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    i7 4790K OC'd @ 4.5 GHz
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    ASUS Maximus VII Hero
  • RAM
    Corsair LP 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 (4*8)
  • GPU
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    CoolerMaster Silencio 652s
  • Storage
    2x Crucial MX200 500GB SSD's Intel RAID 0 - 8TB of mechanical HDD storage
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750i
  • Display(s)
    AOC G2460VQ6 24" FreeSync - 2x ASUS VS228H-P
  • Cooling
    Scythe Mugen Max
  • Keyboard
    SteelSeries 6GV2 (AZERTY)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 (RGB)
  • Sound
    Logitech G933 Wireless - Sony CMT-NEZ50
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (1607)

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    Sven Missorten
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    Belgium, Flanders
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    ICT, Gaming, Cycling
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    Gaming is what keeps me occupied in my spare time. Not to forget that I love to work on PC hardware.
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    ICT Support

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  1. PC in Motorcycle Pannier?

    Considering their size back then, hell it might have been on the table but back then solid storage wasn't feasible
  2. Moderators on the forum

    Linus saying "Do as I say, not as I do" Keeps ringing through my ears for .. some reason
  3. Friend's PC is haunted?

    Oddly enough I had the same problem with the Z97-X Killer from ASRock.. Would turn itself on in the middle of the night and stay at the Windows lock screen .. obviously Never found a solution besides plugging out the ethernet cable, fun fact WOL (Wake On Lan) & PXE where both disabled. Now that I use a new motherboard it doesn't happen, still same cables/switches/router tho .. Haunted : No, such magic doesn't exist. Bugged : Yes, fix is unknown afaik.
  4. Intel to release Gaming graphics card in 2020

    Sad but true. Used an RX480 8GB myself and at first all nice 'n' dandy but drivers became more unstable every damn release. Besides that it was the ASUS STRIX variant which had A BUTTMETRIC TON of coilwhine! Only my 652S from CM could dampen that sound enough to make it usable .. like putting that card in a case with a sidepanel or no sound proofing made it unusable. Even after getting a replacement the new card had the exact same issue. AMD Radeon served me well, in getting most of my money back. Luckily I bought the card before that mining craze for € 280 and sold it a few weeks back for € 200.
  5. Keywords Enterprise & LTSB I ran the LTSB version but found out DirectX performance isn't up to par for some reason. OpenGL being even worse! So yes that is true, but that isn't a Pro edition .. that is Enterprise! Those cost . a LOT of money if you want to go legit, which I do. They should either change it all at once or better keep the old control panel as an hidden option without clearing it out. I am so used to every option & category being where it is, I couldn't care less about that new settings app. But at least keep that control panel, like honestly wtf.
  6. It is bonkers indeed. My old Z97 board the ASUS Maximus VII Hero went nuts on 1607. Drivers that went poof, sata ports 6-8 being dodgy. Then I installed Windows 7 and peace returned, until I wanted to use my HTC Vive and noticed a significant downgrade in performance.
  7. PSU for my build

