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  • CPU
    Core i5-4460
  • Motherboard
    Asus B85M-E
  • RAM
    Generic 12 GBs
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    Zotac AMP! Edition GTX 950
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    Cooler Master N400
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    Kingstone SSDNow 240 GBs
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    BitFenix Whisper M 750W
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  1. What about Jigsaw's "Outline" I never heard of Pritunl but their setup process seems rather tedious and it didn't work for me straight away like Outline did
  2. Thanks a lot everyone Really appreciate your help guys
  3. I want to make a pfSense Router and my Internet connection is based on ADSL2+ Is there is any ADSL2+ Modem only device All I can find are Router with built in Modem and I don't want to have a Router in line with pfSense because it defeats the whole purpose of making it which is getting rid of the router
  4. Thank you so much really appreciate your help
  5. I am doing my very first one hopefully in January 2018 And was hoping to get some some advises I have posted here a couple of days ago on the forum but sadly didn't get any Would you please share some experiences
  6. I want to know how does YouTubers get their 0.1% and 1% Lows I tried MSI AfterBurner with RTSS but all I can get are the Max, Mins and Averages it does show real time Frame times in numbers and in a graph but how do I save and export it what software or tool should I use or if what I mentioned above is the correct choice how do I do it I Have been Googling for the past 2 days and I didn't find anything useful
  7. From the perspective of some one who just started mining back in June I have witnessed Bitcoin do some really crazy things Starting with the Hard Fork to China banning it then returning back in the law during which period Bitcoin has gone from 3.8K USD to to 2.4K when china banned it to Skyrocketing to 7K after re allowing it which made my 50 bucks turn into a 100 It is a real gamble just have in mind that you can lose everything in a blink of an eye All by mining with my GTX 950 and Core i5-4460 I say it is worth trying with your current setup
  8. really depends on so much things your location and the retailers around you are the Biggest of all for time just when you have got the money the 1080 evaded the mining craze because they have GDDR5X VRAM not normal GDDR5
  9. Hi all I am hosting my very first LAN Party ever 5 persons are attending (6 if I count myself) One is 7 years old another is 12 and the other four are are 15 years old (I am 15 also) Though the best system in the event will be mine (Specs are listed in the System Section) (None of us is a true PCMR we just use whatever hardware we can afford) We have 4 PCs, 1 Laptop and a PS4 Networking and Power are already managed Games are not a problem either I just don't know how can I possibly part out the event so it doesn't turn into total chaos Any advises or Ideas are welcome PS(es): This is my very first post so please take it easy on me Also nothing is time or date specific yet Actually if everything is goes according to plans the event should be held some time in January 2018 LOL (I know I am quite pre-empting things) Thank you