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    PC. Youtube. Games. Movies
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    random human being
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    studying for a job


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    Intel Pentium G4600 @3.6 GHZ
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    Asus Prime B250M-A
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    1x4 GB Avexir DDR4
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    Intel HD Graphics 630
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    Acer Aspire 400
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    1 TB WDC Blue & 160 GB WD(unknown color)
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    Cooler Pro 450 W
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    Philips 19.5" HD 60Hz 5ms LED Monitor
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    Intel Stock
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    A4TECH KRS83
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    A4TECH OP-720
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    Alcatroz MG-300 Alpha
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    Windows 10

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  1. parent's gift to me. 5200 rpm hard drive is not good for cad and light photo and video editing. especially when background processes kicks in. so what do you think? shall I save my wallet for a SATA one?
  2. i would like to know if this is SATA M.2 or NVME M.2 I am scared of having compatibility issues
  3. I am thinking of upgrading the boot drive by buying m.2 ssd. But the website of acer does not show the upgradeability of my device. (Acer Aspire E15. E5-576G-59AB) I am asking if this is a NVME M.2 port or SATA M.2 port.
  4. Check it out: Rakk IMA Macro Gaming Mouse this could be for taran https://www.rakk.ph/Rakk-IMA-Macro-Gaming-Mouse/n/29c89cc67545c52aa7da563480087cd8c6e60149.html
  5. sorry still not use to the website, i don't know where to put this as a recommendation for a future video Would linus recreate this? and show off the productivity that could be done with it? Disclaimer: the pic is not mine, found it here:
  6. ohh one of my thread got locked...


    sorry moderators. still getting the hang of this website

  7. linus should use this method
  8. unfamiliar to these cable, but i will try this once i found those. gotta check some shops. online shops suck in this country i live
  9. already tried it, it did no work. further digging, i found that there are also users with asus motherboard that says the said solution did not also work. and yes, i'm on tight budget when i build my pc so, it cost around $8. and i get what i paid for. should have get a4tech's $4 headphones if i know that these problems are common in the brand
  10. I purchased an earphone, Alcatroz alpha mg-300. then i use it casually, watch vids and gaming, it is pretty decent. However while playing league of legends, I noticed that the left and right stereo are not on their correct position. I checked the box, the reciept, then return it to the shop, but they say it is not covered by warranty (I know this is a factory defect but they say it is not). So now, I am looking for a way to swap the left and right stereo. I am not an electronic professional so I don't consider soldering the wires. Is there a software that could fix the problem?
  11. I also think this is scam. Thats why I posted this on off-topic, just to make a joke circulate. sorry guys, I never thought this will reach up to this point lol.
  12. can you put rgb in a non-rgb motherboard(board without rgb ports) I am lookin in a cooling system with rgb but my board do not have rgb ports. are there usb dongle that could control rgb?