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    Belgium, Flanders
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    ICT, Gaming, Cycling
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    Gaming is what keeps me occupied in my spare time. Not to forget that I love to work on PC hardware.
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    ICT Support


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    Intel i7 4790K
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    ASUS Maximus VII Hero
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    Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB x4 = 32GB
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    MSI GTX980 Gaming 4G
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    CoolerMaster Silencio 652S
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    Crucial 500GB MX200 x1 - WD RED 4TB - Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    Corsair RM750i
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    ASUS VS228H-P 2x & VESA Mounted
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    Scythe Mugen Max - Dual 140MM Fans
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    Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum
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    Logitech G502 (RGB)
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    Logitech G933 Wireless - Logitech Z623
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    Windows 10 Home [Build 1803]

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  1. So this took a while to load on the internet at work and it suddenly did and scared the living sh*t out of me!
  2. Hey all! Sorry for the title, it's vague; I know. To barge right in, I've been trying to get a server working for The Ship (Original, not the remaster) Can't seem to find out what I'm doing wrong but my friends cannot connect; it simply won't work. Port 27015 is forwarded, tried using the dedicated server and in-game; neither worked. Firewall is disabled. The Ship's master-server is down, but I remember playing just fine about a year back. Servers have been down for a while now but that shouldn't matter and didn't a year ago. I myself can connect using my local IP, but not my public one. Friends tried with "publicip:27015" & just "publicip" Anyone who knows why & maybe help me out? I run other servers just fine, for example Minecraft works just fine. Any advice is appreciated
  3. Wouldn't uninstall them and by the looks of things there is something pretty damn wrong with your soundcard or drivers. Try uninstalling "USB AudioClass 1.0 and 2.0 Device Driver" and reboot after which reinstalling your audio drivers. If that still doesn't work, I myself would wipe the Windows installation and start from scratch. Some issue's take more time to solve than a Windows reinstall and this might very well be one of them.
  4. Try opening device manager (Right click the start menu -> Device Manager) Uninstall the headsets drivers, after that unplug them reboot & plug it back in. If like my Logitech's G933 there are two different devices, uninstall both -> unplug reboot & plug the headset back in. That might help, imo it's worth a shot
  5. Thanks for the heads up, already knew it which is why I'm not planning on doing it yet. Prices are too high for an afternoon of "Try to 'not' break the chip" (Which I know for almost 100% I'll end up doing for the "lolz")
  6. Then there is no problem, honestly I don't see why we can't just be happy that you find this amount of performance perfectly adequate. I don't think you'll convince many of us to try the 8350 (although I'd like one to overclock the living bejeezes out of) Instead of defending your CPU .. go and enjoy it The beauty of the PC gaming scene is that we all have different tastes & needs, we can give others the reason why but that doesn't mean they'll agree for it from their POV. I always try to look at it from the other person's POV, I honestly don't always succeed at that but I try. I'm on my i7 4790K (No OC) with a GTX980 (No OC Either) with 32GB's of RAM & about 6-7 TB's of storage. For my needs, which is 1080P 60FPS gaming, video editing and virtualisation and of course browsing reddit; it suits me really well. Some will roll their eyes at the 32GB's of RAM, I am so happy I spent the extra money to get that instead of a GTX980Ti. See what I mean? I'd probably go insane on your rig, as it is catered to what you need and from the sound of it works mighty fine for you! Intel or AMD NVIDIA or AMD Samsung or Crucial Razor or Corsair Does it really matter as long as it works for you? Anyhow, take this partially off-topic post for what it is. PC Gamers should be happy that there is so much variation and respect others their choices; no matter what they are.
  7. I'm cancelling my Floatplane subscription, why do I put this in a status update?

    Because it isn't that I don't enjoy it, neither do I experience technical issue's.
    I just wanted to say thanks & all that because Floatplane worked great for me with no real issue's.

    My life just came to a point where for a while it'd be smart for me to save up everything possible.

    To everyone at LMG, keep it up!

    What you all make is amazing, can't believe what it has become over the years.
    I'm a fan, always have been always will :)

