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  1. Hey guys i am looking for a new pc around 1100 Euro ( living in the Netherlands ) i had a old pc that i sold now i am looking for a new pc if any of u guys can help me! that would we help full
  2. Ralph_P


    oke thanks for ur advise sir!
  3. Ralph_P


    i have read something is a i5 7600k anny good and makes 8gb of ram alot of dif between 16??
  4. Ralph_P


    thanks! that low on my budget looking for somthing eith better performance but il maybe take this if i cant find anything!!
  5. Ralph_P


    what i have in my pc now is a i5 4460 8gb dr3 ram motherboard unknown gpu 1050ti 4gb i want to upgrade cause of stuttering and freezing of my pc for 2 full seconds and my cpu is always add 100% usage when i run games
  6. Ralph_P


    i am looking for parts but i dont know what i need to buy my budget is around 700 euro ( i live in the Netherlands ) my case is nit that big i need a ATX MICRO motherboard Thanks for ur help! Sorry about bad English
  7. i want to buy an i5-7600k processor or i7-7700k but my graphics card is a 1050ti 4gb oc one-fan edition will be this bottleneck my setup and i which processor should i buy sorry for my english i use google translate