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    i7 4790K OC'd @ 4.5 GHz
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    ASUS Maximus VII Hero
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    Corsair LP 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 (4*8)
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    CoolerMaster Silencio 652s
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    2x Crucial MX200 500GB SSD's Intel RAID 0 - 8TB of mechanical HDD storage
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    Corsair RM750i
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    AOC G2460VQ6 24" FreeSync - 2x ASUS VS228H-P
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    Scythe Mugen Max
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    SteelSeries 6GV2 (AZERTY)
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    Logitech G502 (RGB)
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    Logitech G933 Wireless - Sony CMT-NEZ50
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    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (1607)

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    Gaming is what keeps me occupied in my spare time. Not to forget that I love to work on PC hardware.
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  1. Gaming screenshots

    Decided to setup NVIDIA's surround with my 3 1080P panels & go for some TruckersMP sightseeing (and some Truckin' of course). I can proudly say I now have new desktop wallpapers that actually span across my 3 displays
  2. You can resell DDR2 for about $ 15 per 4GB. Sold 4x 1GB for $ 15 pretty easily. I wouldn't try to sell them one by one, nobody needs "only 1GB" and if they do they'll contact you to ask specifically for 1GB.
  3. .. hate to bump my post again. Hoping someone can help me out here, appreciated!
  4. Xbox One will sport AMD freesync technology

    I have to say that is good news. Al through for me personally it doesn't matter since I currently use a PlayStation 4/3 as consoles & a PC with an NVIDIA Card. Funnily enough I do use a freesync panel, used to work with my RX480.. until that thing when to Graphics Card heaven.
  5. 1050ti PCIe power draw -- will it be OK?

    Unless it comes with a 6PIN power connector on the card itself, it shouldn't be a problem. AMD had some issue's with their cards drawing too much from the PCIe slot itself.
  6. That is the exact answer I was looking for Thanks!
  7. Hey ya'll, I was looking into treating myself to a Netflix subscription to watch some movies & series. Upon getting ready to enroll in a monthly plan noticed is that with the cheapest subscription you get "SD" streaming. What I was wondering about is can anyone with an subscription test and tell me how it looks compared to an LTT video in 480P? My main watching experiences will be powered by a 1080P 24" PC screen & 720P 5.5" phone screen, looking at LTT content in 480P is good enough for me so I suppose Netflix will be the same. TL;DR: Compared to a video made by LTT or any other creator how does Netflix's "SD" quality hold up? Just the differences, more artifacts, less sharp, etc etc Thanks in advance
  8. Vacuum Tech Tips

    It sucked sooo hard! .. but the video's where top notch & interesting
  9. iMAC upgraded to 14 GB of RAM - started crashing

    Mixing & matching ram modules with an Mac is never a great idea. They are already pretty finicky as is. I'd recommend trying with less modules installed & see if that fixes the issue.
  10. They should become common place. This coming from a i7 4790K user with 4 cores & 8 threads.
  11. Looking for laptop <$2000

    It isn't a GTX but a Quadro graphics card. Not sure what the GTX equivalent would be. I'd ask around on the forum to find someone with that laptop & ask their opinion.
  12. Looking for laptop <$2000

    Clevo P950HR seems like a good bet. You can get it here (XoticPC) or get another OEM carrying the Clevo design. Razer is all about show & on paper specifications. Their laptops often have problems and as @ZM Fong pointed out have quite horrible Quality Control. (Same with MSI, pretty bad.)
  13. This one from Lenovo seems pretty good. Withing price range, 32GB's of RAM & option for a xeon. While also having a good graphics card for your intended use. 15.6 inches, but pretty heavy. Thinkpad P50 if the link doesn't work.
  14. Still not luck, I'll bump this if that is okay.