    The TX650M should do you just fine. Always been happy with Corsair power supplies myself, using a CX550M now and have 2 RM750i's & 1 CX450M running in other systems. Only the CX450M arrived with a broken fan that wouldn't always turn on, but they replaced it with a new unit after sending it back I also heard CoolerMaster makes decent PSU's, never used them myself. Never used Seasonic either.
  8. You can select active hours, but for someone with an almost 24/7 running system it isn't much. Besides I think it was on 1706 as well, currently on 1803 myself.
  9. Okay that is the funniest thing I've seen all morning Had this myself multiple times : While streaming - large update so the stream encoder kept running .. without a way to turn it off Making a disk image of a almost dead HDD - suffices to say I lost all data on that disk Installing VisualStudio Redist 2006 - Broke that setup .. had to reinstall to get VC Redist installed properly Transferring 500GB of music to a backup HDD overnight - woke up that morning with 33GB's copied Suffices to say .. it happens to all of us and it SUCKS. Microsoft make Windows 10: Gamers Edition Literally remove all bloat that wasn't on Windows 7, charge $ 20 extra for it idgaf & GIMME GIMME
  10. Jay already addressed in a video outlining the issue & how he does generate revenue. Short Version : Ad Revenue Sponsored Videos - Doesn't do paid reviews to prevent bias Merch & I am forgetting some but those highlights I remember. He and others do get sponsored to go there, but isn't that like all previous years? This nobody claiming stuff like this better prepare to get a job far far far away from any other internet personalities, he wont be accepted anymore after this. I trust the techtubers a lot, Linus/Jay/Kyle/Jerry/Paul/Greg/etc but I'll be honest : If there is some stuff you are holding from us, now might be the good time to let us know. I recently became a Floatplane member & might join the BW Ultra club in a month or 3, this doesn't change my opinion. However just tell us the truth, and I'm 99.9% sure you and all others will. @LinusTech maybe it isn't a bad idea to do the same as Jay, outline sources of income & explain why + why not.
  11. MSI app player can I download it?

    Weird I've used it for a long time without much issue? Besides AV's that detected something aren't well known at least to me But as I said if you wish to have 100% control & customization go for the Android X86 port in VirtualBox or any other virtualization software. That'll be the safest. Gotta look into the Andy Virus results though .. have it installed on my Lenovo and wouldn't want to get that thing messed up For now scrap Andy! Since I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing I recommended infected software.
  12. MSI app player can I download it?

    I'd recommend Andy. Bluestacks is good but feels like more of a cluttered mess when it comes down to it. And as @Swealteek mentioned Bluestacks = MSI App Player but without the MSI features/skin. Unless you want to game And Linux support isn't there for Andy or Bluestacks, BUT you could use Android X86 in combination with VirtualBox.
  13. Cheap Streaming/Casual Gaming Setup.

    £ 200 is doable if you game at that resolution. If you are willing to go second-hand go on ebay & look for "computer" pick an HP/HP/Fujitsu with a i5 (2XXX or newer preferably) get hold of a graphics card on there Do not pay more then £ 100 and make sure it isn't an SF Small Formfactor system or half height. Full ATX is the only real option. Just type in Graphics Card & good deals are mostly had with actions not buy now. Try to find the one everyone is overlooking, keep in mind it'll take a week or more just to find one of those. But if you keep looking daily I'm sure you'll get at least a Radeon 7850 2GB (recently sold) I do not think this is advertising since it sold, remove it if I'm wrong! Should be possible for £ 60 After that get a power-supply from a local dealer, £ 40 isn't going to be ideal but can get you something that wont blow up. It'll be able to stream in SD (meaning 480P) and game at low/medium while doing so. If not streaming I reckon a mix of high/medium could work. Hopefully this helped somewhat
  14. Besides cross-buy & cross-platform they did try to satisfy the costumer back when Microsoft made us pay to play on their XBL and PSN was still free. Those where the times, while a network was locked .. at least 1/2 was free!
  15. Put the motherboard/ram & cpu up as a combination deal on eBay/Craigslist or if you by chance live in Belgium 2dehands (local equivalent of gumtree/craigslist). Trust me people buy it. When I see a good deal I pick it up, get it all setup & complete then sell it fully working for €10-€20 more then what I paid total. Just make sure not to over or under price it! Too high and it'll take forever to sell if it does at all. Too low and someone will be really really happy to snatch it up. Look at what others ask for those parts & look at 1 listing and see how quickly it sells, if it doesn't take that base price -10%. (So just bookmark it & check once every day) RAM is currently expensive as hell. I'd recommend doing exactly what the other are telling you to do : Get one 8GB stick and upgrade it later. Or take a deep breath grab deep into your pockets to get 16GB's. 16GB's will be far better for what you intend to do, I myself used to run on 32GB's of DDR3 & with DDR4 pricing I only took 16GB's and it isn't always enough. Hoping you can understand it easily now