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    Brussels, Belgium
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    PC hardware, software, consoles, Nintendo, web & program development, security
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    Studying informatics, love to read
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    Intel Core i3-3110M
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    Lenovo Ginkgo 7A
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    12GB DDR3 Corsair @ 1600Mhz
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    Nvidia GeForce GT720m
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    1TB Seagate
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    Lenovo 23"
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    Logitech G105
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    Logitech G402
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    Razer Kraken Pro
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. Haven't heard this advice before, and yes as IT student I'll probably have some scientific stuff to write as well. Thanks for the elaborate answer, will definitely look into this. Really appreciate the help!
  2. Well yes you're right, worst case scenario I buy a Windows license or run it in a VM. Many thx!
  3. It's more of a privacy issue, I know there are tools to tighten your grip on Windows 10 telemetry, but still, the random updates bother me. And I don't like the idea of my OS being one big keylogger. Windows will be favoured over Linux, I know, but most of the IDEs I currently use on Windows are also available on Linux and the few games I play run fine on Linux with Whine emulator. But I appreciate the honest answer for the replacement.
  4. Hi, I'm an IT student who will go to college upcoming year. I've been seriously considering to use a Linux distro instead of Windows as my OS for my next laptop. The only thing that's holding me back from switching is the Office suite on Windows. Does anyone have a good alternative to this on Linux? I have used OpenOffice two or three times in the past but not extensively. I've thought about using the online versions of Google Docs or Microsoft, but you miss some essential features you don't have on the desktop version of Office. Anyone who made this switch who could help me out with some advice? Thx in advance
  5. LLXIR

    Palit or Zotac

    "Tight budget" budget and buys 1080TI? Far from the best price/performance GPU but okay, I'd take the Palit, especially for a $70 price delta.
  6. LLXIR

    Programming Laptop

    What you're asking is almost impossible, decent price, excellent trackpad and good keyboard? If you're going for a laptop at a lower price you know you'll be giving up on those features like a better keyboard and a very good trackpad. Only Xiaomihas their quite good Notebook Air, however I think it's out of your price range, you're left with not that many options, check this out: http://www.dell.com/nl-be/shop/dell-laptops/sc/laptops?appliedRefinements=7214,7215,7216,6092,9964
  7. Ah okay thx, haven't really followed cooling that much last time, but nice that you know this
  8. The Hyper 212 Evo from Cooler Master reamains a great choice and Noctua's NF F12 is a great fan, water is expensive and doesn't provide enough extra cooling that justifies the extra price that comes with it imo
  9. Could this be due to the response time of pixels or does that only make a difference in games?
  10. LLXIR

    Monitor screen have dots

    What could help in some cases for dead (sub)pixels is (and if you're really desperate and have no money), is pushing on the individual pixels themselves with a soft object (e.g. eraser)
  11. - The PSU certainly is enough, many people tend to go with a PSU that is capable of delivering a higher wattage than they actually need, so I'd say you're okay with this one. - Check this page https://www.techspot.com/article/1381-ryzen-1600x-vs-1600/ since it might be interesting in your case if you are planning to overclock it frequently, then the 1600X might give you some more headroom for OC, this is more expensive but have a look if you can find a second-hand 1600X in relatively good condition, since this chip is more than a year old now, so you might be able to find some, don't know about second-hand market in Australia though.(keep in mind that you'll need a seperate cooler for it). - I'm not into content creating myself and thus not specifically interested in higher refresh rate panels, and would argue that a 60Hz model will do the job just fine, however make sure that colour accuray is at least decent for your video editing. Good luck with your course!
  12. LLXIR

    Who would buy this?? – Surface Book 2 Review

    I can see students picking up this thing... If the price dropped by $2000. I think in the education branch there might be potential for it, and professionals who travel a lot (since it's paid by the company then), but even then students only if it was way cheaper. So the only type of customer is imo people who have plenty of money, but they won't since there are more powerful computers and laptops out there so the only type will be businesspeople I think, which isn't a very big group of customers.
  13. LLXIR

    possible LTT video suggestion?

    I totally agree with you on this one, although I don't know that much about ISP infrastructure and VMs, it would be really really cool to see how a company is able to do such things, I went to a Hackathon last December and got introduced to VMs (on high level) and all of their capabilities and must say it was very informative. So company infrastructure about network and VM tour is the next idea for a video @LinusTech !
  14. @Al van der Laan interesting perspective on this topic that you have, did not think about this. But now that you're talking about these things as being in their experimental phase, the same thing happened to SSDs, and looj where we are today, SSDs are relatively cheap and are becoming more and more popular, hopefully NVMe based storage will become the norm in the future
  15. LLXIR

    possible LTT video suggestion?

    @Lurick @intertan there are in fact (edit:) 2 TQ videos about this. Although I can't exactly remember what they said in the videos, it would be a cool idea if they could do a data centre tour of a major ISP in Canada or the US for example.