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    Everything that isn't invented yet.
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    Mechanic, A+ tech, Custom case mod builder


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    Z170X-Gaming 5
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    16GB Trident Z 3200mhz
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    GTX 1070TI
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    Fractal Design Define S Mod
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    Samsung 960 EVO, 1TB 850 EVO, 8TB WD HDD
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    EVGA G2 750w
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    3x AOC Q2781PQ
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    Noctua NH-U14S 6x NF-A14PWM

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  1. I know this thread is very old, but this is possibly one of the stupidest comments I've ever heard from anybody that was supposedly knowledgeable regarding PC hardware. Power supply failures are not only not rare, they are pretty common. Even in 2015 they were. Just in case some poor schmuck happens to see this and unknowingly takes that advice as being accurate. Consider the misinformation corrected.
  2. Glad you finally came to that conclusion without having to get Aris or Jeremy come get you sorted out. Just playing Turkey, I was looking at something else and came across this accidentally. Why are you over here consorting with dipshits? You're too smart for that, even if you do jump the gun and get a little bit of overachievement syndrome every now and then. I guess it stands to reason that SOMEBODY (Meaning you) with half a brain needs to try and bring some kind of genuinely intelligent insight to this forum, because most of what little I've seen here is so far off from reality that I often visit when I just need a good laugh. Ok, maybe not quite THAT bad, but sometimes it's a close call. BTW, kind of goes to show how young and enthusiastic you are that only six months after posting this you'd claim it was a "really old post of mine". To me, "really old posts" are ones I made more than five years ago. LOL. Take it easy bud, I'm just yanking your chain.
  3. BTW, for future reference, NZXT says you CAN connect more than one Hue+ in the same PC so long as you have enough available USB headers on the motherboard. Seems I've read about a few folks that have even done it with a USB header splitter. Can't verify that though. Actually, I can't verify the multiples either, because I haven't done it myself, but the NZXT tech rep in their forums says it can be done, so......
  4. I hear a lot of speculation and "yes man" answers here, but I don't see anybody posting any links to fact based data sources to back this up. I know that Ryzen 2 has factually been stated to be supported on the current AM4 boards, but I have not seen a single instance of anybody stating, AMD or board partner, that Zen 2 7nm will be. If you have some information on that which isn't common knowledge, please feel free to post a link and share that information with the rest of us. Folks I've talked to at TH, Anandtech and Guru3d all claim (And these guys work with AMD, Intel, and the board partners, regularly.) that they have no verification either way yet on the 7nm chips. I'm calling all these "yes" answers pure speculation until somebody shows me something concrete.