  8. Short Version : Customization Price <-> Performance Shier amount of choice Long version : I like to be able to choose the exact phone that suits me. With features I care about and a price that I can comfortably take it with me without the constant fear of dropping/losing it. Hardware wise I look for battery life, good camera, screen size, a headphone jack and to top it off a fingerprint scanner. Spec wise I aim to just be able to watch YouTube/Play Music and use apps like snapchat/steam/facebook messenger to chat while occasionally playing a simple game to pass the time. Android also allows me to use it the way I want. I don't like the default Music player on newer iOS versions, Play Music or whatever Samsung/Huawei throws on there. PowerAMP is my go-to. Homescreen/launcher wise I also don't want clutter. No folders with "Default Apps" or anything, Nova Launcher just let's me hide that stuff. At last with Android I get to upgrade every year or two. As I don't pay much and don't try to get the latest flagship. I don't want the bleeding edge in my pocket, I'd rather spent less to get more in the long run. That is why I buy Android phones and specifically mid-range ones. They do what they need to do and so much more, they lack some of the latest features but .. do I really need AI in our camera app or that latest flexible display?
  9. It'd really help out if you included a picture of the : Outside Back Front Sides Motherboard Identifying a PC just by hearing it's unique is like finding a needle in a haystack. If by unique you mean custom build, including pictures is the easiest way to identify all the parts together with Device Manager & Speccy.
  10. I'd say the motherboard & CPU. Swapping out just the CPU isn't an option as what you have is the best you can get in that socket. Personally I'd then look at some Ryzen chips, like a Ryzen 5 2600 or a Ryzen 7 1700x if it's on clearance/sale. RAM prices dropped, seeing as you'd be going from DDR3->DDR4, 16 GB's should be enough. That'll be my two cents, take it or leave it
  11. Didn't know the rules changed, but hey I'm happy they did! Well like others mentioned TonyMacx86 is a great resource! I'd add a few cups of coffee and a sprinkle buttloads of patience and you'll be on your way. If you are lucky all your motherboards features work in macOS, sadly this isn't the case for the majority. Expect quite a few kernel panics and lockups. What I noticed when trying to get a Hackingtosh running is, after a failed install it is really helpful to format the drive using GParted. Using Disk Management during the installation somehow didn't do it any good, rather it would error out more and more. Get a spare USB key with GParted to prevent having to reinstall Windows just in case. Besides that a rescue USB key with Windows 10 is always handy just in case things go t*ts up. Notice the "if" & "just in case" 's Unless a person has installed the exact version of macOS on exactly your hardware, your mileage might will vary! Good luck
  12. That's what I noticed from the day I joined 'til now. The amount of high post count, active users is immense. Compared that to any other forum, you'll see what I mean soon enough. It's the reason I spent so much time here, always another topic to read and potentially add something to myself. I get what the OP means, but I know how it feels when you want to learn but need help and need to ask questions. I spent my fair share of time answering basic tech support questions here and in real life haha, sometimes I have a feeling users haven't used Google or the search button but other times I totally get why they are confused or that they have no idea what to search for; don't forget all of us more experienced techies know what to type into google. It might sound dumb, but that is something an upcoming tech savvy user doesn't always know. So there .. I also contributed
  13. Can help come from the inside? I'm also stuck playing FH4 It's been literally two years since game got me this excited after I bought it It keeps hyping me up, boy I've missed this feeling! And because screenshots are cool especially with all the eyecandy enabled, Here's my sleeper don't mind the wing .. trust me it's needed! Reliant Regal (1971) Does anyone by any chance know how I can remove the logo? I've seen some pictures without and to be fair it'd look better without if I used them as a background or something.
  14. My trusty SHS3300's failed, compared to the SHS3200 quality took a nosedive. Two pairs in a year, however much I like the sound & fit; it's getting hard to find them and quite expensive. I'm on the fence of getting the Sony MDR-XB510AS but feel like they might fall out all the time. They do come with multiple sizes to try and mitigate that, other issue I read about is wind-noise while biking as some say they stick out; catching quite the amount of wind. I guess my ear-shape must be an odd one, as any earbuds I used before those Philips ones kept falling out or the fit would get less snug and I'd lose most low-end punch. Anyone has some good recommendations? Specifically : Good/deep bass Usable while biking/walking; being active Options to get the right fit (Earhook/Multiple sizes) At last, Might it be worth splurging and getting the Sennheiser IE 80 S? To me they seem like the premium version of what the Philips, I think Linus also used them at some point and loved them? Could be wrong about that.. I could get by for a few months with Apple Earpods I have lying around. I'm not really bound to a specific brand, I'd say every recommendation is welcome
  15. 32GBs of flash storage? I have a cheap 'o' Windows tablet with 16 :'D Okay but more on topic : Microsoft, what the f*ck? I still hope for a hybrid Enterprise LTSB build geared towards the tech savvy and gamers. Call it "Windows X" or "Windows G" I'd happily pay 200 Euros to get that and be free of the crap I put up with daily nowadays. Remove all metro apps and make the windows store something you can disable but also keep if you want and give us the option to install new metro apps as we please. keep I on a build on windows that is stable and keep patching that for five years at a time before a new feature update. Hell make us pay 50 Euros to do that upgrade every five years. that's how sick I am of windows 10 and it's "updates" Sorry if it seems like I'm ranting, I'm on the bus while typing this so cannot fully concentrate.