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  1. Clear CMOS and run Memtest if the issue continutes: https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm If the test comes back with any errors its more than likely a memory issue. Whenever you get a Memory kit it's better and safe practice to get the same type of memory across the board. Not saying that different mem kits could be the issue but it could be a possibility.
  2. Update: I have a notice in Windows Update that says that the upgrade is being prepared for me, so I just have to wait.
  3. I've never had this problem with any previous version of Windows 10 or 8.1
  4. I used the update assistant, and it was able to download the ISO but when it came to the installation it stopped and kept displaying this message below. I've tried disabling Fast Startup, shutting down the update services and starting them up again. Nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. No error codes at all. Everything works as it should. Powers up, shutdown, access files, running apps...everything is working like it should. Windows 10 just tells me it's going to scan the drive unless I press any key in 10 seconds at the splash screen.
  6. I just got a new SSD for my PC, which is holding my dual-boot systems, Windows 10 Pro(First, Work and Manjaro Linux(Second, testing projects). Now the installation was easy and effortless and I am able to access both OS'es without any problem. Even the Diagnostic software for the drive says everything is perfect. But, every time I go to boot up into windows, the splash screen says that it's going to scan the drive in 10 seconds unless I press a key. I never had a problem with a dual boot system before, and it's only Windows 10 that's reporting there is an error with the drive each time I boot in Win 10. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. The version of Windows 10 pro I have, is from when Microsoft was offering it as a free upgrade for free for a year, so not OEM.
  8. I recently got new Hard drives for my PC. I'm going to have to reinstall Windows 10 Pro and and deal with activation. My problem is that I have additional hardware coming but It won't arrive until mid-June, and I need to install the drives by next week for a work project I'm about to start. I can't wait to install The question is can I install the drives and Windows 10 now and then install the rest later without having issues with Win 10 activation?
  9. Its a proprietary power supply. This PC isn't a custom build. I'm leaning to trying to find a had me down PC that's a few years old, but that might be wishful thinking.
  10. I won a ROG Strix Gaming Advanced RTX 2080 Super, and I was wondering what the power requirements are for it. Now, I'm still rocking a Lenovo ThinkStation S20 which has a Geforce GTX 970 in it right now. The question: is my PC able to use the new card, or will I have to wait to get a new build? To avoid the "what are your specs" question, I have attached my pc specs from Speecy, via a text file. If any other info is needed let me know. I really want to use this bad boy. DESKTOP-43r35y.txt
  11. I have a Dell 1707fp monitor, and the power button is stuck. Is there any way to fix it ?
  12. I'd like to use something that is similar to Fences, but free. For anyone who doesn't know what this program is, here is the video for the program:
  13. Not only did that fix the USB stick issue, but I was also able to fix the grub issue. Thank you very much.
  14. I'm unable to make a Live CD for Manjaro (Gnome) as I need to buy a DVD disk, and trying to put the ISO onto a USB Stick doesn't seem to work at all. I know that there is a way to restore Grub with bcdedit but I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone help me?
  15. I always check the hash, and it's the correct one for that build.
  16. I switched to Manjaro Gnome. Everything is working like it's supposed to now.
  17. BIOS cleared. Same result. I'm just gonna try a different distro. The older version worked (18.04 LTS), but we're not rolling back to that.
  18. The Setting on the Sata controller is set to compatibility already. I removed the quiet splash and vt.handoff and added the nomodeset. It loaded up to where it said: "Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes", and then just stalls out again. If I press the power button to turn off the machine, it does show modules getting unloaded and drives becoming unmounted.
  19. It did work with nomodeset before I installed the nvidia drivers. I'll have to boot with the usb stick so I can get to the file you want.
  20. I did everything as stated...it still stalls out, even when I use the nomodeset.
  21. Forgot to mention that the Verbose output went by crazy fast but I saw nothing but green OK across the board. So I'm guessing that there is an issue with the built-in driver and that mucks everything up? If that is the case, how do I fix it?