stuff?
  6. nothing unless something is broken or not working how you need it, system seems perfectly fine how it is. even my 3 year old system still runs AAA games at 60fps and does work like photoshop and flash perfectly still
  7. https://www.youtube.com/redirect?redir_token=BBkC08UQw_kGmgC-9OPxaCbGRlF8MTUxMTY0OTgyNkAxNTExNTYzNDI2&q=http%3A%2F%2Flewisgerschwitz.com%2Fprofiles%2FPacMan.zip&event=video_description&v=u17D7dZKMLk will this one work? it has link in desc
  8. that would be the extinctions y0u use, like adblock and steam inv checker and BTTV and all that mumbo jumbo maybe you jsut need more RAM lol, i have 16gb and have no issues with chrome using more then like 8% of my ram or use like firefox or some other browser mayde edge lol
  9. its easy to be a rapper now, my buddy took some xanax recorded a rap and it alredy have 2k views on soundcloud lol 

  10. I have no idea what ops are good and stuff and I still need to learn the maps and how to play better
  11. I just got the game on monday and today I just finished my game to get ranked and I got silver 3, not sure if its good or bad as i dont know all the ranks. what are your guys ranks?