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  1. I am trying to do a school project that is due tomorrow but I can't add text to my video. For some reason why i use the text tool it just won't create a text box or anything. I click on the text tool and click on my timeline like I usually do. nothing happens. I also tried hitting "t" but that also didn't work.
  2. When i go into my bios the drive does show up but it seems like the drive just won't load. There is another connection on the hard drive i didn't connect. Its a 4 pin male connector on the drive. I did hook up power and sata
  3. I just took out a Toshiba HDD2D33 Hard drive from my parents laptop. This hard drive was in an old laptop that died and my parents wanted to see if I could take the pictures off of the hard drive. When I hooked up the hard drive, nothing would happen. I thought it was because This hard drive had windows 7 on and my ssd had windows 10. So I disconnected my ssd so that the laptop hard drive was the only connected drive. I put the hard drive first for boost priority but still nothing happened.
  4. For some reason my Corsair Dark Core only works when it is plugged in. This is annoying because I got a bluetooth mouse to take away the wire. How can I fix this? I tried going into the Utility engine but when I unplug the mouse, there is a yellow triangle that pops up under the mouse. This all started when I plugged the mouse in to charge it, now I can't unplug it because it won't connect to my PC. I tried to unplug the Bluetooth USB but nothing happened. What should I do?
  5. hey, I need to get a side panel for my truck. I was recently in an accident, (Im fine because Im in a beast of a truck) and the panel of the truck that is to the right of the drivers side door is damaged. I don't know if it can be fixed and I can't find any trucks that are selling for parts. I just need this side panel.
  6. I just got a new multi meter from home depot from home depot.When I took it out of the container thing, it worked fine. But now it won't work. When I put it on DC power, it stays on either 13 or 0.13 volts. On AC it stays at 0 and when I try to test for continuity, it just beeps. It won't not beep until I switch what im testing. the multi meter is the commercial electric MS8301A
  7. Yea I basically want to finish this by the end of September and I am wiring the whole room myself. Should be fun. Right now the room is gutted. Nothing but studs and some outlets are wired.
  8. I think it would be a little cool to have RGB lights. I also have my pc in there and theres a tv
  9. do you know if there are any reliable cheaper versions of Philips Hue bulbs for the lights? I can't afford $50 per bulb
  10. You have recessed lighting throughout your room?
  11. I need ideas for lighting. I have a U-shaped room that my parents are redoing and its almost 400 square feet. (Yes I share the room with a brother) In one half of the room, the ceiling is slanted because I live in a cape styled house. This makes it difficult to come up with lighting. My parents have no idea what they want. any ideas?
  12. I am trying to watch sunday night football on my computer. I started watching it on xfinity online and the quality is so bad. I pout the quality at high but its still bad. I know its not the channel because the same problem is on other channels
  13. I want to connect my pc account with my xbox account. But it won't. I mainly play on pc but I play on xbox with my friends sometimes. I linked the accounts on social club but my xbox account is still a low level