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  1. Probably not overloaded ram. I close most of the programs that for example starts auto with Windows (also yes, i've got Windows 10) and programs i barely use. Never tried any virtual memory. I also haven't gotten the time to try and contact MS support yet. Also like that other guy that replied first said to check the windows error log. I've got almost 13k not errors but things that has happened. Most of them seem to be something with the built in ''Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168'' for bluetooth. And i have no idea what the rest of them means because i'm not AT all an expert with PC's. Almost forgot... I have no idea if it's any sort of driver issues.
  2. Hmm ok. Good to know. Never checked the windows error logs. Will do that now though and see.
  3. Hi. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums. My system is pre-built by MSI though. Anyways, i recently encountered a semi-serious issue with my PC. Some games just randomly closes down while either loading into something or just when playing. This all started last week and the PC has never been like this before. Could it possibly be my 8gb of ram that is acting up? Oh btw, my system has got: GTX 1060 3gb, 8gb ram, intel i5 7400. It happened the first time when i was playing some FiveM and then it has just escalated and started happening in other games aswell. Since then i've also started to take closer looks at the task manager whenever i start games and it almost maxes out the ram sometimes. So i honestly think the ram isn't feeling well but i'm still not too sure. Thus why i'm asking here.
  4. Hi. I recently got myself my first OnePlus (in this case a 7T) and haven't had any issues with it so far. Almost a month later is when the issues are popping up and thus why i'm here. 1st issue was the sound glitches... It like sounds slowed down but stuttery and cuts in-out it disappears after restarting whatever app it is a few times though. 2nd is that it sometimes wont log in with Google Play. Weirdly helps with a restart of the phone though. 3rd seemed to have fixed itself now and that was that it wouldn't wanna download/update apps which also helped with a restart most of the time. This is seriously starting to piss me off since i've heard quite some good things about OnePlus and this is what i get for $679.
  5. @Derkoli Thanks. I'll try and play around and see if it sounds any better. I'm extremely sluggish when it comes to these kind of things so wish me luck or whatever. lol
  6. I'm not really an audiophile so idk which are the mid frequencies and high frequencies. An example picture might help atleast a tiny bit.
  7. Sorry for such a late reply but i've sucessfully installed it and got it working. My issue though is that it doesn't sound good what so ever... I just wanna boost the bass. I've played around and found a good enough setting but it doesn't have that OUMPH that Viper4Windows had.
  8. Then i'll probably try it and see if it'll work. Not today though.
  9. To be fully honest i'm scared to delete my sound drivers... So i'll think about it and see if i ever try and do what you said.
  10. Nope. I'll try later and see if it works any better.
  11. I don't really know what is going on but i don't even have the ''enhancements'' option. I've only got General, levels, advanced and spatial sound. I would gladly buy Boom3D especially now that it's on sale but sadly i've got no money for it.
  12. I've already tried it and i hear no difference when changing stuff. I've got 0 patience to try and fix it.
  13. Hi. So yesterday i updated Windows 10 to 1903 (which i regret) and i immediately noticed that my audio equalizer didn't work... So my question is: Are there ANY similar softwares that are free and as good as Viper? I really dislike the stock audio of my headphones.
  14. Ohh ok! Well i've actually decided which headphones i'm going for already. I'll go with the DT1990. I'll probably get some Hifiman's next time because i really wanna try planar drivers. And i mostly just listen to music and mute the games i play so those headphones are mainly going to be used for music and some games. Mostly for listening to music though.
  15. Nope... Just checked through their website quickly though and none of them has that headband thingy i want. It gives me an extreme headache when i wear just normal headphones without that headband thing.
  16. So i'm looking for some decent ''studio'' headphones with punchy bass, etc just like my Philips Fidelio X2 has. I've asked this same question on another forum and they recommended these to me: Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, HifiMan HE400i, HifiMan Sundara. I know they are (according to reviews) but i still wanna ask to like make sure. My main requirement is just deep, punchy bass and that headband thingy like those 2 HifiMan's has. By the way are amps/dacs a requirement? Like do they give headphones that extra THUMP? The amp/dac that was recommended to me were these 2: http://www.headnhifi.com/objective2 http://www.headnhifi.com/o2-odac-combo Also my budget is around 200 to 550/600$-ish on headphones and like 200/300$-ish on some amp or dac or none.
  17. Hmmm... My current mobo is: MSI ms-b9071 and i have no clue if it is mini itx or not but i'm guessing it isn't. Well then i might actually upgrade another time but now i know what i need atleast! i thought it was just like *Change cpu, BOOM! done*.
  18. So i recently bought the ''MSI Nightblade MIB VR7RC-254EU'' which has an GTX 1060 3gb and intel i5 7400 but i'm thinking of upgrading the intel to Ryzen 5. Does it fit in that mini itx case though? Also i'm new to just this specific forum so i'm probably creating this topic in the wrong part of the forum...(sry).