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    Ryzen 5 1500x
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    G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 3000MHz CL15
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    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB
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    Corsair Carbide Series 270R
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
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    Corsair CX550M
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    Kogan 144hz Freesync
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    Hyper 212x
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    HyperX Alloy FPS Cherry MX Blue
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    HyperX Pulsefire FPS
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    HyperX Cloud Core
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    OEM Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Should I sell my RX 580 8GB?

    About 4 months ago I bought an rx 580 8gb on a sale for $380 AUD ($290 USD) but on ebay they are selling for 600+ used. If I were to sell my card I would also sell my Ryzen 5 1500X which I could probably get around $150 for. I would have around $750 and with that I could wait for Ryzen refresh and Geforce 2000 series (Vega flopped and I am not waiting for Navi in 2019). Ryzen 1600 goes for around $270 new and I could predict 2600 would go for around $300. I would then have $450 to buy a 2000 series graphics card with. Do you think I should take the risk as I have no idea how long it may be until prices settle with the mining craze.
  2. ethernet recommendations

    Thanks for the advice, I know my wifi is not the problem, so I will probably stick with it then
  3. I have heard amazing reviews on the xiaomi notebook pro and if I was in your position I would definitely get it. Btw you can get the standard i5 8gb model for about 1000 and the i7 16gb for 1250 here. https://www.lightinthebox.com/xiaomi-laptop-15-6-inch-intel-i7-quad-core-16gb-ram-256gb-ssd-hard-disk-windows10-mx150-2gb_p6220537.html https://www.lightinthebox.com/xiaomi-laptop-15-6-inch-intel-i5-dual-core-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd-hard-disk-windows10-mx150-2gb_p6222117.html?currency=USD&utm_campaign=8374&litb_from=affiliate_cf&utm_source=cf&utm_medium=affiliate&irgwc=1
  4. ethernet recommendations

    We only have one option and they don't specify how fast it will be because I do not have NBN yet (NBN is Australia finally getting fibre internet.)
  5. ethernet recommendations

    Right now I have really bad internet at home and I use wifi. My peak download speed is a sluggish 3Mb/s (definitely bits) and I was wondering how much of an impact switching to cabled would make. My motherboard is ASUS B350-F and it uses the I211-AT controller.
  6. 1440p 144hz or two monitors?

    It is not the aspect ratio. If he was trying to play games at 720p on a 1440p monitor for example, it would not matter as pixels are squares, and 1440p has 4x the pixels of 720p which is a square number. 1440 is 1.77 x 1080 which is not a square, so the pixels have to be stretched
  7. $50 CS:GO/Music Headset

    I have Cloud Cores and I highly recommend them. They are the same as Cloud II except without surround sound, worse mic and less accessories (e.g. carrying case) but much cheaper
  8. 1440p 144hz or two monitors?

    If it is cheaper to get 2, definitely do that as playing 1080p on 1440p monitor looks streched
  9. I have an ASUS ROG B350-F motherboard and F4-3000C15D-16GVS memory. Its speed is 2933MHz and timings are 15-15-15-15-35. Although it is rated for 1.35 volts, to keep it stable I have to raise that to 1.45. I researched ways to help stabilise your ram while overclocking and I found a tip which was to put your SOC Voltage at 1.2. While my ram was running 2933MHz@1.45 I changed that to 2933@1.35 with +0.1 on the SOC Voltage (auto was running it at 1.1) using offset as my motherboard doesn't have a manual option for that voltage. Everything was working fine until I next attempted to turn it on and it posted in safe mode. What I noticed, is with no overclock, the stock SOC Voltage is 0.85, so I think my system was trying to run it at 0.95. I put my voltage back to 1.45 and changed SOC to auto and it booted. Then, auto had raised my soc voltage back to 1.1. I put 1.35 on the voltage, +0.1 on the SOC and it booted perfectly. This was consistent and I could boot 2933@1.35 with +0.1 on the SOC only if I had booted it at 1.45v with SOC on auto before. I attempted to put SOC to +0.35 when the system had just booted in safe mode, but it did not work. Thank you if you did finish reading through all of it and I appreciate any suggestions I get.
  10. 'There was a problem resetting your PC, no changes were made'

    I attempted to fix it by typing cd %windir%\system32\config ren system system.001 ren software software.001 in command prompt admin mode. I could try reinstalling Windows though. Sorry for not being clear.
  11. The i7 8700k is still a better cpu. It has the same amount of cores but each core is more powerful.
  12. I attempted to reset my pc but upon doing so I recieved this message. I have an OEM Windows 10 Pro (not pre-installed).
  13. Windows Reset

    My steam games are in my Program Files (x86). It says removes apps and settings though, I don't know if my games count as that
  14. 1070 vs 1070 ti vs 1080 until Volta launch

    Honestly, it is impossible to tell when volta will launch. Vega flopped and Nvidia really have no competition. It really depends on how impatient you are. If you are likely to get a new card in the near future, I would not waste money on an expensive ASUS one. They usually have better longevity, except it sounds like that would not really be needed.
  15. Windows Reset

    Is it possible to perform a Windows Reset without losing all your steam games? I have about 160gb of games and although that does not sound like much, my internet is EXTREMELY bad (3Mb/s at best).