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  1. What does the VMs efficiency depend on, the Processor or the Ram? I need to be sure that the jump from 7th gen to 8th gen is really good as the difference in the price is more than Rs. 10000( around 150$). Is the 8th gen really worth it? I have only 2 options in the 8th gen category one from Asus and another from HP, the acer one has a mx150 and the HP one has a 940 mx. Which one would be Better?
  2. I am Planning on Buying a new Laptop for Programming, Entry Level Machine Learning and for Ethical Hacking. My Budget is Rs. 62000(Max).Is the i5 8th Gen Better than the 7th Gen. I need a Basic Graphic Card(like the 940mx or mx150) but I need to run atleast 4 Vms Simultaneously. Also Plz Recommend which Laptop Company will be the best bang for the buck.