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  1. Alright, managed to get the GPU recognized, now I have a new problem. I Rolled back the UEFI to an earlier version, 1.08, which seams to have allowed the gpu to work correctly, but now the onboard NIC doesn't work. It recognizes that its there, but the MAC addresses are all zeros. Attempting to update their firmware gives an error stating that no NICs are found.
  2. Need some help, I'd like to get this system working, its kind of a pet project.. I've modified the power supply module with 2 6/8-pin pcie power cables, updated the bios (most recent was released in 2018). The card powers on, fans spin, lights light, but alas its not recognized, and I get no signal from any of its outputs. I have tested it in my wife's FX-8350 system and it is recognized and works flawlessly. I've also tested my HIS IceQX2 r9 270 and it boots in this machine with no issues, powered with the modded PSU module. IBM System X3500 M2. Dual HS 920W PSUs MB: IBM 49Y6715 UEFI Bios: Y4E161AUS-1.17 CPU: Xeon x5570 (single only, dual later if I can get this working) RAM: 16GB ECC DDR3 1333MHz Triple channel GPU: Sapphire Vapor-x R9 290x OC 4GB GDDR5, base clock is 1080MHz Maybe someone can help me figure out if this is even feasible, maybe I need to mod the the UEFI, maybe there is an issue in the bios settings that I'm not really familiar with.. someone that is better with server hardware than I might have suggestions that I just cant see... As it sits this system has similar cpu performance to my wifes FX-8350 system, and upgrading to more modern HW at this time isn't really a financial option (as much as I'd like a TR 2950 system, LOL). Any and all help is greatly appreciated!