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  1. Hey, so there was this gaming chair that my friend haven't used in a while and he gave it to me. One day everything was just fine, other day it started making claks, pops when leaning back and forward. So me and my dad dissembled the chair and we noticed that something was wrong in hydraulics system, in the video below you can see that when my dad adds pressure to the other side it pops, and flipped over again and adding pressure it makes it pop again, when using it as a normal chair it doesnt happen but if u lean back a bit it starts popping. Anyone can help us? Chair is L33T Gaming Esports blue or smth like that. https://youtu.be/1AB_aBi5RFI
  2. Would be there a big bottleneck between GT1030 and Intel Core2 Quad Q8200? Cause i'm planning to change it and when time would go on I would change other thins like cpu, motherboard and so on. bottlenecker.com says that there would be only 6% of bottleneck, is that true?