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  1. Lanng

    Daisy chaining VS separate input

    I think that image is for Display Port version 1.2, right? That is probably the confusion.
  2. Lanng

    AWS Project Ideas

    Last time I checked, you could get one year free trial with AWS, but you should consider the costs when the year is up. My personal advise would be to use the free year and then move to something else. I used the free year and it was basically running Windows server and one application with constant stream of like 20kb/s. I didn't think about cancelling it and then I got the bill... It wasn't like crazy expensive, but more than I would have thought and more than a cheap VPS. I might have done something wrong, but that was my experience. It all depends on the project of course. Also, it is hard to give project ideas, without more information. What are your interests, would the project be for you only or are you planning on releasing something to the public. Apps, Web, Desktop?
  3. Lanng

    Read-only SD card

    I don't know if it is this simple, but there is a switch button to lock the sd card. Maybe that is your problem?
  4. Lanng

    A problem with System.in.read()

    The problem with your while(System.in.read() != 10). You are checking if System.in.read() is not a new line. I guess that when you enter your first input and hit enter, you create a new line and therefore your while-loop will not be true. To solve this, you would have to find another statement that holds true after your first input. The Scanner is using the System.in (new Scanner(System.in);). If you want to try other methods, you could try to use a buffered reader and an input stream reader?
  5. Lanng

    A problem with System.in.read()

    The code fails at your while(System.in.read() != 10). What that code checks for, is if System.in.read() returns a new line (in ASCII code http://www.asciitable.com/). What System.in is reading is controlled by the system and therefore you can't just call reset, as far as I understand. I would suggest another implementation that I find more readable. import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); while(true) { System.out.println("What is your name?"); String name = sc.nextLine(); System.out.println("Your name is " + name); } } }
  6. Lanng

    A problem with System.in.read()

    I am not quite sure what you want your code to do? The code you posted does not output what you wrote. What did you change? You could look into using the Scanner instead?
  7. Lanng

    Backup server for clients

    Just as a note. The definition for a cloud storage solution according to Wikipedia is: I do not know your setup, but maybe avoid the word "cloud", if it is not the case. I think that could be the reason for some of the answers. I hope that you research the topic really well, especially when it is a service you offer to clients.
  8. Lanng

    Action camera questions

    If you are on a budget, like me, you could choose a Gopro clone as Eken H9R, which is actually a nice action camera for the price. It is possible to change battery, so if you choose this one, buy a couple of extra batteries, they are really cheap. I also bought a dual charger, which is really nice if you have multiple batteries. You can get it all for like $100 including straps. You can check out some review on Youtube where they compare it with Gopro.
  9. The power consumption was the exact reason I chose to build my own server instead of buying a cheaper, but super power hungry Dell or HP server. Going to test the power consumption soon to see if it was a wise choice. Also... everytime I see a server video I get all excited and start looking for servers on Ebay, putting them on my watch list and such. Then I start looking up benchmarks on the CPUs and find out which items I like the most and unwatch those I don't like anyways. Then I get to the question... how much power does these draw? And I start to look it up on different forums and such, start calculating yearly costs, then monthly costs and then I start thinking... what the hell am I gonna use this server for? Then I built my own one with low power consumption and less of a monster than those I was looking at on Ebay. I have been through the cycle of looking for servers like 10 times... and I always end up with the same result... My server already works with Plex, NextCloud and a game server, why would I spend time looking for a new one? Well.. I guess it's just exciting for me, but what the hell.. I need something that my current server can't handle before I buy a new one! Well... back on track.. I do think about power consumption.. but mostly when talking about servers, as my laptop and desktop isn't going to be turned on at all times. I live in Denmark = high electricity prices.. 0.26-0.30 euro/kwh including all costs... I am a student and pay for electricity... tell me about cheap electricity please, I want to know what it is.
  10. Lanng

    Best Linux distro for Home Server

    I use Proxmox for my server. You do only get a webinterface though. You can create VM but I basically only use their LXC Container option. This should use less resources, than VMs. I have LXC containers running Ubuntu server for different tasks e.g. Plex, NextCloud, Hosting, VPN and it works great.