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    Shiny #3364
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    Computer engineering, video game design, electronic music.
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    I'm just trying to build up a good reputation by becoming more active and helping people out.


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    i7 7700k @4.8GHz/1.295v (Delidded)
  • Motherboard
    ASUS STRIX Z270E Gaming
  • RAM
    HyperX Fury 16GB (4x4GB @2666MHz)
  • GPU
    Radeon XFX R9 Fury X @1100MHz
  • Case
    Lian Li Alpha 550X
  • Storage
    SSD: Samsung 750 Evo 500GB | HDD: Toshiba P300 1TB
  • PSU
    SeaSonic Prime Gold 1000w (for the 12 year warranty)
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    Viotek 27" 1080p 144Hz Curved
  • Cooling
    Fractal Design S36
  • Keyboard
    Razer Dealthstalker Chroma
  • Mouse
    Redragon Centrophorus
  • Sound
    Logitech Z200
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64Bit

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  1. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can Rev. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    It's not. I'm keeping all the stuff in the can, including fans. I have with the previous one as well. That one looks really old too, the lighting isn't even led.
  2. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can Rev. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    This project may not go anywhere for some time, as I have a couple other projects going on currently, and I need to finish them. I'm still working on the paper version and looking for water-cooling parts. Oh and also a reminder that these designs are mine. You can use them for yourself but not for commercial use without my permission.
  3. Ωhmbreon

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I still can't believe how fast storage technology has improved. Have some old hard drives from 2002.
  4. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can Rev. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    This is the ammo can I'm going to use. It has thinner walls but they are straighter and the lid takes less force to close. Yeah it's a bad picture but I have no power at the moment so I can't really see.
  5. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can Rev. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    It's just Sketchup. The parts in there are from the "warehouse" while I made the case and put those parts in.
  6. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can Rev. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    Here's some pictures of what's (most likely) the final design. It's significantly more simple than the last one.
  7. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can PC

    If you guys want more, I'm building a second revision. Same size ammo can but it's gonna have a liquid cooling loop in it and room for a triple slot graphics card.
  8. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can Rev. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    I'm just using the standard .50 caliber. I've done one before, it's just not as pretty:
  9. It's coming back and it's gong to be better than ever before. Some new features of this one will be: - Aesthetics - RGB - Water cooling (CPU only) - Support for a triple slot GPU - BETTER PARTS, no more low power i5s or budget graphics cards This is going to become my next system, so most likely it will be completed sometime over the summer since I am not quite ready to part with my main system yet. (Plus I'm kinda waiting to see how the power efficiency of next-gem processors stacks up). Parts will be (so far): - ITX motherboard - Triple slot GPU - Flex ATX power supply - Thicc 92mm radiator It is still relatively early stage, but I am working on a design, which is now in it's second layout, and should be completed shortly.
  10. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can PC

    My, oh my have I been lazy with this build log... but not with the build. It is done! I'll try to go through what I did. I test fitted the internal structure with some of the parts in, and after some adjustments with the motherboard I/O, power supply support/brace thing and part of an air duct, I coated everything black with a nice layer of Plastidip. Then I pretty much fit everything in right away, these are the specs: CPU: Pentium G4400 Cooler: Stock Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110N RAM: 1x8GB Corsair Vengeance 2400MHz GPU: EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB +163 Core +553 Memory PSU: Apevia SFX Power Series 300W SSD: Inland Basic Professional 128GB M.2 HDD: Toshiba 500GB 5400RPM Fans: 3x 50mmx15mm fans i forget the name of that are really loud and spin at 6500RPM I was so happy with the result, despite being a bit rough around the edges. I was less happy with the performance, despite expecting it. The bottleneck was the processor, leaving the GPU only 80% utilized, which was surprising. I thought the G4400 would be better. It made me want something more powerful, maybe with four cores instead of just two. I also wanted a blower-style gpu, as that is what the case was designed to use. Cheapness was thrown out the window.... I found an RX 570 4GB reference and an i5-6600T. I got the 6600T because I wanted something that used as little power as possible and left a lot for the gpu. I don't really want to test the limits of the power supply more than I am. Looking for a heatsink, I found the Arctic Alpine 12 Passive, which was not what I was looking for, but I decided to give it a try. The graphics card was a huge problem at first. I had to flash the bios since it was refusing to accept the drivers and said it was a "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" Comically, it also said it was always at 100% load at 0 degrees C, and that the VRM efficiency was 185% while is was using upwards of 15,000,000 watts. Even after flashing the bios, it refused the drivers for quite some time until I went back to 18.7.1 drivers. After that, it refused to run at stock speeds. It was running around 1050MHz instead of 1264. This could be fixed by pushing the power limit to +50%, but it increased power consumption farther than I wanted, 170 watts instead of 120 watts. I settled for +25% power, where it seems to sit around 1150MHz. I also got an easy overclock of +250MHz on the memory, which made up for the losses from the underperforming core. The passive heatsink works reasonably well on the processor at full synthetic load, reading a max temperature of 84 degrees, but it only sits at 50 degrees in games. The GPU is louder than a jet if it gets to 80 degrees due to my fan curve, but sits at 73 normally and the noise is bearable. And there we go. The Ammo Can PC. Not the prettiest but it's good enough. It needs a name so I called it Bunker Box. Yea never mind, I and everyone else I know just calls it the Ammo Can.
  11. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can PC

    Okay, I found a PCIe extension that would work. I have been working on the internal structure more, and the support system for the weakened panel is welder together. I have also received the fans, which can move a considerable amount of air for being so small. (17CFM) they are 50mm. They are pretty loud though. I have also cut out the hole for the GPU and finished the top and bottom brackets. The entire weight of the GPU will be held by the brackets, which may not be the best, but it works. Two more screws go in the bottom and there's a top mount (not completed at the time the image was taken) with three more screws. All that is left to do is to cut the air channel roof to connect the motherboard and power supply portions and weld it in place. Then cut out the hold for the motherboard I/o and drill holes for the fans. I'll paint the inside black as well, but I'm not sure when.
  12. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can PC

    There are some that will fit, but will not work since they have no way to secure themselves to the motherboard or graphics card.
  13. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can PC

    More progress has been made and I have gotten standoffs on for the motherboard and hard drive trays. However, there is a big problem: I cannot find a PCIe extension cable that will fit. I need it to be right angle, but the ones I find, I have to bend around so part of the PCB on the end which the GPU connects to interferes with the side of the case. If anyone could help me find one, that would be great. It has to be 15-20cm.
  14. I am trying to get Bitdefender, and during the install process it needed me to uninstall Norton Security Scanner. The problem is, I have already done this. I go to the uninstaller in Settings and it is there, but when I hit uninstall, it says it cannot find the file. I have searched all my files, and there is no sign of Norton. I am not sure what to do now because I don't know of any other ways to try and find the file and remove it. The installation for Bitdefender cannot continue unless I uninstall Norton.
  15. Ωhmbreon

    Ammo Can PC

    I went out and bought an SSD to replace the hard drive since that one was not going to last long. It boots so much faster and feels so much better overall. It's just an Inland Basic 128GB but has a pretty nice read/write speed at 1550/540MB/s. I got M.2 since it is more compact and does not need power and data cables. I do have the system up and running as I wait for screws, a pcie extender, a few fans and a fan splitter.