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  1. Redstoneary


    Quick question, what is the name of this port?
  2. Redstoneary

    ANYONE!!!?!? (NEED HELP) test your gpu knowledge??

    Umm, what exactly do you need?
  3. Redstoneary

    New Build

    Which one is the Z370-E gaming?
  4. Redstoneary

    New Build

    I don’t see any reason to. Also, how many of each USBs are on the Motherboard’s I/O?
  5. Redstoneary

    New Build

    Wait, what?
  6. Redstoneary

    New Build

    Ultra Quailty gaming, video editing.
  7. Redstoneary

    New Build

    Any recommendations/tweaks? CPU: Intel 8700k CPU Cooler: H100i v2 Extreme Performance Thermal Paste: IC Diamond 7 Carat Motherboard: Asus Z370-E Gaming GPU: NVIDIA 2080 Ti FE RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x8 (No specific speed) Monitor: Acer 24 Inch HD Predator Gaming Monitor XB241H Storage: Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2 (OS/Programs) Samsung 860 Pro 2TB (Games) WD Gold 8TB 7200RPM (Mass Storage) Case: Corsair 400Q PSU: Corsair HX 750W Fans/Fan Setup: H100i v2 intaking at the front. One Corsair AF120 intaking under the radiator into the HDD cage and PSU. Two Corsair AF120s intaking at the top. One Corsair AF120 exhausting at the top of the rear.
  8. Redstoneary

    400C vs 400Q

    Are there any differences between Corsair’s 400C and 400Q besides one being quieter and the other having a glass panel? Also, how much quieter is the 400Q?
  9. Redstoneary

    400C and Z370-E Gaming

    I’m looking to add a HDD too so the third intake wouldn’t be an option and cause negative flow.
  10. Redstoneary

    400C and Z370-E Gaming

    The one rear fan would be the only exhaust.
  11. Redstoneary

    400C and Z370-E Gaming

    Thanks! As an off topic question in the 400C would a 240mm AIO radiator in front, two 120mm high airflow fans on the top and one 120mm high airflow fan in the top rear be a good set-up alongside an RTX 2080 Ti?
  12. Redstoneary

    400C and Z370-E Gaming

    Front panel I/O
  13. I need some help on how the 400C’s plugs and the Z370-E will interact. Are there enough plugs? Are there audio plugs? Any info you can give me on that would be appreciated.
  14. Redstoneary

    1080p gaming on a 4k monitor

    If you can find a 1080p monitor with g-sync 144hz for that price the 1080p one would be a better choice if you're just using 4k for web surfing.
  15. How can I make 3 different fonts in the same family? For example, I have 3 .ttfs and they're named Saiyans Sans, Saiyans Sans - Right Oblique, and Saiyan Sans - Left Oblique. How can I make them in the same family? They collide with each other if they're used as separate fonts and I need them to be one.