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  1. Location of the server currently doesn't matter as we have more Servers in NA (Montreal, Canada) then do in EU, so location doesn't matter
  2. We can't go with a cloud solution mainly due to the shear volume of data that we are backing up. Also, with the fees they charge for downloading it makes it un-realistic Most cloud providers charge around $0.01/Gb and we are needing to store multiple terrabytes of data. We have considered using GlusterFS and are still looking into it but for now we need a provider that does a semi-decent around 8tb dedicated server
  3. Super weird request but here we go I'm based out of the UK and we use OVH for most of our dedicated server hosting, we are passing 100 servers with them pretty soon and we are using one of there backup servers that has about 72TB HDD for around $200 USD We are looking to get a bunch of smaller backup servers around 20tb each, through OVH, however we are looking for some "provider redundancy" in-case we fuck something up super bad with OVH, so we are wanting to get around 4-5 8TB Dedicated servers from a reliable provider. We currently max out the gigabit connection on our 72TB Node and we will need that sort of uplink on the 8TB Nodes Does anyone have any reconsiderations for Server Hosts, we have found one 8tb server with around 16gb of RAM for around $50, If anyone can find cheaper or knows of any great reliable hosts please can you let me know.
  4. Just me or the only quality available for this video 360p