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    andrewmp6 reacted to Slottr in Do I need liquid cooling for these?   
    Really in any 'normal' situation the most you need is a high end air cooler.
  2. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Zando Bob in Worth it to Watercool VRM & PCH?   
    For modern boards? Usually no, unless you have a board with really shitty VRMs. Can be worth it aesthetically, depends on how you like your rig to look. 
  3. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Ravendarat in What fluid color?   
    Just go clear man, You have RGB so you can change the light colors and clear always matches and after using coloured coolant myself in a daily its just not worth it at all, the upkeep is incredibly annoying
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    andrewmp6 reacted to Fasauceome in Water cooled system is to cold!   
    Run Folding@Home, make your CPU the only active component, it'll never freeze
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    andrewmp6 reacted to AnonymousGuy in Is there a build guide for a water chiller like the one Linus Built?   
    Literally buy a water chiller / aquarium chiller.  It's the same thing except built to carry water to begin with.
    Linus is doing it in a "make video content" way, not an "do this intelligently" way.
    Also, unless you're going deeply subambient...like LN2 levels of subambient...there's no benefit to being cold.  Silicon hits a speed wall and you're done regardless of it being 80C vs. 50C under load.  You just get a fuckload of problems around condensation.
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    andrewmp6 reacted to W-L in So, I've Found a Few Things...   
    Yeah that would be very good for a single CPU and GPU setup while getting silent cooling. That used radiator will need a really throughout cleaning before it gets anywhere close to a loop again. 
  7. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Arwanell in Should I use an AIO for my CPU?   
    That's not true
    What you are saying is that you shouldn't overclock with air coolers
    There are tons of great air coolers
  8. Funny
    andrewmp6 reacted to star_pilot475 in Any experience here with Deepcool AIOs?   
    I don’t personally have any experience with them, but their nickname on these forums is Deepcool/Deadcool. 
  9. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to BetaEffect in What fluid color?   
    dont use colored fluid at all for watercooling if its a daily driver.
    think about painted tubes instead, like i did
  10. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Bitter in Testing if system boots, when water cooling?   
    I mean in reality any modern CPU can throttle itself enough to POST and piss around in BIOS a little bit without harming it, this isn't the days of an AMD Athlon exploding when the heat sink is lifted off.
  11. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to For Science! in Testing if system boots, when water cooling?   
    After slapping on waterblocks i always do a quick dry post test without any water. As soon as i confirm a boot, i switch it off. It doesnt get above 60-70 during this operation.
  12. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Bitter in Testing if system boots, when water cooling?   
    Slap the stock heatsink and fan on it, make sure it works, then swap in the water block. If you don't have an air cooler for that CPU then just put it all together and hope for the best I guess.
    I always bench test any build before it goes in the case and gets everything all cable managed and perfect and pretty, that includes water cooling stuff too.
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    andrewmp6 reacted to zogthegreat in Water cooling is expensive!!!   
    Hey JapanDave,
    Try using either Barrow, Barrowch or Bykski parts. They both are OEM manufacturers for Swiftech, Aquacoumputers and I think ThermalTake. Their parts are considerably less expensive than ThermalTake or EKWB,
    Barrow and Barrowch are the same company. Barrowch is the higher end components for water cooling:
    Also, try doing some sketches of what you want to do so that you can figure how many fittings, etc that you will need. Reading your list, it seems to me that you have too much gear, as LOLZR said,  do you really need 3 radiators?
    As you stated in your title, water cooling is expensive, so you really need to plan out your rig. eBay is your friend for water cooling! I just snagged 2 240mm radiators, an XSPC RX240, 58mm radiator and a Swiftech MCR220 XP for $20.00 USD.
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    andrewmp6 reacted to boarder2k7 in Car Coolant Based Cooling   
    I've always been confused as to why people talk about automotive coolants as "chemical roulette" when they specifically have anti-corrosion additives in them.
    It isn't uncommon for an automotive cooling loop to include aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, and with soldered radiators also lead, in various mixtures, at temperatures elevated past that of your PC, for years at a time per change. It'll be fine from that perspective, you shouldn't see any corrosion issues.
    It does have lower thermal mass though, so will change your cooling capacity somewhat. Looking at https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/ethylene-glycol-d_146.html seems to show that at 40C you'll need 16% extra flow to account for the difference if you want the exact same temperatures.
  15. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Blue4130 in Car Coolant Based Cooling   
    A while back I downloaded the msds sheets for prestone antifreeze and mayhem coolant. Guess what.... Exactly the same ingredients other than coloring additives. It's pretty easy to find. 
  16. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Spotty in Buying a used power supply   
    Cash converters is the name of the company, but yes it's a pawn shop. They're in Australia as well as UK. 
    I'd avoid them - and all pawn shops - like the plague.
  17. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Fasauceome in Buying a used power supply   
    You can power this with a 650 or 750 watt PSU, you should get a nice one of those instead of a used PSU that's too overpowered. There are other drawbacks for overpowered PSUs too, like shorter lifespan and worse power delivery at idle and low loads.
  18. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Spotty in Buying a used power supply   
    Seems like a pretty high end system.
    If you're spending $750 on a CPU you shouldn't cheap out on a used ex-mining power supply.
    I'd recommend checking some units like the corsair hx/hxi, be quiet dark power pro/straight power 11, Seasonic prime ultra, etc.
    The Corsair HX looks to be around the same price as the EVGA G3 you linked.
  19. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to kelvinhall05 in Eps12v adapters and cables   
    A good rule of thumb is that if your PSU needs adapters, it's not suitable for that rig.
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    andrewmp6 reacted to W-L in Dust filter hole size   
    It will stop large particles but anything fine will make it through, I usually recommend really fine mesh filters like ones from Demicflex or silverstone if filtering is a high priority. 
  21. Like
    andrewmp6 reacted to Metallus97 in x570 Chipset Waterblock   
    yup! But i ended up with a strix e and a watercool chipset block. I’ll post some pics when i have build it
    after my exams for wich i should be studying RN
  22. Informative
    andrewmp6 got a reaction from JohnShepard in What's the best bang for the buck 360 rad?   
    Depends your budget,If you want max cooling,hardware labs rads and heat killer blocks.If money is tight and want more wallet friendly options.Barrow and bykski both are cheaper and honestly live up to ek standards in cooling.A friend of mine his whole loop is all their parts and spent under 400 for blocks on the cpu the cpu pump res and dual 360 rads.And i was shocked to see a bykski block on his vega nitro run cooler then a bigger brand one on a blower card.
  23. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to Windows7ge in Is this waterblock fine?   
    Alphacool/OCOOL are a well known watercooling brand. I don't know how I feel about those plastic threaded ports though. I feel like if you crank the fitting too tight and the GPU gets hot it may form micro-cracks and leak.
    Just a personal thought. Not my type of aesthetic either.
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    andrewmp6 reacted to Mick Naughty in How should I place my rad   
    Use it as exhaust. Better overall. 
    A lot of variables. Heat rising isn’t the cure all to bad builds. 
  25. Agree
    andrewmp6 reacted to For Science! in Budget 120 AIO   
    In case your use case actually justifiesthe use of an 120 aio...eisbaer lt120 from alphacool.