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    I7 4930K, (Ivy Bridge-E 6 core, 12 thread) clocked so all 6 cores turbo to 3.9GHz (removed the i7 3820 that was previously in the system)
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    Asus Sabertooth X79 (LGA2011)
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    8GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1866mhz (blue) soon to be 16/32gb of corsair dominator 2133mhz
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    EVGA ACX 3.0 Gaming GTX 1070 (running at stock)
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    Cooler Master HAF X
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    OCZ Vertex 4 128gb ssd and a 1TB 7200rpm HDD
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    Corsair GS800 V2 800W Bronze
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    Arctic Freezer i30 Extreme (will be getting a NZXT x62 kraken or H115 corsair cooling)
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    Cooler Master Storm Octane KB
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    Cooler Master Storm Octane Mouse
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    Windows 10 pro (Fall update)

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    Employed in a job, I really don't like that gives me an income.
  1. I believe the memory is what suffers on graphic cards from mining; as with mining don’t they overclock the memory as well as under volt and under clock or do they leave the gpu clocks alone? wouldn’t gaming on a game on a high resolution display with a high vram consumption game or benchtest confirm any issues?
  2. Any more information from anyone?, most issues I found point to mobos being too old (lga775, I use lga2011; so can’t be that) other than drivers being a possible cause, the guy confirmed he tried a bunch of them and it being clogged, would there possibly be any other faults? I have stripped it down down to the pcb and all that; no blown caps and the gpu cores and vrms look okay, so I’m baffled; any ideas would be appreciated; thanks in advance
  3. GTX 470 or GT 1030 or GT 730

    If you wanted to save a bit off electricity costs the 1030 otherwise the 470 you have is still sounding okay for you, otherwise stick with it dude 👍
  4. I hope it is just a fermi card being sensitive to be honest, I mean it was really clogged up, as as if it’s never been opened and cleaned since new by the looks of it, glad it’s a Fermi refresh though; as the older 400 series may have been worse than the 500 series fermi cards but that’s a debatable thing I guess. otherwise I don’t have much to go on and the guy didn’t wanna open it and have a look, and just went and bought a 1050ti to replace it, and well yeah; i have my hopes high given the state of its cooling to be fair as I thought “yay, another with blown caps etc” but none found yet
  5. founders editoin or amp edition

    Honestly I wish I had a founders 1070 rather than the EVGA one I have due to how my case works plus I like the look of the FE, plus I ended up getting that “thermal mod kit” to help said vrm cooling issue, am yet to fit it though but yeah; for the higher end ones the FE but for say anything lower than a 1070 as Jurrunio states would be okay with some coolers other than the FE blower style cooler
  6. So I bought a Gtx 590 for 25GBP the dude selling it just explained he did nothing but try drivers and outputs otherwise it just throws out error code 43, having looked into it before and after buying; it turns out this card can refuse to work for many reasons and well yeah; simple thing is; upon getting home and cracking it open (literally By unscrewing its shroud) and I happen to find its two vapour chambers were completely clogged up with really thick dust; should’ve took pictures it was worse than my ps2 after years of never being cleaned etc. I'm just wondering if overheating could’ve caused an error code 43? Seeing as the card was clogged up? And being a fermi card, it wouldn’t like that at all? sorry for the long essay but as you can tell, I like my old cards, i have a hd 6990 in need of solder work and thus far the 590 has no blown caps, resistors etc? Im baffled and well; want to get this old beast it’s life back? Any ideas would be helpful; the card looks new now basically and it’s of the point of view brand (not sure if it’s the ultra charged pre overclocked model etc) thanks in advance!
  7. Far higher Instructions per clock cycle, architectural improvements, extra resources on the die (less shared out bits compared to the FX series) a much more efficient CPU basically.
  8. HELP!!!!

    Artifacting sounds like a fried/overheated gpu to me (just as other users here have suggested)
  9. Bought a broken gpu

    Like me; I bought a faulty hd 6990; the item weren’t described as it turned up, (he said most likely drivers or something, couldn’t see broken caps in the images either) turns out on the rear of the 2nd gpu is three missing caps.... yayyyyy
  10. "Display driver failed to start"

    It’s very likely the card, I had an old card do similar, though; it’s output died between its port and the PCB. but mine picked up the card I had fine; most of the time.
  11. "Display driver failed to start"

    That’s an odd issue, though you’ve done basically what I’d do; I’d look at the connections physically on the card and maybe to the monitor; not really sure what could cause that besides a funny cable or a funny fault with the cards outputs. it does sound like the card though; I had an older one do the same; turned out; one of its outputs connections to the PCB were damaged somehow .
  12. Egpu?

    Agreed; sounds like it’ll be all okay
  13. Can a Motherboard kill a GPU ?

    Seems like the old card gave out, to be honest; if mobo side, it’d cause issues with no matter the graphics put in; but seeing as a new psu seemed to help; probably both the old graphics and psu didn’t help; but if all is okay now, sounds like a voltage thing with the old gpu caused by the old psu (as another user here probably stated) glad all seems sorted now though 👍
  14. Can't access BIOS

    No problem I mean, the 5000 series and 6000 series for the X99 platform aren’t Broadwell and Skylake as one may think; but actually Haswell-E and Broadwell-E 👍 I don’t get why they’re numbered a gen newer than their actual generation architecture but ohwell
  15. Just wondered if anyone had managed to score some deals on the auctions at NCIX (I'm not from Canada/US) so not a clue about if it's even going on; kinda wanted in on some of the x99 stuff, maybe older gpus too, that Linus showed off in the video on YT, Any lucky guys here, or am I being silly cause there's probably a disclaimer to buying that stuff (some bits of my pc are from mad catz going Down, the dude I bought the bits off weren't allowed to say much beyond how he acquired them, though they work like a dream)