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  1. The only thing that bugs me is the difference in color between the window light and the kitchen lights. Other than that the exposure and framing both look good. Here's mine. Packard Clipper
  2. Very nice. I like the warm tone of the re-edit and how much detail there is in the shadowed portion of the car. The only thing I would change is the position of the camera so that the cranes weren't sticking up out of the roof of the car. Awesome photo! Here's my photo Snow Day by Matt, on Flickr
  3. You'll have to connect the pump pwm to the second cpu fan header on your motherboard (the one to the left of the memory slots if you're already using the cpufan1 header for the fans on the splitter) and power the pump with the molex as well. After that you can go in the bios and change the fans and pump independently.
  4. Since DDR (double data rate) memory can transfer data twice per clock cycle, the memory is labeled at twice the amount of clock cycles that it can complete in a second. The amount of clock cycles it can complete in a second is the actual frequency of the memory and is what all of the timings/latencies are based on. So in the example I quoted above, the 1600MHz memory can complete 800 million clock cycles per second. 1 cycle would take 1/800,000,000 seconds or 1.25 nanoseconds and if the memory had a CAS latency of 8 cycles then it would have a CAS latency of 10ns.
  5. Wouldn't the latency be twice as much because you would use the actual frequency to calculate latency instead of the effective (DDR) frequency?
  6. Figured i'd ask this here before creating a thread. Are there any 970's that are hardware limited to a specific max voltage? I've modified the bios on my card but can't seem to get it to go above 1.212 volts, before flashing the bios it would only go up to 1.2v. Neither gpu-z or msi afterburner are showing any perfcap reason or limits reached when testing. Changing voltages in afterburner has no effect at all on the stock or modified bios. The model number of my 970 is 04G-P4-1972-KR, maybe its the 4+2 power phase holding me back?
  7. I like the concept, good idea to remove the license plate next time too. I tried the same thing a few years back and it took me a couple tries to get right, the photo below was my final result. I would recommend shooting the flash through a white translucent umbrella (or something similar) so that the light is more even on the car. The stairs and railing on the right are a bit distracting to me but that's an easy fix. Its good for a first attempt. Nice lighting for the low key shot. I wish I could see what size the flash drive was since we can see the size the other drive is. Other than that, it looks good for a heat of the moment pic. Here is mine. I took 5 different shots and lit a different section of the car with each one, then overlapped them in photoshop and removed the flares that the flash made. Nissan 350Z
  8. Is there any chance that the 4690K score of 658 is from when you ran cinebench (overclocked) before you got windows 10 and it just carried over during the upgrade? It looks like your 4690K is running at stock speeds at the moment even with the oc set. For monitoring I like to use HWiNFO64 although I'm not sure how well it works in windows 10. http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php You can select the sensors-only option when you run it and hide what you don't want to see. It should show you clock speeds, usage, voltage, and a bunch more. If everything still looks normal cpu wise then maybe update bios/drivers and whatnot.
  9. Haha! My bad, I probably should have added spoiler tags too. That way everyone could view at their own risk.
  10. I've got an old Intel cpu that sits on my desk from my first computer. I've also got a 560 Ti that is still it use from my first custom build but when it gets retired that card will be on my desk too. Now i've got to figure out if/what I should keep from this build although nothing will be retired for at least a few years, haha. Here's some pics of the cpu and gpu. Intel Celeron 500 by Matt, on Flickr 560 Ti by Matt, on Flickr
  11. Another bump, added a 3rd skin to the op.