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    UK, England
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    ALLLLL the tech.
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    Gamer, fiancé and pc/tech enthusiast.
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    Employed in Retail; it feeds my hobbies and keeps things going.


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    Threadripper 1900X
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    Asrock X399 Taichi
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    16GB Corsair Dom Plats “Rog edition” 3200mhz quad kit
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    XFX Thicc II RX 5700 XT// GTX 1080 Ti FTW3
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    Cooler Master HAF X
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    OCZ Vertex 4 128gb ssd, Sabrent Rocket 512gb NVME, 500GB WD Black 7.2K HDD and a 1TB WD Blue HDD
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    Corsair AX860
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    Asus VH247
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    Corsair H100i V2 with two ML120 Pros on instead of stock fans.
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    Cooler Master Storm Octane KB
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    Cooler Master Storm Octane Mouse
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Alienware M17X R2; i7 920XM, 16GB ddr3, 770M & HDDs in raid
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    Galaxy Note9

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  1. As titled, just curious as to what it can be. It suddenly and randomly will black screen to no signal, requiring a reset (no set triggers or times etc) Given I'm on an "old" chipset I thought that perhaps my board was giving up or hitting a weird issue with Windows 10 Pro 1903 It's specs are in my signature thing, X79 sabertooth, i7 etc. CPU is set to turbo all cores to 3.9ghz as opposed to the normal single core turbo and the ram is running quad channel 1866mhz XMP. Defaulting these for a long period of time made no difference. Only recent change is the PSU but I get these black screen to no signal issues far less since the swap. It now has a AX860 as opposed to the GS800 before. I thought perhaps the 1070 was playing up driver wise but when it used to do that, it was in the reliability history and that's not happened for months now. The rig has had this issue for easily a year and it became increasingly more common but swapping to a far better psu lessened it’s occurrence. However it’s weird how nothing detects it and upon reboot its a tad slower at getting back on windows (usually the once, when I restart it’s back to the usual) but otherwise it’s fine. It happens randomly, temps are well within spec and I’ve no clue where to begin. Any ideas, suggestions etc would be great. Thanks in advance
  2. I see you’ve got Titan blacks; what’re they like? And awesome, I shall keep that in mind
  3. Good to know; are they actually worth the amounts The seller wants or...?
  4. Been offered a Titan black (Zotac branded, boxed etc) for £215 /$285 or a Titan X maxwell (currently in use in sellers main rig in sli; one is an Asus and other is a Zotac) for £360/$477 are these good deals for what they are?, Thanks!
  5. Just wondering how much of an improvement in overall cooling in idle and under load should I expect with this switch? Given my CPUs TDP of 130watts? Any opinions and experiences with the H100i V2 would be grateful
  6. Alright; thank you for the advice and I did wonder what that’d do if it did so in the slightest, thanks again!
  7. Alrighty then; I shall give it a second go; I watch Linus’ and Jayz’ videos so should be an easy find, the bent pin was worse than that before but yeah, I’m sure there’s a pin diagram somewhere to tell me the function of it
  8. I don’t have the steadiest of hands though; I’m a tad cautious too as you could imagine do you have any idea what that pins job actually is given it’s location?
  9. Given the location of it, what do you that pin would be doing For the board?
  10. Hey everyone; just wondering if a bent pin can actually cause issues, depending on its function/location? picture attached of socket. thanks in advance!
  11. I was thinking; a display piece, strix 980s are quite nice looking, I too wonder how much that’s worth as is, @Tacticalduckz3 if you don’t mind sending it for postage, (if you’re based in the UK) I’d happily have it as a display piece of sorts haha ?
  12. That does indeed sound like a leaking AIO, given the age of it. Shame its took out a graphics card by failing itself.
  13. My thoughts exactly; I don’t exactly have the postage stuff laying around to send it back either.... all that’s stopping a fully working lga775 system is the damn board thanks to a careless seller... urgh!