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  1. WD Black VS Seagate Firecuda

    That is the reason a WD Red would be my pick. Speed especially on a data HDD isn't top priority.
  2. WD Black VS Seagate Firecuda

    I had better luck with Western Digital drives, they lasted longer in my system. Speed wise I don't seem there is much of a difference, it just seems to be reliability. Personally I'd pick WD drives, WD Black isn't much better then Green and I personally take the WD Red drives because they come in higher capacities.
  3. Welcome! That is a stellar deal wow! (You did nothing wrong, a well formatted & nice post )
  4. BIOS takes up half my RAM

    There is indeed an option like this, just restore the BIOS to factory default then see if that fixes anything. Maybe you enabled that settings by accident, I did that once.
  5. Windows 10 Insider Topic

    Isn't this MS in a nutshell? They never finish it logically these days, look at the Settings App & Control Panel. Both exist, neither are finished.
  6. Apple announces iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

    Well this is the reason I'm willing to go deep and try an iPhone. Android is all I tried phone wise of course Nokia/Blackberry, but not these days .. maybe I do still use that BB9900 Not getting updates and finding battery drain issues annoyed me the most, unlike my PC's my phone is a tool with one simple job. I do not want to spend time fixing those up so I can Snap a friend or be a male whore in Instagram I call myself that. After experiencing iOS on the iPod 4G & now 5G for a long time I've always been quite fond of it. Neither of these two devices are broken beyond unusable, the 4G homebutton gave out after 3+ years of heavy use. That 5G screen died randomly after 9 months, quick trip to Apple and handing the phone in they even allowed me just to "Pick one from the shelves at the store". If that is what I get for pay more, well I'd gladly. I do admit their prices are quite high some even say insane but at least in Belgium their stores are superb. (Leuven, Diestsestraat & Vaartkom) Android has amazing features I'll surely miss on iOS, Nova Launcher and the shier amount of customization will be missed, but living without that is possible. 5 Hour battery life isn't something I can live with, and hope to see that it is at least better on the other side.
  7. Apple announces iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

    I'd love to defend Android here but it's true. All devices I owned up to this point have poor management of background tasks, all of them Low-Mid end devices. iOS never gave me that crapshoot, granted I didn't use an iPhone rather the iPod but I could see the difference between iOS & Android.
  8. Apple announces iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

    I'm quite interested in the iPhone Xr. Seems like an actual value option I'd consider a little later this year, iPhones never really tickled my fancy but that Xr .. well it does. Price is a little of-putting, but if it lasts more then two years why the hell not.
  9. Why do you buy from apple?

    Motherboard failing would screw you over a little, however those HP boards are cheap as hell in most cases MacBook Air mobo's .. yea just buy a new one, ain't worth the price.
  10. Why do you buy from apple?

    I know the people here are anti-Apple for good reason, some of their products baffle me as well. Purchasing my Early 2015 MacBook Air was an amazing choice. macOS until now served me really well, being the most snappy OS I've used period. I buy them because they last and are reliable. Or at least, the Airs are. I'm not sure about the Pro, there seems to be a lot of problems with the recent ones.
  11. EA Stands up....for Gambling

    That'd take a too long, no way I'm taking the time to do so Unless they pay me to do so in loot boxes!
  12. Gaming screenshots

    Not bad, besides the UI being majestic AF
  13. Why is everyone streaming?

    NVENC can look really close to x264 if you give it just the right bitrate and keep in-game settings down while also disabling Shadowplay in GeForce Experience. I personally use it to power my daily streams and it just rocks; My poor i5 8600 cannot encode while gaming, causes worse quality and low FPS. As per OP's question: People watch it, I have about 16-20 viewers on a good day, 5-8 on a bad one. Some are always chatting and interacting, giving me challenges; others just watch while cooking dinner and love seeing someone do the caramel dance while cooking I often get the reaction "Why would anyone watch for 4 hours" most don't; only dedicated fans do that. Average watch time for my viewers is about 2 hours, it also happens that I have 2 phases of viewers. Phase one is 0-2 hours in, then the from 2-4 we get the other "batch". Latter tend to be the older ones, as it is when most get home from work. So that is my experience with streaming and who is watching it. Personally I love being one to stream, occasionally tuning in to streams from people I met on Twitch or other places; more as a friend then a viewer tho.

    Personally speaking I despise pre-orders. Pre-ordering makes for a very hostile, anti-consumer market especially since we don't know much about the RTX cards yet. If I where you I'd cancel my pre-order, wait for the benchmarks then get the custom card suited to your needs. or founders edition I hate telling people what to do and what not to do, so let me try to explain why I do not pre-order anything. When a buying a product pre-launch, be it a game/graphics card/phone I don't know what I'm getting, but I already spent my money. After launch I then might really enjoy the product and it might be all I got promised; which is when pre-ordering luck is at its best. Alternatively the product could suck, No Man's Sky, SW:BF2 come to mind luckily didn't pre-order any of the two Then I spent my money on something I have No use for Is broken and/or unusable Just not what I got promised Meanwhile the company, EA/NVIDIA/HG have My money No obligations to fix their product Their fist 5 inches deep up my ass That is what I think of pre-orders from my perspective, I tried to write it in such a way that it is clear that I'm talking about myself. As for OP's conundrum, you'll have to decide @Bayonett Priest. Are you willing to put up with potentially hot/loud/power hungry GPU? Or one that under-performs? On the flip side it could also be working just fine and be a "money well spent" scenario.
  15. Gpu usage drops to 0%

    Honestly if you do not notice performance degradation, I personally wouldn't worry about. Why not? Because it might just be a bug or an anomaly I've had that with my old NVIDIA Quadro FX1800; it somehow always dropped power usage to below 0 or close to 0 in MSI Afterburner. Windows's own GPU usage tool isn't perfect, so it could be a similar glitch/bug/anomaly. The card ran fine, no issue's with it. To this day almost 2 years since I first noticed that the card still runs fine in a basic system I use when my main ones are overheating or just exporting/seeding you get the point. Like I always say, don't take my word for it. If you really think there is a problem, keep researching it; I'm just an outsider looking into it with minimal information