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  1. Question about ethernet over power lines

    I just tested from the workshop to the garage and that worked fine. So I will buy another set of adapters and hope they actually do work like the graphic on TP-Links website implies
  2. Question about ethernet over power lines

    Here in Switzerland we have three phases. I will try whether the garage might be on a different one than the apartment and the workshop.
  3. Question about ethernet over power lines

    Which is exactly why I'm asking if anyone has experience in this matter.
  4. Hi everyone I live in a six apartment building and I've connected my workshop in the basement to my network on the third floor via a powerline bridge. Now I'd like to be able to open and close my garage door via app. When I bought the TP-Link powerline adaptor set back when, I tested whether it'd reach my garage and I remember it managing albeit at a pretty bad bandwidth. But for this? Who cares! Anyway, I replaced my garage door motor and today I wanted to IoT the sucker. Unfortunately, I get no connection anymore. Now tl;dr: Since my workshop is way closer, I was wondering whether the powerline adaptor there would act as an intermediary to extend my range. Problem is I cannot just buy a third adaptor... they're only available in a set of two and I'd hate to spend 150 bucks and then it doesn't work anyways...
  5. External smartphone antenna

    I am more considering the fact that the antenna would be outside the phone. At this point I expect we have antenna design down pat so where else does the variance in reception quality between different smartphones come from? I mean there are variances between different models from the same vendor as well. Not to mention I carry my credit card in the phone case and I have it in an aluminum sleeve... so I expect that might shield the phone a bit as well or at least create interference.
  6. Hi there! Just watched this video: It shows a few options about boosting signal transmission in a fixed area. The video always alludes to an external antenna having better reception than an internal one. So I've been googling and I came up short... so perhaps someone around here can tell me why people don't hack their smartphones and rig up an external antenna. Wouldn't it be possible to glue a wire coil, much like for NFC, to the back of your case and solder the leads to the antenna connections inside the phone? If it's not that easy, could someone enlighten me as to why?
  7. I have taken a few steps to alleviate the issue. I have overclocked both the GPU (gained about 20% in points in Heaven benchmark) and the CPU (to 4.4GHz, although it will still crash in Prime95 after a while. However I need to mention here that I was having issues with this system for quite some time. Both RAM and mainboard are suspected of possible hardware issues). My FPS in game went from the aforementioned 20 to 24 to over thirty. So it's playable. I will see how much SLI will do for me and then call it a day. I may try replacing thermal compound with Grizzly Conductonaut. Just for the hell of it :D. Of course I don't expect much more performance but perhaps some better temps and stability.
  8. If it's the VRAM, going SLI will probably not help... on the contrary, I guess.
  9. 780 is not quite a TI, though. I saw on a thread about SLI support on that game that someone with a 980 hat 35 FPS. So it seems to be a realistic range. And since they managed to get SLI to work, I think this would probably be a good stop-gap solution.
  10. CPU is a i5 4670K I believe. I play on 1440p. And what do you mean by Volta isn't that far? Again, in half a year, I'll be through with Kingdom Come so it doesn't make much sense to wait for me to no longer need a GPU :D.
  11. Uhhh... a used 980 TI costs me two thirds of a new 1070... I think I'll pass on that deal :D.
  12. Thank you, I didn't even think of that! Now I'll have to check prices on those.
  13. Hi everyone I have not had much use for powerful GPUs in quite some time. The only things I played in the last few years was Portal, Deadpool and lots of EUIV. Now Kingdom Come: Deliverance joined this small group and I get about 20 to 24 FPS with very moderate graphics settings. Now my problem is this: I would like to go AMD because I don't want to pay the premium on G-Sync on one side and I'd like to support AMD. Problem is depending on benchmarks, the RX580 and Vega 56 don't look to be that much more powerful than my current card considering the price tags. Waiting for Navi might also be useless since there are rumors that it won't be much better than Vega. Since my card is watercooled, I could see whether I can get a few more FPS out of it via overclocking but I'm not very optimistic. The alternative of going big green is also a bit problematic on account of them working on Volta right now. Is there any reasonable upgrade I could do right now and not regret or is waiting half a year really the best option? I welcome your opinions.
  14. Ryzen set the tone and when Threadripper arrived, in my opinion, a somewhat new market was created: The enthusiast prosumer. See, I plan on running vms on TR, one of which will be a gaming vm. However, that very machine also manages the up to 24 SATA harddrives and the ZFS filesystem housing the vms and my storage. ZFS likes ECC memory and I would love to give it ECC memory. However, nobody seems to produce ECC above 2400 MHz. And Threadripper/Ryzen thrives on higher clocked memory as we've learned. For the gaming vm, that's going to be a factor. So where is the 3200 MHz ECC memory? Are there physical roadblocks that make it hard or even impossible to manufacture or do the RAM producing companies just see no market in that? Do you think that might change as soon as the retooling we keep hearing about is done? Opinions?
  15. That would be 120$ a year as their offer for home users is dead. You need to go small business.