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  1. Is there a huge difference between the performance of x4 and x16 slot?
  2. i found some local deals with cpu and mobo bundle can you help me choose? an i5-4460 with h81mobo, issue: 1 ram slot is defective, 2 out of 4 sata defect, or an i5-3570k with z77 mobo, issue only the x4 pcie slot is working both the x8 and x16 are defect, black screen
  3. I tried the 1600mhz ram on a working 1333mhz mobo and it wont post but with power, and I tried the ram on an Untested mobo and it won't fire up. Like literally no lights and no power at all.
  4. The system would not start,like it wont fire up. usinga msi p55 mobo and hyperx genesis 4x2 gb 1600 ram
  5. Is that a big difference? Plus the e5645 cost here 30usd and the x5680 cost 70usd
  6. Is there to big of a difference beetween xeon e5645 and x5680? I will only give it a little OC boost because i will only use air cooling plus iam im a tropical country Need reply ASAP
  7. Will a 1600mhz ram work on an 1333mhz capable motherboard, I tried It and It didn't work does that mean that my RAM is dead?
  8. How will i know if it is buffered or unbuffered ram, here is the specific model 16GB Hynix Hmt42gr7bmr4cg7
  9. Will a xeon x5687 and ddr3 ECC ram will work on x58 motherboard? Will use it for gaming and productivity.
  10. Okay i will not buy any of these psu's Thanks for all the response, learned so much.
  11. Which should i buy used CORSAIR HX620 $40 USD SEASONIC x660 $50 SEASONIC G650 $45
  12. No from now on she will be using my old pc, is it safe if I put all of her HDDs into it? Iam currently building a new one.
  13. My aunt has her old computer and 3 hard drives containing her photos and stuff. I'm building my new pc this time. Is it sae if i put all of her HDDs on my old pc or some files may be damaged? Btw i will re use my hdd from my pc.
  14. Wow! thanks so much, this is more than helpful for me getting into PC gaming. What platform should I upgrade in the near the future, planning to reuse my ddr 3 ram and adding 8 more to it?