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  1. Any recommendations for sleeves then? I doubt it comes with one as I haven't seen one mentioned about it coming with one. Thanks!
  2. Looking for advice as I'm having difficulty finding a good option for a travel case for the g915. I'm receiving the keyboard as a birthday present and would like a travel case for it so I can take it to work and back daily with out worrying too much about damaging it in the process. The dimensions I found online for the keyboard are 18.7 x 5.9 x 0.9" / 475.0 x 150.0 x 22.0 mm it seems the keyboard is too large for the keyboard cases I've found. any help appreciated, thank you!
  3. i'm looking for some advice... I've been using the Astro backpack (https://www.amazon.com/ASTRO-Gaming-Scout-Backpack-Games-Controllers/dp/B009S88HFK) for years now to carry everything from full xbox game-night setups to stuff for school/office work. I'm just wondering if there's another backpack now-a-days that compares in organizational ability and "carry everything" performance. I don't have game nights any more, but I still like to carry everything I could possibly need with me in my backpack. That usually means i carry: laptop (currently razer blade 15, occasionally add in gf's ipad/macbook pro), mouse, xbox controller (optional), xbox controller to pc wireless usb adapter/hub, iphone cable, type c cable, micro usb cable, 2 port usb charger, 30,000 mAh battery pack, nintendo switch (optional), over-ear headphones, spare batteries, hdmi cable, 25 or 50 flat Ethernet cable, usb-c hub/dongle.... and all that fits well organized with most things individually stored on their own or by category in small zippered pockets in the backpack... I was wondering if the MOS Blackpack (https://mosorganizer.com/products/mos-blackpack) or even the Razer backpack had the potential to match/surpass the Astro backpack in its ability to carry EVERYTHING (and be organized about it). are they any other possible contenders? preferences: at least decent/good protection for electronics (as i'll be carrying all of it in there), black or understated look (use for work / prefer to blend in rather than yell "EXPENSIVE STUFF HERE") Thank you for your help and time!
  4. So I'm looking into buying a new Razer laptop by the end of the year... I've been using my 2016 Razer blade as my work laptop, using the thunderbolt-3 port with a hub for my desk monitors...and it uses my Intel onboard graphics (instead of the gtx 1060) as the output through the thunderbolt-3. I was wondering if the new Razer laptops, as they say thunderbolt-3 is through the graphics card for the 9th gen CPU models, does that mean i can now use the Nvidia cards as my graphics output through the thunderbolt-3 port instead of the Intel onboard graphics? Thanks for any info yall have and sorry for poor grammar. Edit: would this introduce more lag? As I have occasional lag spikes on my mouse and keyboard though the thunderbolt-3 hub. Is that more of a hub issue or thunderbolt-3 issue?