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    Belgium, Flanders
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    ICT, Gaming, Cycling
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    Gaming is what keeps me occupied in my spare time. Not to forget that I love to work on PC hardware.
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    ICT Support


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    Intel i7 4790K
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    ASUS Maximus VII Hero
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    Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB x4 = 32GB
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    MSI GTX980 Gaming 4G
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    CoolerMaster Silencio 652S
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    Crucial 500GB MX200 x1 - WD RED 4TB - Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    Corsair RM750i
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    ASUS VS228H-P 2x & VESA Mounted
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    Scythe Mugen Max - Dual 140MM Fans
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    Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum
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    Logitech G502 (RGB)
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    Logitech G933 Wireless - Logitech Z623
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    Windows 10 Home [Build 1803]

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  1. Sfekke

    Forward a port on Telstra smart modem

    You have to set your private one to a static. For a public one you'd have to pay in order to obtain a static public IP, not worth it for most people. When they are on your local network port forwarding has nothing to do with it, as opening ports allows incoming and outgoing connections from outside your local network. Try and let them connect using your public IP when they are At their own house Still at your house If it works at your own house with your public IP, that usually means the ports are open. Just to verify I recommend at least trying from one of their homes Alternatively you can go to PM, create an account once you have an account go to servers on the top & click "Post Server", you can enter your Public IP and port usually 25565 and test the connection. If it connects, you are good to go! If it doesn't Windows Firewall could be holding you back or you there is something else going on. When you are running the server on an old PC, take a look at MineOS; it's truly an amazing server manager with a sublime web control panel based on Turnkey Linux. This avoids having to run Windows and gives the server more free RAM & a little bit more CPU overhead. Anyhow I hope this helped out a little more, good luck!
  2. Sfekke

    Forward a port on Telstra smart modem

    That's an amazing way to learn! Minecraft is more then a game, this just proves that
  3. Sfekke

    What is required for streaming pc?

    Exactly what I did. You can even use OBS-NDI to stream the output over your local network, make sure you are wired in tho. This has a small impact on the gaming PC, but barely noticeable. What you need Gaming PC PC with an Quad-Core from the last 4 will do nicely at 720P 60FPS or 1080P 30FPS Wired 1Gbit connection between the two of them and to your router. OBS NDI a tad hard to setup, but once you get the hang of it it's actually smooth as butter. That's how I streamed, avoiding much of the artifacting & lowering/dropping my FPS.
  4. Sfekke

    Forward a port on Telstra smart modem

    I get a feeling you are new to running servers, first of all we have two types of IP. "Local IP" often called "Private IP" as well, this one is what goes in your server.properties file and your router it's settings. Click to see the text properly Then we also have a public IP, this is what your friends will use to connect with. You can also use this, if you can use your public IP to connect that probably means your friends can also connect. Use something like IPChicken to find out what your public IP is. Use "ipconfig" in CMD to find out your private IP. TL;DR: Connect using your Public IP. Setup server.properties file & router using Private IP. Disabling anti-virus can help together with allowing Java through your firewall. Hope that helped a little! Sidenote: Great to see people still playing Minecraft & learning thanks to it ^^ Just making a server in this game teaches you a surprising amount of things if you really get into it.
  5. Sfekke

    Gaming screenshots

    Made my first Stellaris species, you can already see where this is going ..
  6. I wouldn't do that to anyone, seeing this makes everyone fail instantly!
  7. I've posted this just about everywhere, it's even the main piece of artwork on my Steam profile. Not sure if it is memeable .. but c'mon it's Linus taking his pants off ;3
  8. Sfekke

    is the nh-d15 overrated?

    Because more people have used it, it's widely accepted as a high quality cooler; it's well known.. end of story. I wouldn't look for a concrete answer, as all you'll get is harsh responses because you seem to have a unwarranted distaste for noctua. TL;DR and probably my last post on this thread : More people use it, making it better known and a tried and true method of cooling your CPU.
  9. Sfekke

    Why does my computer keeps freezing?

    Okay, I'll keep an eye on this thread; hopefully it just works tho
  10. Great job Australia, this ain't ever gonna work. Like OP mentioned, a targeted backdoor is bound to be found and abused.
  11. Sfekke

    Why does my computer keeps freezing?

    I'd start by checking all connections and maybe reseating the RAM/GPU If that fails you could reseat to CPU as well, just don't forget to apply fresh thermal paste! If that fails can you by any chance try another HDD/SSD to boot from, perhaps even another power supply.
  12. Sfekke

    Why does my computer keeps freezing?

    When it freezes does it shutdown on its own or does it freeze as in no mouse movement or anything. To me it sounds like it could be the power supply acting up, I've seen systems freeze thanks to a faulty power supply.
  13. Sfekke

    Good experience with Antec Customer Support

    It's nice to hear dreamlike costumer support every now and again, all you usually read is horror stories. Antec, you get a +rep from me Although I probably won't buy another case from them because they don't fit my needs..
  14. Sfekke

    is the nh-d15 overrated?

    Let me chip in here, having a reputable brand produce products usually means better quality control, which if the parts they use are higher quality (Noctua from my experience is high quality) they'll last longer and have less of a chance to arrive DOA. Cooling capability wise unless there are differences in surface area, material quality or features i.e. the amount fans you can mount it won't matter much. A cooler isn't exactly something you can f*ck up easily, unless of course you aren't trying or bear the feared name of "Intel stock cooler" Is it overrated? I'd say it isn't, it's a quality product a lot of people use. It doesn't have the looks, but it does what it says on the tin and it does it well. To be fair I myself use an Scythe Mugen Max with push/pull 140MM Fans, but that is because it was readily available when I built this system and the NH-D15 was out of stock at most places .. somehow.
  15. Sfekke

    CPU temp. monitor?

    HWiNFO, you can display exactly the temperatures you want and it reads pretty much all sensors. I do recommend running it in "Sensor Only" mode, this is just less messy. A more simple option is "Speccy", CPU/GPU/HDD/SSD temps and that'll be about all it offers.