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  1. Sorry, my bad. I have never used dms-59 before so I misunderstood. Thank you, this looks like it would work perfectly.
  2. I appreciate your help emosun. This is more like it but again I only have one available slot as the build is a mini-ITX in the Node 304.
  3. I only have one available slot in my Node 304 and I have a USB display adapter laying around also but do not want to go down this route, I would much rather have all displays connected and managed in the same place.
  4. Hi all, As the title suggests I am looking for the cheapest possible graphics card that can run triple 1080p monitors. This card will never be used for gaming. The scenario is as follows: I have a gaming rig which has a GTX 980 (which I know is pretty old at this stage but I'm usually very busy and don't get the time to use very often any more) in a Define R4. I also have a custom built small form factor Xpenology NAS/Server in a Node 304 which has recently had a HDD fail in it. I am taking this opportunity to swap out the components of my NAS/Server into my much larger Define R4 before rebuilding the array to give me more room to add raid cards, network cards, HDD's and also the GTX 980 from my gaming rig as I have virtual machines also running on this box running transcoding and other services which could benefit from the graphics card. I was also thinking about hosting a virtual steam box on this NAS/Server which removes the need for me to have the GTX 980 in my main workstation. The problem is if I move it to the NAS/Server I will no longer have a card to run my triple monitors on my workstation which I still require as I am a software developer and need multiple applications all visible at once and I find triple monitors to be ideal for this. I therefore need a cheap replacement graphics card which needs to run triple 1080p monitors and that is all it needs to do. I would also prefer if the card had some combination of HDMI, DVI and DP on it (no VGA), it doesn't really matter what combination as I have most of the adapters needed to go between all these connections laying around already. I have been doing some research already on this and so far the best I can come up with is the RX 550 which is currently at about €120/£110/$150/$185ca but I am checking with you guys to see if there is anything even cheaper than this as it is still considered a low end gaming card. Is there something cheaper than this without the gaming name purpose built for the nothing but work? And once again I will state this workstation will purely be used for the purpose of programming and work, and will never need to run anything graphics intensive such as games. If you could recommend cheap graphics cards that would suit this need I would be greatful. Thanks
  5. I like the keyboard because I need a new Cherry MX brown for work. (Software Developer / QC)
  6. Finally finished my 4th year of software development, time to look for a job...

  7. Cirx08 Video 1 - https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf Video 2 - https://www.vessel.com/videos/VBdYKA3GY
  8. Best advice to do is start off with a pen and a piece of paper, before you go anywhere near any databases. Draw boxes to represent tables (objects that you want to store) for example a user table and then write out the attributes you think that table might hold (username, email...) then when you have multiple tables draw lines to show any links that might be between them to show where you need foreign keys etc. Once you've designed it on paper, then and only then move on to making it on a computer.
  9. You have to get him to go into the php.ini file and allow access from over the web. NOTE: You shouldn't do this though as it means anyone has access to your database if they crack the password!
  10. Is anyone else having their awards disappear? I contributed to the new office on launch day (probably about a month ago now) and my "Office Builder" award isn't showing up on my account?
  11. The cooler because it looks amazing with the black and white theme!
  12. Here's some notes and examples a lecturer gave me in my 3rd year of college. Always save a copy of what you get, you'd never know when it might come in handy in the future https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5rUBoebH-W_Q0JNUHVneU91dDQ/view?usp=sharing
  13. Most universities these days will start with Java or C#, the good thing though is that the majority of programming languages are similar so the skills are transferable from one language to another.
  14. Simple answer is Eclpise being buggy as always, me and everyone I know used to use Eclpise but it was always giving random errors and corrupting projects so I moved to Netbeans for Java and I've never had a problem with it! (I've been using Netbeans 3 years now) Edit: That being said it depends on what type of Java work you're doing. For regular work with classes and GUI's use Netbeans but for Android development use Android Studio.