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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    MSI B350 PC MATE
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    1x 8GB DDR4
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    GTX 1050 Ti
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    Phanteks P400 (Red)
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    1 TB HHD + 128 GB SSD
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    Linux Mint / Windows 10

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  1. Jesus, I hope I never have to go that deep.
  2. yeah I've heard this before. A typical user will never need to use the command line with no guidance. check out the PIA VPN website for a great example of how a company can stream line the installation process for Linux users. Those guys deserve some serious praise for their Linux support. Updating that VPN is so easy! It puts a popup that says "hey you should probably update me". So I click it and press update. Then a terminal window pops up and asks for my superuser password. I enter it and it just updates itself. Seriously loving that VPN.
  3. Well I used humor to create a hypothetical situation in which one would switch to Linux due to windows being directly responsible for the death of a family member. BTW: I wasn't going to create a poll. I just learnt of the option and wanted to try it. Unfortunately you can't edit them once you post.
  4. That's not my idea of secure. But its irrefutable that if you know what the code looked like before it was compiled that's way more secure than downloading mystery.exe from some site. Obviously it doesn't help much if you examine the source code but download it precompiled. I'm specifically talking about downloading source code from github to compile it yourself. (Which A. isn't hard and B. Only necessary when you want to use some program less formal or something non corporate.
  5. My house is full of echos. If you want to hear my thoughts on the matter I think out loud so it shouldn't be to hard.
  6. The channels not dead. Linus just wants everyone to think that. He has something epic planned and needs everyone to think there's no chance whatever it is is a prank. He's playing the long con. March 6th 2019! I called it.
  7. I don't know why but it seems that some people are more than just dismissive of Linux. I recently posted a comment on a floatplane video detailing my current OS setup. This is the comment I made: Since we’re talking operating systems I’ll go ahead and share my OS setup. I use XUbuntu (ubuntu Linux with the XKFC(*meant to say XKCE) Desktop environment). As a collage student (in computer programming) I’m actually supposed to be using windows 10. However I get threw most days without touching windows. My laptop came with a HHD preloaded with Windows. I promptly bought an m.2 ssd and chucked xubuntu onto it. I also carry an external ssd with a windows 10 virtual machine on it. If I have to use windows I do so in a vm. Usually this is because I’m writing C code and so code I write for Unix won’t work (without tweaks) on Windows (which is what my prof uses). I’m also supposed to be using Microsoft Visual Studio for C/C++ code and for that I also need windows. The only reason I ever boot into the hhd with Windows is to use this one stupid anti cheating browser my school uses for online tests. Apparently it knows when it’s in a vm and refuses to let you write your test. Linux is so solid now that I only really boot into windows on my hhd once a month or so. And the only time I use that vm windows is to write C code. It’s actually working really well for me. I’ve only really mentioned so far how I use Windows when I have to but I’d like to point out that most of what I do is in Linux and it’s smooth, painless, and looks really quite pretty! I have a dock at the bottom of my screen just like a Mac (but more customizable) and I’ve even found software online to control my keyboards RGB. I’m not worried about getting a virus from that rgb software though because it’s code is on github for the whole world to review! I game on Linux! Steam is apparently a lot faster to load on Linux. Doom (2016) is my go to so I was thrilled when the first proton announcement listed Doom as white! I also make games (I have a game programming course I’m still very much just learning) in Unity! Blender would be nice to have on Linux. OH WAIT IT IS! Eclipse is what my prof makes us use for java development. Is it on Linux? Sure is baby! What about Spotify? WE GOT IT! Firefox? Yep! Chrome? We’ve got chromium which is essentially open source chrome. We’ve also got orical and tor! Guys I use PIA VPN on my ubuntu laptop! Are you a retro gamer?WE’VE GOT ALL THE EMULATORS! There’s so much great stuff it’s really worth looking into this. To me it’s blatantly obvious that anyone still using windows 7 because they don’t like 10 need to jump the windows boat altogether. Windows is only going to get more unstable, more malicious, and less secure as time goes on. It’s a pile of hot garbage. Its on development team can’t keep track of the mess they’ve created! Why does it seem that every setting page has two versions of the same thing baked into the OS? What’s up with registrie editing? Jump ship. Come to Linux. We’ll be happy to have you. I checked on that comment 10 hours later and it had 3 dislikes. Now I know this is the internet and I shouldn't care so much about such things but this is making me feel kinda sore. I can't see how my comment could be anything but constructive. The only explanation I can think of is that people disliked it because it was "more Linux propaganda." In the video I commented on Linus mentioned another Linux video in the works. Maybe he could mention some of this disdain some people seem to have for Linux. This isn't the first time I've witnessed people hating on windows. There seems to be a "Screw Linux" mentality in the mainstream tech area. I honestly don't understand it. Do people just not like hearing about it? Do people think Linux is something of a joke? I think a great video would be for Linus to review Linux the same way he reviews phones and laptops. Take somebody's daily driver away and swap it out for a Linux solution. Check out /r/unixporn for an idea of how sweat a linux system can get! Maybe I'm just a butt hurt Linux user. But I think there's a real discussion to be had here. Sent From My Sic Ubuntu Laptop
  8. Willpiam

    Eticket info?

    There is pretty much no way I'll be able to make it to LTX. However I would really like to support the event and be a part of it. I've heard talk of Etickets through FloatPlane. I'm on floatplane and would very much like to know more about these ETickets. What do you get when you buy one? Linus mentioned that he's probably going to lose money on LTX this year. If the etickets are compelling enough they could end up being the money maker. I'll be getting one. Just wanted to know a little more. Thanks!
  9. Just joined floatplane! I saw the live stream on there but it I can't find the video (the one that streamed yesterday) on the site. Is this on purpose? Is there a reason they don't want to put the wan show on floatplane?
  10. Weight: honestly anything’s good. If it’s heavy but small that’s fine. Probably would mean a serious cooler! But if you really need a range 1 kg to 7 kg is probably good! battery life: gun to my head minimum of 6 hours. Max 20 hours. Yeah I’m not really interested in 15 inch models because I would like to only carry a small satchel throughout collage if I can. However aside from this forum I am starting to consider opening this restriction. But again ideally no 15 inch modals.
  11. Definitely still open to suggestions. Another guy said to wait till sales so I was going to do that but if you have an idea let me know! To answer your previous question: weight doesnt matter so much as dimensions. I’m looking for something portable. If the display is under 14” it’ll be small enough. as for battery life the longer the better. Since it’s for school longer life would be nice but I understand I can’t have everything!
  12. Thanks to everyone who responded! I’ll keep my fingers on the pulse and I’ll try and remember to share what I end up with in this forum!
  13. Okay so I’ve been looking for a laptop for a few days now. I’m going into a programming course in September and the school has given some minimum specs for a “portable computing device”. The two things that really matter is the price (under $1400 Canadian rupee's) and the ram (16 GB). I’d also like to keep it pretty portable so I’m thinking something in the thin and light area. I’d also like to be able to play light games such as rocket league smoothly. And if if there’s any more room for nit picking I’d like it to look clean and feel sturdy. I really thought this would be easy but it’s really turning out to be quite a pain so I thought I’d get some more help on this. I really thought I’d found my answer on new egg but then realized it was in USD and in fact way out of my range. I’ll keep looking of course! Just wanted to add some more cores to help solve this problem. Thanks.