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  1. I just finnished building my pc. I powered it on and all the fans started spinning on heatsink,gpu,case and power supply but when I connected it to my tv it said there was no signal. I've tested the graphics card and motherboards hdmi port. Is there something else I'm supposed to do?
  2. I'm building my pc and there ar these little metal tabs on the io shield and they are making it difficult to line my motherboard up with the standoffs without pushing the motherboard against the io shield. Is this normal?
  3. I have fingerprints on the top of my processor where the Cooler should go but I'm woried that it might affect temps what can I use to clean it instead of Isopropyl alcohol because it's super expensive where I live.
  4. Can I just wipe it with a cloth because isopropyl alcohol is super expensive where I live and what kind of cloth should I use
  5. I have tons of fingerprints and dirty marks on my processor (The metal side with the writing on it) I haven't touched the side where the pins go but I'm woried I may have damaged it or created thermal problems should I be concerned?
  6. I have tons of fingerprints and dirty marks on my processor (The metal side with the writing on it) I haven't touched the side where the pins go but I'm woried I may have damaged it or created thermal problems should I be concerned?
  7. Ive been collecting computer parts over the last couple of days for my first build and I have them all sitting on my desk however some one piled all of my components on top of eachother when I wasn't there and I found the power supply(In box) on top of my processor without the box, just in an anti static bag with the cpu faced down I'm very worried about it, should I be? (It's an Intel cpu with no pins on the bottom)
  8. If I connect an hdmi cord from my computer to a cable with a female hdmi and a male vga and connect the male vga to my monitor will it work like hdmi or no
  9. LiCoHi

    Buying monitors

    If the description of a monitor states that it has a VGA input connector foes that mean it comes with a VGA cable or does it mean that it only supports a VGA cable
  10. If I have a PC with all the highest end components and a case with limited front intake ,would the termals be higher than a pc with budget parts? if there is a difference, how big is it? I plan on getting an MSI GTX 1060 3gt (non OC),core i5 7500 cooled by a Hyper tx3 evo an evga w1 500w psu and I would like the Cooler master Masterbox 3.1 lite but I have heard people having thermal issues do to bad front intake
  11. What would happen should the game require more VRAM than the the graphics card can offer and how can I fix it?
  12. If I have 3gb of vram and pretty high specs on cuda cores and core speed will I be able to play a triple A title 3 to 4 years down the line if I turn down anti aliasing or resolution to 900p
  13. Where I live a GTX 1050 ti costs around $190 and a GTX 1060 costs around $230 I would go for an RX 570 but that costs around $300 (out of my budget) I want a graphics card that last long. What should I do?
  14. I need a power supply, it must be be at least 500 watts and all black cables or even modular if possible for 50 bucks. Any suggestions?
  15. I can t decide on a gpu, I have enough budget wise to get a GTX 1060 3gb or an RX 570 4gb, the 1060 does perform better in benchmarks I've seen how ever I am a little concerned about having so little VRAM. Also how long do you think each card would last before needing an upgrade?
  16. Thank you all for suggesting the 1060 3gb I can find it for an extremely similar price to the 1050 ti but am worried about only 3gb of vram
  17. is the GTX 1050 ti worth it for 2018,how future proof is it, I have a very small budget and am happy to play on medium to high settings if necessary (system specs: core i5 7500, 8gb ddr4 memory,H110m pro vh plus and a 500w psu) the games I plan on playing are: Battlefront, Battlefront 2, Just Cause 3,warframe csgo and overwatch
  18. Getting the 6gb version would literally turn my first build into my dream pc, however I'm only a kid and where I live theres a huge price increase on the 1060 6gb so how long would 3gb vram last and do I have any other options
  19. Hi can anyone help me, I can't decide on a graphics card fo my first pc. My budget for a gpu is $240 USD maximum and I want a gpu that will last at least 2-3 years without upgrading, the lowest price I could find for a GTX 1060 3gb is $243 USD and the 6gb version costs around $350 to $400 USD in my area(pc specs: core i5 7500, 8gb ddr4 2133 Mhz and a 500w psu) by the way if 3gb vram is insufficient in the future I am comfortable with lowering the detail settings or resolution