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  1. I've already re-installed the driver and restarted my laptop but it still popping up
  2. It suddenly pop's up when I opened the Dolby audio app and I don't know what to do, can someone help me? Thanks in advance
  3. FireFox2015

    Laptop Speaker

    I just want some help cause the left side speaker of my laptop sounds quieter unlike the right one which is really loud and I want to know is it a driver problem, needs a cleaning or is it normal? Sometimes I hear some rumbling noises coming from it when I set the volume to max. My Laptop is Lenovo Ideapad 310. Please help me Thanks in advance
  4. Already done those but still can't format it
  5. Hi I would just want to ask if there is a solution for this? Because I can't format may Flash Drive and every time that I will format it this thing shows up.
  6. Can anyone help me with this cause I've been searching all possible solutions on how to fix this but still can't solve it because every time that I turn this on I'm always getting prompt with this
  7. I saw a software called EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard and it recovered almost all of my Deleted files from the Partitioned Drive
  8. Is there a way to recover files from a drive? because I accidentally extended the small partition to the bigger one and it deleted all of my files
  9. Ohh okay but what if I want to factory reset my laptop are the drivers still there?
  10. Yeah btw. my Laptop is Lenovo 310-14IKB and I accidentally formatted my drive D when I'm expanding the partition
  11. Is there any way on recovering Drivers that is accidentally deleted from doing a partition on a drive?
  12. He's even calling the IO shield a brace and even inserting the RAM side by side like wtf. no cable management and the application of Thermal paste is like a mess!