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  1. Action camera questions

    If you are on a budget, like me, you could choose a Gopro clone as Eken H9R, which is actually a nice action camera for the price. It is possible to change battery, so if you choose this one, buy a couple of extra batteries, they are really cheap. I also bought a dual charger, which is really nice if you have multiple batteries. You can get it all for like $100 including straps. You can check out some review on Youtube where they compare it with Gopro.
  2. The power consumption was the exact reason I chose to build my own server instead of buying a cheaper, but super power hungry Dell or HP server. Going to test the power consumption soon to see if it was a wise choice. Also... everytime I see a server video I get all excited and start looking for servers on Ebay, putting them on my watch list and such. Then I start looking up benchmarks on the CPUs and find out which items I like the most and unwatch those I don't like anyways. Then I get to the question... how much power does these draw? And I start to look it up on different forums and such, start calculating yearly costs, then monthly costs and then I start thinking... what the hell am I gonna use this server for? Then I built my own one with low power consumption and less of a monster than those I was looking at on Ebay. I have been through the cycle of looking for servers like 10 times... and I always end up with the same result... My server already works with Plex, NextCloud and a game server, why would I spend time looking for a new one? Well.. I guess it's just exciting for me, but what the hell.. I need something that my current server can't handle before I buy a new one! Well... back on track.. I do think about power consumption.. but mostly when talking about servers, as my laptop and desktop isn't going to be turned on at all times. I live in Denmark = high electricity prices.. 0.26-0.30 euro/kwh including all costs... I am a student and pay for electricity... tell me about cheap electricity please, I want to know what it is.
  3. Best Linux distro for Home Server

    I use Proxmox for my server. You do only get a webinterface though. You can create VM but I basically only use their LXC Container option. This should use less resources, than VMs. I have LXC containers running Ubuntu server for different tasks e.g. Plex, NextCloud, Hosting, VPN and it works great.